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Every change in life has its own challenges, and it’s no different with relocation. Searching for a new job to advance in your career, finding new friends, and starting anew in the Magic City of Sunny State requires you to find reliable Miami movers, with lots of experience. Starting to live in a whole new place takes a lot of effort and planning, so our team at Kerb is offering you to handle your move with high efficiency and professionalism.

The Magic City is the only one in the US that was founded by a woman. A local businesswoman Julia Tuttle has encouraged a railroad developer to extend the new Florida East Coast Railroad to what officially became a city in 1896.  It got its name from one of the native tribes that lived in the region called the Mayaimi, meaning “The Big Water”. The city is home to the world’s largest collection of Art Deco architecture. Its port is also known as the Cruise Capital of the World, and it welcomes both passenger and cargo ships. It’s one of the most modern ports in the world and the home to the largest cruise ships in the world.

The city is surrounded by no less than two national parks, Biscayne and Everglades. When it comes to business, it’s interesting to know that downtown has the largest concentration of international banks in the country. Besides finance, the economy here is mainly fueled by tourism, which is no longer seasonal. Other industries here are media and telecommunications, international trade, and agriculture.

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Dec 21, 2018

I highly recommend this company. When I called them they were very easy and straight forward to work with. I told them what I needed, they gave me a quote, and we set up a date all very quickly. On […]

Lidija B.
Jan 26, 2022

We had very good experience with our cross-country relocation with Kerb. Kerb helped us with organizing the move for our household goods and two cars. They worked with us to plan everything, were flexible about the timing and patient with […]

Leslie J.
Mar 21, 2022

I was unable to schedule an interstate move with a company I used before so I checked on Yelp and found Kerb. They have a unique and very modern way of assessing how much you need to move. I gave […]

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Sunny State’s Magic City

The city’s growth from its founding population of one thousand to today’s five million was magical, and hence the nickname Magic City. This is one of the world’s most iconic destinations for tourists, with its tropical climate, perfect beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and rich nightlife. But it’s also so much more than a coastal city, as it offers a variety of activities for all ages.

Did you know that the first Burger King was opened here, and later introduced the famous Whopper? And, speaking about food, due to its tropical climate, this location is great for growing tomatoes, avocados, and mangos. Here, you can find the famous Cuban sandwich, which wasn’t quite invented here, but Miamians claim their version is the best.

Magic City was once a mangrove swamp and all the pristine beaches you now know were man-made. That’s why the sand needs to be replenished regularly.  And, while the sun-protective lotion was already used in Europe, the Miami pharmacist Benjamin Greene invented his own version, which is now known as Coppertone.

Plenty of Colorful Neighborhoods to Choose From

The picturesque streets of Magic City branch in every direction of diverse and colorful neighborhoods and communities. They are all brimming with charm, character, and history. There’s a lot of gems here from which you can choose where to reside, and here are some of them:

  • Miami Beach,
  • Coconut Grove,
  • Coral Gables,
  • Pinecrest,
  • Key Biscayne,
  • Downtown,
  • Brickell,
  • Little Havana,
  • Design District,
  • South Beach.

And when you take your pick and find real estate in any part of the city, our crew at Kerb Movers, Miami, will relocate your household safely and securely, so you can enjoy your time and your life in Magic City without any hassle.

Things to Do in Sunny State’s Metropolis

There are many things to see and experience besides lounging on the sand, although enjoying the beaches is essential for life here. While most of the country is covered with snow, here you can make the most out of outdoor activities. The thriving cultural scene is especially active in wintertime. It’s steeped in arts and culture, where you can also see the Coral Castle, built by one man out of the coral rock, and visit Wynwood District, popular for its street art.

This is the home to the largest Cuban community in the US. The city’s Cuban District is also known as Little Havana, and it has the best Cuban food in the country. Here, you can find a lot of cigar makers, and it’s also home to one of the best free street festivals in the world – the Calle Ocho festival.

It’s also a divers’ paradise, as its waters boast 50 different shipwreck sites to be explored, or you can choose to go deep-sea fishing. Take the 109 steps to the lighthouse, and let the knowledgeable park ranger lead you on a tour, giving details about this historical monument. Visit two science galleries, an aquarium, and a planetarium at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, which is always busy, but large enough to host many visitors.


Kerb – the Best Moving Company in Miami FL

If you have a relocation across the country in your plans for the near future, you’ve probably already wondered how to find and choose reliable long-distance movers. Finding professionals to help you with this task is no easy feat. We at Kerb have built our company on honesty and integrity, and we offer you a full range of residential services to meet the needs of our customers.

Hire us for our experience in providing long-distance moving services. We guarantee to make your move hassle-free, with our punctuality and professionalism. Let us get down to business and handle everything, so our cross-country moving company can relieve you from the relocation stress.

Looking for Movers in Miami FL For a Stress-Free Local Move? Kerb Moving Services Are the Answer

With all of the colorful neighborhoods, perhaps you’ve decided to relocate locally and change the part of the Magic City you’re living in, or where your small office is. Many moving companies in Miami can offer to move your stuff, but our local moving services have got you covered, whether your move is residential or commercial, and we’ll be handling your belongings with utmost care in either case.

