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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Denver on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.


Our Moving Services in Denver, CO

Are you thinking about relocating? Are you contemplating life in a Mile High City? Contacting the most trustworthy Denver movers is the best option for those who want to live in Colorado’s capital.

The safest and the most efficient way to transport all your belongings is by hiring the most reliable long-distance moving company. Our reputable experts know their ways around town and will act properly with your belongings. Give us a call and start your move on the right foot.

Welcome to Denver, Colorado

Living in this area offers countless opportunities and perks. This city is the official capital and the most densely populated metropolis in the state of Colorado. Also, it is estimated that it’s the 19th most populated city in the entire US. With 300 days of sunshine a year and more than 200 parks, this urban environment offers a perfect blend of non-rural rush and chances to enjoy outdoor activities. If you’re looking for the best cities to raise and educate your children, you’ve picked the right one.

This municipality is known to be the home to the countless highly educated people – in fact, it’s the second most educated city in the US. In addition to it all, it has six professional sports teams. So, besides the vibrant cultural scene, sports enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to. If this is your chosen location, start to pack on time!

Denver Moving Reviews

Kimberly M.
Feb 11, 2019

When I graduated college, I needed to move all of my things out from DC back to LA. When I was doing my research with different long distance moving companies, Kerb stood out since they gave me the most competitive […]

Kavin O Brain
June 10, 2020

Kerb was used to ship only extremely fragile stuff that I was uncomfortable handling myself. I thought it would be a wiser choice to have someone with professional experience handle it. Before confirming anything I called and asked if they […]

Emmett Terry
October 26, 2018

The team did an amazing job at getting all of our stuff safely from Denver to Phoenix, with zero damage. Even if damage did a occur, we set up insurance with them since it was a longer move. The dispatch […]

Denver Movers in your Neighbourhood

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Neighborhoods You Should Explore

The area you should pick pretty much depends on your aims and priorities. What was your main reason to relocate? If you’re up for some excitement and don’t mind the crowd, go for Capitol Hill or the neighborhood known as Downtown. Downtown has two regions. It is divided into the Central Business District (CBD) and Lower Downtown (LoDo). The first one is mainly business-oriented, while the second is the most prominent nightlife area. However, if you’re more up for a suburban feeling, you might want to consider The Highlands. Although it is somewhat less urban than the previous two neighborhoods, it still has some popular bars and restaurants. And just southwest from The Highlands, there’s a massive lake called Sloans Lake. If living just outside the city seems like an option you’d go for, you wouldn’t make a mistake if you bought or rented a house in this area.

Excellent Ways to Pass the Time in the City that Has It All!

Now that you’ve explored the housing market and researched the most credible Denver moving companies, it is time to check out the fun activities, sightseeing opportunities, and hobbies you can have in this town. If you’ve moved with family, there is plenty of stuff to do with kids. For instance, this city offers Zoos, interactive museums, and a City Park. As for teens, they’d enjoy the shopping districts, as well as day trips around the state or amusement parks. Also, you must visit the Museum of Nature and Science, regardless of your age. The city also has art districts and amazing galleries. And lastly – you can never visit this metropolis without seeing Colorado State Capitol and climbing the Rotunda. The view is more than spectacular!


The Best Moving Services – Denver

If you’re looking for an efficient and care-free relocation, you must hire the most reliable cross-country movers. Since there are many scammers out there, choosing wisely is paramount.

Our Denver movers offer a variety of solutions, starting with local moves and long distance moving services. The great reviews and positive testimonials speak for themselves. Moreover, you can always get free quotes and start to plan your relocation budget accordingly.

What’s most important, the price ranges are composed according to your household inventory list. Additionally, you can alter the list at any moment until the day before relocation.

There are no hidden costs involved. You won’t have to worry about any additional fees that might pop-up during or after the process.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable mover in Denver, learn more about what we offer. Contact us and grasp what a stress-free move is all about.

Packing Services from a Professional Moving Company in Denver

Boxing up, wrapping, and loading your possessions might sound uncomplicated. But once you take a good look at each room in your house and explore all drawers and cabinets, you will see that folding, boxing, and stuffing all necessary items isn’t that breezy. Hence, asking for help from professionals can save you a lot of time and struggle. For instance, dealing with fragile items requires some skills and specific materials. If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to seek the most expert packing services around. That way, you can rest assured that all your valuable possessions will be packed and transported properly, with no risks of damage or losses.

Disassembling large devices and pieces of furniture (and putting them back together upon arrival at your destination) isn’t charged extra. Dealing with any kind of household item that’s larger than a regular box comes as a basic part of the relocation service. These pieces are usually wrapped in paper, blankets, and similar materials that preserve them from getting damaged. In addition to it, loading them into trucks and unloading them afterward is also a fundamental part of the deal.

However, placing your belongings into adequate boxes and containers is charged separately.

Partial and Full Packing Services by Denver Movers

Regardless of the size of your current home (or the new one), you most likely have quite a few items you’d love to bring along. Now, if you’re relocating with family, especially with children, you certainly have some toys to pack. And if you chose to move alone, you’d still have a substantial amount of stuff you’d take to your new hometown. You have clothes and shoes to pack, kitchen and bathroom products and utilities, as well as massive furniture. And that’s only to name some of the relocation essentials.

