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Wherever you decide to move to, the safety of your household goods is your main priority. To ensure that your belongings are safe on the way to your new location, be sure to reach out to a professional moving company to help you out! Our crew at Kerb is one of the best moving companies in the business! We also include moving insurance to make sure that your items are extra safe in our hands because you never know when accidents can occur! For some details on our moving insurance, keep reading.


When obtaining moving insurance with our company, know that we are prohibited to transfer items of really high value. Make sure that money, artwork, and jewelry is transported at your own cost.

If you decided to purchase the moving insurance with our company and the process has started, know that throughout the relocation, our movers will be extra careful. If an accident occurs during the process, our team will react immediately. Accidents can happen, caused either by road and weather conditions or by us. If the damage is our fault, in the end, our team at Kerb will put an effort to fix it. If we can’t fix the item that is damaged, then we will replace it with its exact replicate.

When filing a damage claim with our company, make sure that the entire process is paid for, otherwise, our crew at Kerb can’t compensate your items. As soon as the move is paid for, all your belongings will be reimbursed for their worth.

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Our company at Kerb offers plenty of moving services depending on what you need. Packing services are straightforward – our team will come to carefully handle all your belongings and store them in boxes securely so that damages are avoided. We also offer auto shipping if you want to move your car to your new home. When it comes to this service, we offer open and enclosed trailers. Storage services are also offered at Kerb. Each storage unit has security and climate control to ensure that your belongings are safe.

To obtain all our services, in case you have too much on your plate and need some extra help, then be sure to get the full moving package! If you are in need of more info on insurance or moving overall, then be sure to check out this link Moving or click here. You can also learn more here!

Now that your items are secure with moving insurance and you feel that you are prepared to begin the journey to your new home, go ahead and contact Kerb to set the date of the process! Feel free to ask us any questions or concerns that you may have regarding everything, and be sure to contact us as soon as you can so that we can organize everything accordingly!

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