Give Us a Call and We’ll Give You a Free Quote

Before you start getting ready for your move, you’re probably wondering how much a relocation costs. When using most of the professional moving services in Miami to relocate your household belongings, the price is calculated based on the weight of the items. But with Kerb, it’s based solely on an inventory list, the stuff we should transfer. This list is subject to change, until the day before your move out. We are always available for any question you have, so call us and we’ll give you a free quote.

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Kerb Movers in Miami That Offer You Packing Services

We’re sure when the word packing is mentioned, many people will start to feel stressed out because that’s one of the harder parts of every relocation. Just thinking about having to put all of your households into boxes, and disassemble every piece of furniture will make most feel anxiety. The good thing about hiring our professionals is that they’ll pack everything for you, and make the whole process easier. We realize that you have a lot of planning and other things to do, so let us handle the rest. We can pack everything, from large furniture pieces, to fragile items. Our professional team is vetted and trained to handle everything that you need.

Disassembling and reassembling furniture, and wrapping and securing appliances and other objects that can’t fit into boxes is covered with our standard packaging service, and we don’t charge additionally for it. But our clients often need more than that, so we arranged additional services. When you ask us to pack more than 15 boxes of items, it will be considered a full-packing service, and under 15 boxes we offer partial packaging. Just let us know what it is you want us to pack, by providing us with a complete list of such items.


Our Moving Services in Miami

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Are you looking for the best auto shipping company near you? Give Kerb a call, ask for a free quote and book our top-notch car transportation services.

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Packing Services

When the time comes for us to relocate, we seek to find any possible help that will ease the whole process.

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Long Distance Moving

Looking to move to a different state? Kerb professional movers are happy to assist you!

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Auto-Shipping That Fits Your Needs

You may be planning to relocate with our long-distance moving company, and you are wondering what to do with your car. Driving across the country can prove to be a difficult task, and it takes a lot to plan every step of the way. To relieve you of that kind of endeavor, we offer you our auto-shipping service. This offer comes in the form of several options. Just keep in mind that you need to go through proper preparations beforehand, and that means the car should be operational, and you need to provide us with all of the information and documents obtained on the purchase. You should also empty the vehicle of your belongings, and take photos, and document any damages, so we can keep them in our records.

Types of Shipment

We at Kerb offer you to choose between two types of shipment. Firstly, we can transport your car from terminal to terminal. With this option, your vehicle must be dropped off at one of our designated stations and picked up from another that suits you. On the other hand, the door-to-door option means that we will pick the vehicle up from your doorstep, and have it delivered directly to your new address, which is why it’s a more practical way for many clients. Whichever option you choose, we will give it our best to be as swift as possible with the delivery.

We Offer Different Trailer Options

If you choose to transport your vehicle with us, we offer you different trailer options. You can choose between an open or enclosed trailer. Shipping in an open trailer is the more economic option, and it’s suitable for a tighter budget. But remember that your vehicle is open to all the conditions during transport, and will need to be washed afterward. An enclosed trailer is the more expensive one, but it provides extra safety for your car and keeps it from all the weather and road conditions during transport.

We Are Miami Movers That Offer Storage for Your Belongings

Whether your move is local, long-distance, or international, you may have to put your household items in storage for a short or longer period of time. Kerb are the cross-country movers that offer quality storage services. That may come in handy when you can’t bring all of your belongings with you, and we’re happy to let you know that this service is free for the first 30 days.

Also, your goods are safe with us because securing everything in storage units is our priority. Our team members also regularly inspect the surroundings and check up on your belongings, just to be on the safe side. It is also extremely important to us that everything in the storage units is kept in appropriate climatic conditions and avoid humidity, so nothing gets damaged.

Our Moving Insurance Has Got You Covered

When relocating, wherever you choose to move, the safety of your household goods is extremely important to you. All of your belongings that are transported with us will be handled by our trained employees, very well taken care of, and delivered on time. Still, accidents may occur, and that’s why Kerb provides you with moving insurance to help you feel more secure. We provide our customers with mandatory liability coverage, which comes at a rate of $0.60 per pound of damaged goods. It’s a non-negotiable and a fixed rate, that comes with no additional charge.

However, we always encourage our customers to seek third-party insurance that offers full value protection. If you opt for this type of insurance, it comes with additional cost. When you file a claim, if our company is responsible for the damage, we have to either repair the item, replace it with an item of comparable value, or make a payout for the cost of repair. This type of insurance will make you feel at ease, although our professional crew is vetted in handling all types of goods.

Move With Kerb for the Best Relocating Experience

Relocating requires a lot of planning, time, and effort to organize every step of the way. Starting your life anew, wherever you choose is a big challenge. Our crew at Kerb is aware of this, and that’s why we offer you help to go through the whole process swiftly. Our combined experience in the relocating business has taught us that a move is all about finesse, care, efficiency, and attention to detail. It’s all necessary to ensure your satisfaction and stand behind you along the way to your new home.


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