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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Dallas on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.


Our Moving Services in Dallas, TX

Relocating is considered one of the biggest changes in our life, and very stressful at that. With all the planning and organizing, you wouldn’t want to miss anything.

If you’re looking to move to Dallas, Texas, finding reliable Dallas movers will be a life-saving decision. Our professional crew at Kerb are everything you would wish from moving companies in Dallas, we are punctual, efficient, and hard-working, to the satisfaction of our clients.

If you arrive in the city by plane, you’ll realize that Fort Worth International Airport is as big as it feels and even bigger. It’s larger than all of Manhattan, making it the second largest airport in the US by land, and the third largest in the world. For anyone who loves sweets (and who doesn’t), it’s interesting to know that the famous German chocolate cake originates from here. So, no, it’s not German at all, but the first version of this cake was made out of the sweet baking chocolate made in German’s Chocolate company.

Dallas Moving Reviews

Kimberly M.
Feb 11, 2019

When I graduated college, I needed to move all of my things out from DC back to LA. When I was doing my research with different long distance moving companies, Kerb stood out since they gave me the most competitive […]

Kavin O Brain
June 10, 2020

Kerb was used to ship only extremely fragile stuff that I was uncomfortable handling myself. I thought it would be a wiser choice to have someone with professional experience handle it. Before confirming anything I called and asked if they […]

Allison S.
Jan 5, 2019

These guys did an amazing job when I had to move everything out of my moms house! They were very easy to work with about times and dates, and they came early too! Once they got to my house I […]

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Dallas: Big Things Happen Here

Big D, as its residents like to call it, is the ninth most populous city in the US. It has a rich history of big ideas, big events, and even bigger personalities. This is the place where the convenience store was born. In 1927 John Jefferson Green, an employee of Southland Ice Company, headquartered in the city, had the bright idea to also sell staples like milk and eggs. The store changed its name to 7-eleven in the forties, to reflect new working hours. Today, it’s the largest grocery store chain in the world.

This is the largest metropolitan area in the US that is not built around a body of water, but instead around railroads and interstate highways. But there are still a lot of lakes around, where you can rent boats, kayaks, enjoy fishing sports, and even find a plethora of restaurants and shopping spots. If you are relocating and looking for work in this area, major industries here are building design, construction, furnishing, and food manufacturing.

The nation’s biggest arts district is also located in The Big D. It consists of 19 blocks of museums, venues, and galleries. The first ATM, and the first integrated circuit  (the microchip), were invented in Big D. Also, this is the place where there are more places to shop per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Experience the Neighborhoods

Each of the city’s neighborhoods has its own story to tell, whether you want to live in a more urban area, or you want to be in town, but have a bit more space. The whole city is teeming with life, you just need to choose the unique hidden gem that suits your lifestyle. Here are some of the neighborhoods in Big D:

  • Preston Hollow,
  • Uptown,
  • Bishop Arts District,
  • Lake Highlands,
  • Knox-Henderson,
  • M Streets,
  • Deep Ellum,
  • Downtown,
  • Greenville Avenue,
  • Highland Park.

And there are, of course, many other areas. Wherever you choose to reside, Big D is full of big opportunities. There are many places that can fit your needs in this area, and if you are searching for a long-distance moving company, Kerb is the best choice among the movers in Dallas.

Things to Do While in Big D

There’s a ton of fun things to do in the city – from the huge number of museums, the most shopping centers per capita, to the ever-growing arts community. There are numerous ways to make the time here memorable. You can take a ride on the historic trolley, which trundles up and down from the Uptown to the Arts District, and is free of charge. Visit the Sixth Floor Museum, which chronicles the life and assassination of JFK from many perspectives. Take a Bonnie and Clyde tour, which takes you from the family home of Clyde Barrow and the cafe where Bonnie Parker worked, through the sites of their iconic crimes, and finally to their graves. The Arboretum is one of the best botanical gardens in the world, and it offers spectacular natural exhibits all year round. You can find a variety of places to dine, and although barbeque reigns the restaurant scene here, you can be surprised by great Asian food restaurants, steakhouses, fantastic bars, and coffee shops.


Kerb – the Best Dallas Movers Company Offering Moving Services

When you are planning to go through the relocation process and start your life in a metropolis like Big D, it’s better if you hire professionals to handle everything. Changing your working and living landscape requires a great amount of effort and a good organization. Finding reputable cross-country movers for this task is essential. Asking for referrals and reading reviews by other customers is a good starting point. But, make no mistake, we at Kerb are the right choice of long-distance moving services if you want to invest in professional movers Dallas has to offer. We guarantee to take away the stress every relocation brings, and get everything done professionally. With us, you can start this chapter of your life in a new home with ease.

Kerb Movers in Dallas for Your Local Moving Needs

If you are changing the part of the city you live in, and you’re preparing for local moving, deciding to hire Kerb among other moving companies in Dallas, TX, and use our local moving services is the right thing to do. We fit the criteria needed, as we offer both commercial and residential relocation services. So, no matter if you want us to move your small office space to another location in the city, or from one home to another, our team will transfer your belongings in no time.

