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Planning to live in the world’s Capital of space exploration, or maybe your interest lies in petroleum exploration? Either way, H-Town is a city with possibilities not only on a national but on the world level.

With our Houston movers, your relocation will go smoothly and stress-free, so you will have plenty of time to explore all the things this city has to offer.

Welcome to the World’s Capital for Space Exploration

As the US’s fourth most populous city with more than 2.2 million residents, H-Town has a lot to offer. It is commonly called Space city because NASA is located here, while the more modern nickname is H-town. No matter how you call it if you are so lucky to settle here, you are in for a treat. Because H-town is truly amazing – it is a world leader in cuisine, with more than 11,000 restaurants.

Also, here you will find people from all over the world and that’s why more than 145 languages are spoken in H-Town. Furthermore, every third Houstonian older than the age of five speak one more language aside from English. Career chasers shouldn’t worry too much. H-town is the home to the second-largest Fortune 1000 companies, and the paychecks are among the highest, according to Forbes. If you are relocating here with family, you will be happy to hear that Bayou City residents spend their time primarily outdoors due to a mild climate all year long and amazing nature.

Houston Moving Reviews

Emmett Terry
October 26, 2018

The team did an amazing job at getting all of our stuff safely from Denver to Phoenix, with zero damage. Even if damage did a occur, we set up insurance with them since it was a longer move. The dispatch […]

Roy Underwood

“My wife and I moved to Downtown LA because we were in need of a bigger house to raise a family in. We needed all the help we could get because it was our first move together in a while. […]

Taryn P.
Aug 1, 2021

I’ve used Kerb nearly 5 times moving across country and they always deliver the best experience! Their staff is reachable anytime and always in constant communication on pickup and delivery. You are assigned a move specialist that puts all frustration […]

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Your Hunt for a New Home Will Be Easy in H-Town Friendly Neighborhoods

H-town consists of many neighborhoods, each specific and unique in its own way. If you plan to rent an apartment you’ll need $990 for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center. Also, the same apartment in the city center will be $1400. On the other hand, if you wish to buy a house, prices go $253 per square foot in the city center and around $120 outside. But no matter in which neighborhood you choose to live, you will have everything you need in it – amazing schools for your kids, good bars and restaurants, markets and shopping centers, and all that with a lot of green areas. Here are some of the hottest neighborhoods in H-town.

  • Memorial– If you wish not to live in an urban hive and enjoy all the benefits of a big city, this is a perfect neighborhood for you. Its proximity to a city center and yet far away making it an ideal place to raise a family.
  • Downtown– Here is where all the business magic is happening. Downtown is the business hub of the city and a cultural one. Hence, the most prominent theaters are located here, like Alley Theatre, Ballet, Grand Opera, Symphony, and Theater Under the Stars.
  • Clear lake – This community is one of the best places to live in Texas and an excellent spot for fishing and other water sports. It also has large amounts of activities for families within a short driving distance, plenty of restaurants, and seaside entertainment.
  • Kingwood – Or how the residents call it “Livable Forest” is offering the most for the lovers of the great outdoors. This quiet neighborhood also offers some of the best schools in the whole of Texas.
  • Sugar Land – Located less than 20 miles from the downtown, Sugar land is one of Texas’s most affluent and fastest-growing places. It has quickly outpaced its status as a suburb, with its year-round family-friendly events, modern business center, and cultural venues.
  • Galleria Uptown – This neighborhood is the main shopping district for fashion-inclined Houstonians. Business-oriented future residents may expect the best of urban, vibrant, and diverse venues, with the best pedestrian infrastructure in the city.
  • The Heights – This popular historic district is a central part of the city, while it still has the cozy and intimate feel of a neighborhood. The Heights, therefore, is a perfect area for families, especially those who want a several minutes commute to the downtown area.

Explore H-Town Like a Real Houstonian

There is a vast number of things you can do in your spare time in Space City, and the first thing is to go and visit a NASA Space center. After all, the first word on the Moon was Houston, so it is no wonder that the city is home to a most amazing interstellar museum.

When you move to H-town, you will soon realize that many activities are taking place outside. The city is famous for its patios. The National Memorial park’s freshest green space for a picnic enthusiast is ready and waiting for you. You and your family will enjoy many things in this metropolitan city when you move here.

You can enjoy craft beer alongside cuisines such as Asian, Tex-Mex, American food, and many others. Also, when in Texas, you don’t want to miss barbeque and Texas Brisket, no matter which place you choose to go, you will be recorded with the best feast in town.

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Make Your Relocation To an H-Town as Smooth as Possible With the Help of Our Moving Service

Long-distance relocation requires a lot of planning and organization. We at Kerb believe that hiring a cross-country moving company will ensure that your relocation goes the right way. Our team will provide you with a high-quality long-distance moving service.