Getting a bit lost wouldn’t be a surprise. Nevertheless, if you request assistance from our experienced packers, the whole procedure would run smoothly. If you have more than 15 boxes to pack, that qualifies as a full-service, while anything less than this number is considered a partial service. Whether you need partial or full-service, you will have to provide a complete list of the belongings you want packed.

The best moving services Denver guarantee efficiency and professionalism. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to worry about the packing supplies and boxes. Your dedicated relocation experts could take care of that as well. They use tools and materials like boxes of all sizes, paper, wrap, and blankets.


Our Moving Services in Denver, TX

Local Moving

Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services.

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Auto Shipping

Are you looking for the best auto shipping company near you? Give Kerb a call, ask for a free quote and book our top-notch car transportation services.

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Long Distance Moving

Looking to move to a different state? Kerb professional movers are happy to assist you!

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Car Shipping Service – Reliable Movers in Denver Are Your Best Ally!

If you moved to the capital of Colorado, it would be perfect for you to explore the city area by foot. That way, you can truly capture its spirit and learn about each corner of your new neighborhood. Nonetheless, you will need your car at some point. Whether to drive off to work, or to organize a field trip, having a car is essential. Of all the moving companies in Denver, you should find one that provides the safest and the most affordable car shipping service. Kerb might be just what you need.

Transportation Options We Offer

If you choose auto shipping, you should know that there are two ways to transport your vehicle. Our long distance moving company provides two different types of trailers for shipment. You can select an open or enclosed trailer. Although the enclosed trailer is a bit more expensive, it’s highly recommended to use it. That way, your car will be perfectly safe from all external influences, weather conditions, dirt, or road dust.

Still, taking extra precautions is the way we work. Before choosing a transportation option, we will prepare your vehicle adequately. You should provide us with all the vehicle information you got when you bought it. After that, make sure to take close-up pictures of your car. Document any damages, even the minor ones, and we will keep them in our records. Before your car shipment is started, you should take out all your personal items and covers out.

Learn more about both options and vehicle preparation. Let us know if we can help.

Pick Up and Delivery Options Provided by Our Company

Which type of car shipment do you prefer? Kerb is here to match your needs. The most popular option is undoubtedly door to door delivery service. Picking it would imply transporting your vehicle from the parking lot in front of your old home all the way to your doorstep at your new chosen location. In addition to it, we offer terminal to terminal and port-to-port transport.

The start location and the destination are entirely up to you and your preferences. And if you need any additional information, feel free to ping us and tell us what you’d like to hear about.

Our Moving Company in Denver, Co, Offers 30 Days of Free Storage

We know that every relocation can get a bit stressful. Also, it can burn you a lot of cash, especially if you don’t have enough time to plan it properly. So, we never stop finding ways to make every customer happy. One of the things we offer is a free storage service – during the first 30 days. People need storage units for all kinds of reasons. Whether your new home isn’t ready for you to move in yet, or you have some belongings that don’t fit into it – our storage will help you out with it. We safely store and protect our customers’ possessions.

Once the 30 days period is over, you won’t have any obligation toward us. It is up to you – continuing to use our storage facilities is always an option. However, if you came up with another solution, you can end the trial period and move your belongings elsewhere with no costs or repercussions of any kind.

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What You Should Know About the Moving Insurance and Why It Is Necessary

Since all relocations involve certain risks, every customer should pick a type of insurance that will suit them. Also, some of the items are prohibited to move, while some prized belongings should be transported independently by the customer. Additionally, you should know that there’s a basic insurance package, but there are other options you might want to explore. Check out all of the relocation insurance we can offer.

Mandatory Liability Coverage

All objects that were packed, loaded, or handled in any way by our crew must be covered with basic liability insurance. It covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This is a necessary insurance option for every long distance moving process.

Full Value Replacement (FVRI)

If our customer chooses to insure all belongings, they pick FVRI. This option involves additional costs. Also, you’d be required to provide an extensive home inventory list. In addition to it, this insurance package doesn’t cover the items you’ve packed on your own. If you folded and packed your clothes, for instance, that would not be included. However, it does insure your furniture and large items or mirrors and everything else that was packed by the movers. If you have any personal belongings that must be insured extra, we’d be in charge of packaging them. In that case, we’d have to take charge of custom crating, which would also be included in the final cost.

Auto Shipping Insurance

The insurance coverage for your car depends on the type of transportation you choose. It covers any damage that might impact the external parts of your vehicle. If you chose to use an open trailer, the insurance amount is $100,000, while an enclosed trailer involves a $500,000 amount.

Meet Your Denver Movers and Relocate With Ease

Relocating to one of the 20 most urban cities in the US is a big deal. You should think of all the conveniences you’ll experience and of the new people you’d meet. Let us worry about transportation and safety. Contact our company and have the most pleasant experience. Jumpstart your journey by filling out an online estimate form. Or better yet – give us a call and obtain your quote free of charge. Book a date and move to the Mile High city effortlessly.


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