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Have you decided to leave Denver

And test out life somewhere new? This can be within the neighborhood, or you can move long distance to another city in the country. Wherever you choose to go, know that moves are difficult, big or small, so be sure to get a professional moving company to assist you with the process. Our professional movers have been through the training to be able to handle all of your belongings with care. We at Kerb believe that our Local & Long Distance Movers are fit for the task of handling your household goods whether your relocation is local or cross country. Down below you can check out some of the services we have to provide for you!

Local Moves

Moving locally may seem like an easy task, but know that it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem to be. Like with any other move, there are a lot of segments to go through and plan out. Kerb’s Local & Long Distance Movers will provide you with the right moving services so that you have a successful move as well as moving tips along the way that come in handy especially if you are new to relocating.

Long Distance Moves

Cross country or state-to-state moves have to be well-planned out in order for the process to be accomplished successfully. Packing for a long distance relocation is a lot different than packing for a local move because you only want to transfer items that you really need. Auto shipping is a must, especially if you wish to fly to your new home and need your car transported.

Moving Services

The moving services that our Local & Long Distance Movers offer for your residential or commercial relocation include:
✓ Packing, ✓ Transferring, ✓ Loading, ✓ Unloading, ✓ Unpacking, ✓ Moving Insurance, ✓ Auto Shipping, ✓ Storage Services


For packing, Local & Long Distance Movers also offer moving supplies, in case you don’t have your own, including:
✓ Moving boxes, ✓ Wrapping paper, ✓ Moving blankets, ✓ Bubble wrap, ✓ Tape, ✓ Scissors

Auto Shipping

When it comes to auto shipping, you should know that there are two different types of trailers for shipment – open and enclosed trailers. The enclosed trailers are more expensive, but they protect the vehicle from road dust and weather conditions!

Storage Service

Storage service is great if you need a unit to store your belongings before the process, or if you plan on coming back one day and you need a place for your items to wait for your return. All of the units include climate control and security for additional safety!

You can check out some more details on moving in general by looking through this site Moving . Don’t forget to click here for some further info on moving companies.

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