One of our outstanding offers is a full moving package. With this service, our Houston movers will do all the planning, organizing, loading and unloading, packing, and unpacking for you. You can relax because all of your belongings will be transported to the new address safely and on time.

Our moving services in Houston TX are very straightforward. We based our price according to your inventory list, not the weight. That’s why if you wish to know how much your move will cost, contact us on our website and ask for a free quote. Provide us with an inventory list and the rest is up to us.

At Kerb, there are no hidden costs. When we set our price, you can rest assured that this is the amount of money you will pay at the end of the relocation. With our full service, you will have more time to do all the finishing touches of your relocation to say goodbye to friends and family and to arrange everything at your new home.

Try Our Local Moving Services Houston

Our company is providing both residential and commercial moves. This basically means that if you wish to relocate from one house to another down the corner, our house movers in Houston will get the job done, no matter the distance and the weight of your relocation. So if you have an office to relocate to or plan to live in a new house, try our local moving service. Our team of movers will pack and unpack everything for you (if you choose this service), the stuff will be transported. Furthermore, if you don’t wanna drive your car across the town, we can provide you with car shipping services as well.

In local moves, people usually don’t wanna waste much money on moving supplies. This is why we provide our clients with boxes, scissors, duct tape, blankets, and other protective materials, so you don’t have to worry about accusing them.

Our Movers Will Do Full or Partial Packing, Depending on Your Wishes

If you decide to take our full relocating service, our long-distance movers in Houston will pack and unpack all your belongings. Still, you can also choose partial packing. With partial packing, our professional team will only pack the items you wish they handle. So they will only pack the things from your inventory list. On the other hand, with full service, our team will pack everything from your house. However, keep in mind that our team members will not pack some items, like guns, dangerous materials, jewelry, and other valuables.

Try Our Free Storage Service for a Whole Month

Your new place is not ready yet, and you now have a full truck of your stuff waiting on your doorway? Don’t worry. We at Kerb have a solution for every relocating problem that can occur along the way. Years of experience in this business taught us that you have to be ready for anything. Knowing this, we decided to help our customers and to give them free storage services for the whole month, of course, if they need it.

Our professional team keeps our storage facilities safe 24/7. We have top-quality video surveillance and climate control, so you can be sure that your items are safely stored in our units. This means your stuff will be protected not only from outside perpetrators but from moisture and humidity as well.


Our Moving Services in Houston

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We Provide Auto Shipping Services As Well

If you wish to transport your car from one side of the country to another, we can make it happen. With years of experience in the car shipping business, we provide our customers with two types of auto shipping services. You can opt for open and enclosed trailers when you hire Kerb. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that we will transport your car safely.

We are more than proud to say that we have a number of satisfied customers in our past and many stellar reviews that can vouch for us. Make sure to contact our agents so they can explain to you how to do the right preparation of your car for shipment.

Open or Enclosed Trailer- Which Choice Is Right for You

An open trailer is mostly used because of its affordability and the fact you can transport more than one vehicle at the same time. However, with this option, your car will be exposed to external influences, weather conditions, road debris, and accidents, which occur rarely but can happen. This is one of the reasons it costs less than an enclosed trailer. With the enclosed trailer, you will pay more, but you will rest assured that your car will be safe all the way to the desired location. This option is better and commonly used to transport luxury and sports cars.

We Offer Door-To-Door and Terminal-To-Terminal Delivery Options

Another thing to choose from is the way you wish your car to be delivered. If you wish that your car is picked up from your doorway and delivered to your new location in front of your house, then you should go with the door-to-door option. It is a bit of an expensive option, but it requires no effort from your side whatsoever. The only thing that can spoil this arrangement is if your street is not wide enough for our trailer. In this case, your car will be delivered to the nearest parking lot. With the terminal to a terminal option, which is cheaper, you will have to deliver and pick up your vehicle at the nearest terminal.

Move Safely With Our Moving Insurance

As any reputable long-distance moving company, we offer our clients two types of moving insurance mandatory and full. Mandatory insurance will cover 0.60 cents per pound of your goods if any damage occurs during transpiration, no matter who did the packing. With full insurance coverage, you will get the full price for any damage that has occurred. If you want to know more about insurance policies give us a call.

Space City Here I Come With the Best Houston Movers

Now that you know all you need to know about H-town and how to get there it is time to start making all arrangements necessary for your relocation. There are a lot of things you need to do before the big day arrives. Finding a place to live, a new school for your kids, a new job perhaps, and travel arrangements as well. But you will not have to worry about relocating work itself. We will do everything for you. Maybe you will even have time to do some Space city exploration before your move, just to feel the city vibes.


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