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If you have ever relocated before, you are aware it’s a task that requires you to be more than well organized.


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If you have ever relocated before, you are aware it’s a task that requires you to be more than well organized. But, even with thorough planning, you can always use a helping hand. If you’re relocating to the Big A, you probably need to hire reliable Atlanta movers to help you go through the whole process safely and without hassle.

The Big A is actually Georgia’s fifth capital. It was the only US city that was ever destroyed in the war. It was in 1964 when General Sherman’s army burned it, and only 400 buildings were left standing. It was later built from ashes, and that’s why its symbol is a phoenix. Among many nicknames, The City in a Forest name suits it well, because of its urban tree canopy, which covers half of the city. Despite having almost no peach trees whatsoever, you can’t miss streets named Peachtree, as there are exactly 71 that carry a variation of the name. Since Ray Charles recorded “Georgia on my mind” in the 60s, the Big A’s music scene only flourished, and it has made a huge impact, with various artists coming from hip hop, southern rock, soul, and rhythm n’ blues.

Lots of world airports claim to be the busiest, but the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport truly is the world’s busiest. This is mainly thanks to the fact that the Big A is in a perfect location, that is just three hours away from most major cities, and has a terminal that is as big as 45 football fields.

Atlanta Moving Reviews

Kavin O Brain
June 10, 2020

Kerb was used to ship only extremely fragile stuff that I was uncomfortable handling myself. I thought it would be a wiser choice to have someone with professional experience handle it. Before confirming anything I called and asked if they […]

Emmett Terry
October 26, 2018

The team did an amazing job at getting all of our stuff safely from Denver to Phoenix, with zero damage. Even if damage did a occur, we set up insurance with them since it was a longer move. The dispatch […]

Taryn P.
Aug 1, 2021

I’ve used Kerb nearly 5 times moving across country and they always deliver the best experience! Their staff is reachable anytime and always in constant communication on pickup and delivery. You are assigned a move specialist that puts all frustration […]

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Peach State’s Big A

Home to many Fortune 500 companies, Georgia’s capital is a diverse city that has a huge economy, while also having a robust cultural scene. It’s dynamic and vibrant and offers something for everyone. Thanks to the various activities, there’s not a dull moment in this place, and these are all the reasons to love it even more. Being the third in the US for movie production, and first by its growth, it’s also known as Hollywood of the South. Watched a Marvel movie lately? There’s a high chance it was filmed right here.

The world’s most famous beverage brand Coca-Cola was invented and founded here. Today, you can visit the World of Coca-Cola and sample different flavors from around the globe. It’s been served more in volume than anywhere else in the world in the world’s biggest drive-in restaurant, the city’s landmark The Varsity. Remember that, when you’re here, you shouldn’t put an ice cream cone into your back pocket (but only on Sundays), or tie a giraffe to a pole, because the law here forbids it.

Not one, but two Nobel Peace Prize winners are from The Peach City – Martin Luther King Jr. and President Jimmy Carter. It’s regarded as the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement , and you can visit many historic sites to learn about it, like the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, or the Apex Museum. This city is also the place where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind while having an ankle injury which prevented her from walking around too much.

There are Many Neighborhoods to Explore

Depending on which corner of the city you look at, you can find everything, from remnants of the Civil War to beautiful architecture. Atlantans have a specific way of locating their neighborhoods – they say that something is either OTP (outside of the perimeter of I-285) or ITP (inside). Within the city’s center, there’s a unique 22-mile walking and biking trail called the BeltLine, and it connects at least 45 neighborhoods in one big loop. Here are some of the interesting areas of the city you may want to call home:

  • Summerhill,
  • Buckhead Village,
  • Westview,
  • Cabbagetown,
  • Downtown,
  • Grant Park,
  • Midtown,
  • West End.

There are plenty of warmish days throughout the year, and you can see a lot of locals walking, running, or biking along the BeltLine on pretty much any day.

Things to Do When in the Big A

Besides being outdoors with other city dwellers, the Big A offers a variety of festivals and other activities to enjoy. Around springtime, you can visit the Dogwood Festival, which celebrates the blooming time of the year. It’s set in Piedmont Park, which is a part of the city’s tree canopy, and it presents a colorful mix of crafts and arts with its Fine Arts Market. Come back to the same place in the fall for the Music Midtown Festival, where you can see over 30 international artists of many genres performing on 4 stages.

One of the most modern and unique stadiums is located here. Forbes’ “Best Venue in the NFL”, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is one of the most sustainable in the world, boasting a world-class art collection. Besides sports, it’s home to many musical events also.


Our Moving Services in Atlanta, TX

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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services.

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Packing Services

When the time comes for us to relocate, we seek to find any possible help that will ease the whole process.

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Kerb Offers the Atlanta Moving Services You’re Looking For

Perhaps you’ve decided to change the scenery around you, and you find the Big A appealing, whether for its business opportunities or the famous tree canopy. Relocating means a lot of work, and you may not want to do everything by yourself. Hiring reputable cross-country movers in Atlanta will make sure you have enough time to plan everything, including choosing the suitable neighborhood you want to live in. With the right long-distance moving services, you can relieve yourself of relocating anxiety, while the Atlanta home movers do the hard work efficiently. Moves are a lot more than they may seem at first glance, so we at Kerb are here to handle your relocation the right way.

