About Us


Kerb Inc is a household moving company built on honesty and integrity, With a new element of technology to streamline the process for the modern day move.


    Established in 2017.


    Through a series of events the management team here at Kerb has spent a combined 30 years to learn all the aspects of the moving industry from nationally recognized professional moving companies in the country.

    We realized that moving is not so much about the brutal force, but an art form which takes finesse & years of experience to acquire the care, efficiency, and attention to detail necessary to ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.

    We envisioned a moving company built on honesty and integrity, with experienced professionals that care about its customers, who are already in a vulnerable and stressful position.

    No matter how big or simple a move may be, we stand behind each and every customer. There is no distance to far or effort to great to preserve good will and our reputation.

    About us

    Looking for a moving company?


    Your relocation can be local, long distance, or international. Every single one of these forms of moves have their difficulties. If you are cooped up with work or for some personal reason you can’t give the process maximum effort, then go ahead and contact a professional moving company to help you out!

    Our crew at Kerb believes that we are one of the best moving companies in the business and that we have what it takes to give all of your belongings the care they need!

    We differ from other companies in the range of moving services Kerb offers its clients. They are all unique and equipped to make sure that your items reach their desired destination in no time and as carefully as possible!

    The moving services we offer include: planning, packing, loading, unloading, transporting, unpacking, auto shipping, storage services and a whole lot more!

    When you choose to begin your local, long distance, or international relocation with our company, know that we at Kerb are just a phone call away! We are excited about dealing with the process whether it is residential or commercial!

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