Free Onsite Estimates From Our Long Distance Movers

Every change in life requires a first step. The first step you’ll need to take in hiring our Kerb Movers Dallas, TX, is to give us a call to get a free quote from us. You need to provide us with a detailed inventory list, that has everything you plan to take with you listed. Based on it, we will tell you the cost of relocating with us. The price may vary depending on the changes you make, and whether you add or remove any belongings from the list. The list is changeable until the day before move-out. Just give us a call and ask all you need to know, and our friendly staff will answer all that interests you.

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Packing Service by Kerb Movers in Dallas, Texas

Probably the most challenging part of every relocation is having to pack all your belongings, and that’s why you should ask the professionals to do it. We understand that our clients want to be relieved of stress and anxiety, and have more free time to handle all the other steps of organizing. That’s why we at Kerb offer the standard relocation packaging as part of our cross-country moving services. Disassembling and assembling your furniture, wrapping it all up to protect it in transport with our supplies is considered standard packaging. We will also protect and transport all of your appliances that won’t fit into boxes.

We Offer Both Partial and Full Packaging

When it comes to smaller items, we won’t leave you out in the cold, either. They can be taken care of with the same expertise as the large household objects. There are two options, depending on the number of boxes that have to be packed. If stuff you need us to pack for you can fit into 15 boxes or less, that’s partial packing, but we will need you to provide us with a list of the items that you want to be packed. Packing more than 15 boxes is considered a full packing service.

We do this task with the utmost care and make sure nothing gets damaged, and that means everything that you put on the list will be packed with adequate supplies that we will provide, to avoid any damage. Since your belongings will be in transport for hours or even days, our team will do their best to keep them intact, so they can arrive safely at your new address. Of course, our professionals will pay special attention to all the fragile and delicate items, as well as be careful with all your household items.

In Need for a Moving Company in Dallas to Ship Your Car? Kerb Is the Right Choice in This Area

Whether you’ve bought a car on the other side of the country, and need to ship it to your address, or you are relocating and need your car to be transported, you’ll need auto shipping service. Kerb offers to ship your vehicle wherever needed. Your vehicle can be transported from terminal to terminal, and that means you have to drop your car off at one of our designated stations and pick it up at the station closest to your address.

We also offer door-to-door shipping – we will pick the car from your doorstep and have it shipped directly to your new place.

Choose Trailers That Fit Your Budget

The first step in preparing your car for transportation is providing us with all the information about your vehicle beforehand. The next step is to take photos and document any damages so that we can keep them in our records, and you will also have to remove any personal items from your vehicle. You can opt for either an open or enclosed trailer.

The main difference between them is that in an enclosed trailer, your car will be safe and secure even from the weather conditions on the road, as well as dirt, but it is also the pricier option. An open trailer is a great option if you’re on a tighter budget. Your car will be safe, but in need of a quick wash after the transportation.

When in Need of Storage Service, Call Kerb for Help

Moves often come with thorough planning of your future residence. Many times our household items won’t fit, either because of downsizing, or there are some things we don’t know what to do with, like a grandfather clock that we inherited from our grandparents. This is where storing items is a life-saving decision. We at Kerb offer you storage services as a smart solution for everything you won’t bring into your new place. Whatever your reason for renting a storage unit is, be sure that we’ve got your back, so contact us and ask what you need to know.

Our units are provided with security, but regardless, our crew members inspect the surrounding areas regularly. We also take care of the climate control and humidity of every storage unit, to make sure your belongings won’t get damaged.


Our Moving Services in Dallas, TX

Packing Services

When the time comes for us to relocate, we seek to find any possible help that will ease the whole process.

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Storage Services

Are you looking for storage services in your area? Kerb offers some of the best storage facilities in the country!

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Moving Insurance

Are you in need of extra coverage for your valuable belongings? Kerb offers some of the best moving insurance services!

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Be Safe With Our Moving Insurance

Our crew at Kerb works hard to make sure all your possessions arrive securely and safely at their destination. Our professionals are trained and vetted and will handle your move with care and the highest proficiency. However, accidents can happen, and that’s why we offer relocating insurance, just to be on the safe side. It is active from the moment our crew starts handling your stuff to the moment it’s delivered to its destination. Insurance provided by Kerb is mandatory liability coverage, and it comes at a rate of $0.60 per pound of damaged goods. This is a fixed rate, and it’s non-negotiable, with no additional charge. When you are obtaining insurance from our company, know that we are prohibited by law to transfer items of high value, such as documentation, jewelry, and money.

We do, however, encourage you to take third-party insurance that offers full coverage. Although our crew is trained in handling all types of goods, accidents may occur, and we want you to feel at ease. This insurance comes with an additional charge, but it will make sure that the damaged item is either repaired or replaced, to the full cost.

Choose to Move With Kerb, and Make No Mistake

Choosing to go through such a big step in your life with us will make sure that your household goods are handled with care. We give our best to be punctual, and we offer you our whole relocating package, so you can be at ease. We are built on honesty and integrity, with a new element of technology and professionalism, to make sure you get the best relocation experience. We are just a phone call away, contact us, as we are excited to begin your journey with you.


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