Looking for Atlanta Moving Companies to Handle Your Local Moving Task? Kerb Has Got You Covered

Whether you are relocating your office from one part of the city to another, or you’ve bought a place in another neighborhood, our team at Kerb does both residential and commercial moves. By hiring our local moving servicewe’ll be handling your belongings, and back you up in every step of the relocation process. Each member of our staff will make sure that our clients have a stress-free move.

Call Kerb, the Long-Distance Moving Company in Atlanta, for a Free Quote

Planning a budget for your relocation is one of the essential steps. Contact our representatives at Kerb to get a free quote. Remember, it’s based on your inventory list that contains all of your household belongings that you want to move with you. You may change it until the day before move-out, to add or remove anything you won’t be transporting to a new place. That’s why a good idea is to declutter and get rid of anything unusable to get a lower price.

Let’s get started Get a Free Moving Estimate

Professional Crew at Kerb Are the Long Distance Movers in Atlanta, GA, That Offer Packing Services as Well

The packing process is probably the most nerve-racking part of all moves. Just thinking about placing your whole household into boxes will stress out even the calmest people. That’s why we at Kerb are one of those cross-country moving companies in Atlanta that understand and recognize this. Our crew members are vetted and well trained and will pack all your belongings with care and make sure everything is secured, so there’s no damage during transport. From large furniture pieces to every delicate and fragile item, there’s nothing too challenging for our crew members to take care of.

What We Offer

Our standard packing service covers disassembling and reassembling of furniture, as well as wrapping and taking care of appliances and other items that can’t fit into boxes. If you want us to pack some of your other stuff (or all of it,) we can do it for additional cost. We only require you to provide us with a list of items you want us to pack. After that, it’s all on us. Depending on the quantity of packed stuff, there is a partial option (up to 15 boxes), and a full packing option (more than 15 boxes.) In any case, our team will come to your home equipped with all sorts of high-quality packing materials so no worries there either.


Kerb Movers in Atlanta, GA, Offer Auto-Shipping Fit for Your Needs

If you’ve bought a new car on the other side of the country, or you are relocating and need your vehicle shipped, you may be at ease, because our company provides this service. Driving the vehicle by yourself may be an option, but it’s a tiring task. Using our auto-shipping options will make sure your vehicle moves safely, and we offer you several options. Before you hand us over your car, make sure you have emptied it of all your belongings. You should provide us with the documentation you got with the purchase. Also, make sure you take photos of any damage, so we can keep it in our records.

Ask Our Movers for the Type of Shipment Services

When transporting your car, Kerb offers you two types of shipment. The first option is to transport your vehicle from terminal to terminal. This means you will have to drop off your vehicle at a designated station and pick it up from a similar station near your new address. The second option is for our professional crew members to pick up your vehicle from your doorstep, and have it dropped off at your new place. The door-to-door option grows more popular every day. And through this whole process, our team will give it their best to be as quick as possible.

Choose Trailer Options That Suit Your Budget

If you’ve chosen to transport your vehicle with our company, before we start preparing everything, you should contact us and choose a trailer that fits your needs, as well as your budget. An enclosed trailer is a pricier option, but it’s the perfect solution for keeping your car extra safe. It will be kept away from the dirt and weather, as well as any debris during the transport. An open trailer is an option for a tighter budget. Transporting the vehicle in such a trailer also guarantees safety, although the car will have to go through a quick wash after it arrives.

Storage Is a Quick and Easy Solution for Your Belongings

Your relocation may be across the country, or even international, or you’ve decided to downsize and declutter your home. Either way, this is where storage services come in handy. With Kerb, the first 30 days are free of charge. After that first month, you can rent it for a shorter or longer period of time until you get unpacked in a new home and thoroughly organized, and you’ll be charged per day. You can store away many things that are seasonal, or you don’t have space in your home for them but are too sentimental to throw away. However, there are some items that can not be stored, and these are:

  • Toxic and flammable materials,
  • Plants, pets, and other living things,
  • Perishables,
  • Weapons,
  • Wet items.

For additional information about what can be stored, contact our friendly staff and ask. If you are worried about your belongings, we assure you that each of our storage units has security measures in place and our team members check the surrounding area regularly, just to be on the safe side. Climate control inside the storage is also very important, as keeping the room temperature and no humidity means that your goods won’t get damaged.

We Recommend Buying Insurance

Kerb movers guarantee that our professional team will handle all your stuff with extra care, as each of our crew members is trained in handling everything, from large furniture to delicate dishes. But, accidents may happen during transport, and that is why moving insurance is important. And the moving industry stepped in with mandatory insurance for every relocation. The mandatory liability coverage comes at a rate of $0.60 per pound of damaged goods. It’s a non-negotiable and a fixed rate, that requires no additional charge.

However, we always recommend and encourage our clients to take the full-value replacement insurance. It comes at an additional cost and covers only the items packed by our crew, but with it you can go on about your relocation tasks knowing that you’ll be fully refunded if any mishap occurs. This solution will undoubtedly make you feel at ease.

Relocating With Us Is a Proper Decision

If you are searching for long-distance moving companies in Atlanta, GA, to help you in taking a leap into a new home and start afresh in your life, Kerb is the right company for you. Our main goal is to keep our customers happy, and their stuff secured, and that means having a successful move without complications. We are always ready and available, with a combined 30 years of experience, to make sure your relocation needs are met.


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