Comprehensive Moving Insurance

Are you in need of extra coverage for your valuable belongings? Kerb offers some of the best moving insurance services!

Moving Insurance

Your Safeguard for a Stress-Free Move

In case you’re thinking about hiring a professional moving company, you must be hesitant about investing in moving insurance.

No matter if you’re relocating across the country or just across the city, moving insurance coverage is something you should have, just in case something gets damaged along the way.

We Are Professionals With Great Options for Insuring

If you want to have an efficient and safe relocation process, you should definitely consider hiring our company. We can offer you great terms and affordable prices. You can see our reviews and read many satisfied clients’ experiences. We always respect our part of the deal and do everything in our power to ensure you go through this process easily and safely. Even if some accidents occur, we can provide you with convenient solutions.

Kerb's Moving Insurance Customers Share Their Experiences

Allison S.
Jan 5, 2019

These guys did an amazing job when I had to move everything out of my moms house! They were very easy to work with about times and dates, and they came early too! Once they got to my house I […]

Ame W.
Feb 25, 2019

From the moment I got a call back from this company, they were like your friendly neighborhood Spiderman; upbeat, fun, mind-bendingly amazing, and also prompt . . . All the time being consumate professionals. I highly suggest this company above […]

Derrick K.
Jan 22, 2019

Thanks Kerb! I was a little nervous to make the cross country trip because of packing but you all really saved the day for me. I was the guy that moved to LA from Boston & keep calling because I […]


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Insuring Your Household Goods Is a Wise Choice

Apart from many convenient cross country moving services, our team also offers moving insurance. You might wonder, is it worth getting and why? If you’re relocating to a new home and have some valuable items, getting this kind of policy might be a smart choice, and it’s definitely worth the price.

We are a reliable long distance moving company, but sometimes accidents still can happen, especially when it comes to something that’s out of our control. Under these circumstances, you can still be one step ahead and ensure that even if your items get damaged, you still end up with a suitable loss coverage.

What Is Moving Insurance and What Kinds of Losses Does It Cover?

As a reputable relocation company, we can offer you convenient moving insurance, which means that the company ensures compensation for your possessions in case of damage or loss. That means you will get some money back in case something happens to your belongings.

We offer two types of coverage, and It’s all up to you to decide which one satisfies your needs. If you have a lot of precious possessions, we suggest you invest in full value replacement, so you can feel completely comfortable knowing that you won’t be facing any materialistic losses even in the worst-case scenario.

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We Offer Different Types of Insurance Coverage – Choose the Best Option Depending on Your Needs

Relocation companies are obligated to offer two specific kinds of insurance to clients when relocating across the state. So when contacting companies, make sure to ask about that, because if they don’t insure your belongings, you might become a victim of a scam.

Mandatory Liability Coverage

Mandatory liability coverage is the basic option that companies should offer, and it is not charged extra. Although it’s completely free, you still have to ask for it. This kind of protection provides just minimum coverage, usually covering only 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if your 50-pound flat-screen gets damaged, this coverage only ensures $30 compensation, even though your TV it’s actually worth much more than that.

Full Value Protection

This is another option to consider, especially if you’re relocating some valuable belongings and want to ensure better protection. This kind of coverage is much more comprehensive, but you need to pay a premium upfront. Selecting full value coverage means that the chosen company is responsible for replacing the full value of the goods they are relocating.

However, only those items packed by professional cross country movers are suitable for this type of coverage. In case you file a claim while under full value protection, your company has three options for fulfilling the claim:

  • Repairing the item,
  • Replacing the item with another one of comparable worth,
  • Make a payout for the repair cost or current market worth of the particular item.

The Final Price Does Depend on the Chosen Insurance Option

If you want to calculate potential expenses for the required services, you need to consider two things – which kind of policy you are getting and what your inventory’s worth is. Obviously, full value coverage is pricier, and it will be more expensive if your items have a higher worth.

This is something you want to consider if you’re relocating on a budget and want to save on the final moving cost. Mandatory liability coverage is more budget-friendly, but does it pay off more in the end? This is why it is essential that you create a comprehensive list of all items you want to relocate to a new home and consider their current market worth.

Our Cross Country Movers Can Help You With Some Additional Relocation Services as Well

Besides the insurance, our cross-country movers can offer you some other convenient services. For example, we can offer you storage services and the best storage units that are climate-controlled. Our team can help you relocate your belongings there in case you can’t keep everything in your new home.

Another option is car shipping – we can offer you transportation in open and enclosed trailers in case you don’t want to drive your vehicle all the way across the country on your own. The open trailer doesn’t provide full protection, and your vehicle will be exposed to the weather. If you want to ensure maximum protection, you should choose an enclosed trailer.

By Getting This Insurance, You’ll Definitely Sleep Better at Night

If you want to ensure you have a good sleep during this stressful process, insuring your home goods is the best possible option. You’ll feel relaxed knowing everything is well protected, and all the potential damage will be covered in case something unexpected happens. With our long-distance movers, you’ll have a safe and efficient move, without any unpleasant surprises.


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