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    “If you are on the lookout for a company to assist you with your long distance move, then look no further because Kerb is the company for you! My family and I were well aware that our situation was not going to be easily taken care of alone. We have been planning our cross country relocation for a long time. Little did we know that by just calling Kerb, everything could have been organized and planned out within a couple of hours. The staff was also very friendly and patient and all of our items arrived at our new home safely!”

    “My roommate and I had a two-year lease on our apartment and were aware that the time to move would come sooner or later. Neither I nor she was prepared for the process. Living together was our first move out of our parent’s home. Even though our new shared apartment was a block away from our current one, we decided to hire Kerb for the moving process to avoid complications. Thankfully, we made the right decision! The staff at Kerb was really friendly and easy to cooperate with. Our local move was finished within 24 hours and everything went perfectly. “

    “Shipping your car from one coast to the other has never been easier than with the help of Kerb! When I first called to set up a date, I was nervous about how the process would turn out to be, but everything worked out well. My vehicle was brought to the terminal in Los Angeles safely, even if I had to go with an open trailer instead of an enclosed one because of my budget. The staff always answered my worried calls asking for status updates. Kerb really puts in all the effort with its clients.”

    “My boyfriend and I have been putting off our move for months! There was just a lot of planning and work to put into it. Our close friends reassured us that they had an amazing experience with the moving company called Kerb. At first, we were skeptical and did not know whether or not it was a good idea to use up some of our savings to hire a moving company, but in the end, it was definitely worth it. We don’t know how we could have handled the process without Kerb! They saved us a lot of time and stress.”

    “If you’re looking for local movers, definitely check out Kerb’s moving services! I have had my fair share of bad experiences with moving companies in the past, and when I hired Kerb for the job, I was left pleasantly surprised! The customer service team made sure to go over every detail with me. I was mostly worried about my personal belongings and their safety. However, the packing and moving crew were very well trained and professional. They carefully wrapped all furniture with moving blankets and shrink wrap. Thank you, Kerb, once again!”

    “I have been searching for an auto shipping company for a while until I came across Kerb. The staff was very patient with my questions and made sure to inform me of all the features included in the car transportation process which was really helpful. I finally decided on using the port-to-port service and going with the enclosed trailer to make sure that my car was protected at all costs! In the end, everything went as planned. My car arrived in one piece and I could not be any more happy with the way Kerb handled everything!”

    “My family and I have so much appreciation for the team members at Kerb! Without them, we don’t know how we could have gone through with our long distance move from Denver. Unfortunately, we have to move a lot because of my job, and the crew helped take out all the stress from the moving process. Packing was a long process because we are a family, and there was so much to pack and prepare. The movers from Kerb carefully handled all of our belongings and got our stuff to our new place in no time!”

    “My wife and I moved to Downtown LA because we were in need of a bigger house to raise a family in. We needed all the help we could get because it was our first move together in a while. The members of Kerb were kind and patient with us. They made sure to provide us with all the information we needed on the services they offer so that we could pick out the ones that best fit our move. On moving day, everything went as planned. If you are in search for a local moving company in the LA area, know that you can’t go wrong with Kerb.”

    Roy Underwood

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