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    Allapattah Movers: moving from Allapattah with Kerb

    Have you thought about relocating locally or long distance from Allapattah? You have been living in this neighborhood for as long as you can remember which has given you cravings for a change! Whether you have made the decision to stay in Miami or test out what it would be like to live in its outskirts, be sure to get a professional moving company to assist you with your moving process wherever you plan on relocating to. Our team as your Allapattah Movers will do their best to ensure that all your belongings make it to the destination of your choice on time and in a way that no household goods are damaged!


    Kerb is a company that performs both long distance and local moves as well as residential and commercial relocations! Our staff has been through professional training to be able to handle every aspect of your move for you from the beginning of the journey to your new home until the end of it! Before you begin organizing your move, be sure to have a look at all the moving options we have to offer down below!

    Moving within the Miami area

    If your plan is to stay within the Miami area, know that our crew as your Allapattah Movers can provide you with moving services that will make the process for you as easy as possible! Where to begin? Well, all you have to do is reach out to our representatives so that they can plan out the journey to your new home. We will make sure that everything is planned out according to your needs. When our representatives set up the ideal date for the move to begin, we will send the movers who will pack up all your belongings for you!


    Each item will be carefully packed as we use top-notch moving supplies to ensure their safety. These include moving boxes, wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and more! If you request that we pack only the necessary items that you use frequently, we will be able to get them to your new location in one drive and contribute to saving money on your relocation! After all your belongings are loaded onto the moving truck, we will have our staff transfer them to your new home in the Miami area! You can have the members of our team unpack your goods for you after they are unloaded at your doorstep!

    Moving from Miami

    You may have a job opportunity somewhere new, or you would like to test out what it would be like to live in a city cross country. Our team as your Allapattah Movers will help you out with your long distance move to any location you wish to relocate to in the US! For this moving process, we can provide you with additional services that are made up of auto shipping (if you need us to transport your vehicle to any place in the US), moving insurance (in case you want items reimbursed should something unpleasant happen), and storage services (with units that will keep your goods safe until you can have them brought to your new home).


    To begin your move from Miami, be sure to contact Kerb! Our team as your Allapattah Movers is excited to help you out every step of the way! We can also answer any questions that have to do with the moving process or the features we offer!

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