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Experience the Ease of Moving with Kerb’s Packing Services. Our expert team ensures your belongings are carefully packed and prepared for a smooth relocation.

Packing Services

Effortless Relocation Begins Here: Kerb's Professional Packing Services

When the time comes for us to relocate, we seek to find any possible help that will ease the whole process. We at Kerb Movers are aware that long-distance moving is complex, and we provide you with various solutions, including our impeccable packing services.

Our team consists of professionals with a lot of hands-on experience they’ve gathered over the years. Whatever type of item you have for us to take care of, you need not worry about handling it, because our team is highly trained and efficient. They will wrap up and secure all of your belongings properly for transportation. Since we all treasure our possessions, you shouldn’t settle for a service that is less than best, and we can provide you with it and more.

Pack with Confidence: Customer Testimonials on Our Packing Services

Leslie J.
Mar 21, 2022

I was unable to schedule an interstate move with a company I used before so I checked on Yelp and found Kerb. They have a unique and very modern way of assessing how much you need to move. I gave […]

Nathan L.
Dec 21, 2018

I highly recommend this company. When I called them they were very easy and straight forward to work with. I told them what I needed, they gave me a quote, and we set up a date all very quickly. On […]

Lidija B.
Jan 26, 2022

We had very good experience with our cross-country relocation with Kerb. Kerb helped us with organizing the move for our household goods and two cars. They worked with us to plan everything, were flexible about the timing and patient with […]


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Why Should You Invest in Packing Services

About 50% of homeowners in America believe that their garage is the most disorganized place in the whole house, but we don’t lack clutter in other parts of our home, either. So when it comes to boxing up everything we’ve piled up over the years to get ready to move, our stress levels can go through the roof.

It’s not only physically demanding, but it’s also time-consuming. But that’s where professional help comes in, to relieve you of this tedious task and take care of it swiftly and with utmost care.

It Takes a Lot of Time to Pack a Large House by Yourself Without Help

People who have already gone through a move have at least some idea about just how much time they will need to pack up everything. If you’re thinking about handling everything by yourself, you should keep in mind that you still have to go to work, run errands, and organize all the other relocation-related tasks. Depending on how large your household is, and it could have one or even four bedrooms, it can take you weeks to pack.

First, there are days of decluttering ahead of you, where you’ll be tossing away anything unusable and setting aside everything else that can be donated. Then you can get to boxing up itself, but you may already feel overwhelmed and tired. That is where we step in, to take the whole matter into our trained hands.

Our Moving Service Comes With Standard Packing in the Initial Quote


Our customer support representatives will gladly answer all your questions once you decide to contact us. You can get informed on all of our services, but most importantly, you can get a free quote. Even if we don’t invest in our other relocating solutions, our standard package has the following included:

  • Appliances that you keep and use in your home and you want to transport to a new address are usually too large to fit into standard boxes. Our packers will take care of them and securely wrap them up for transport.
  • Bulky furniture pieces usually worry our customers the most, as they won’t easily fit into a truck, but they can also get damaged by unprofessional handling. You won’t have to panic with us because our crew members will swiftly disassemble each piece for easier loading onto the truck. They will also make sure that everything is properly wrapped.
  • Other bulky items like mattresses will also be taken care of and wrapped up securely for transport to your new home as part of our standard service.
  • Suppose you’re worried about unpacking your large furniture that our packers have disassembled. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that our team will also reassemble everything once it’s delivered to your home.

Our standard packing is provided to you as a part of our moving quote with no additional cost. When we form our quote, the most important factor is the inventory list you provide us with. It should consist of all the things you want our company to transport, but it’s not a list set in stone.

If you change your mind about some items, you can update the list until the last business day before the move-out date.

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Our Packers Can Provide You With Different Solutions

Besides our standard moving solutions, we have other options that can make your move undemanding and without any hassle. When it comes to boxing up more of your belongings than our standard package covers, we have several different answers to your problems. Which one of them you require depends on the solution you need as well as your budget.

Partial Packing Services Are a Handy Solution for Cross Country Moving

Perhaps you’ve managed to take care of plenty of your household belongings and placed most of them inside boxes, bags, and other kinds of packaging. If there are still a few piles of your possessions lying around, and you want us to take care of it, we will do it with pleasure. Our partial packing service comes at an additional cost, and it’s applicable if you have less than 15 boxes for our team to pack.

Our Movers Will Also Provide You With Full Service and Pack Everything

Boxing your whole house up is a tedious and in every way a demanding task, which can take up a lot of time to pull off. We at Kerb Movers understand this, and that’s why we provide you with a solution that will take this task off your plate and enable you to focus on other pressing matters. We can pack up everything for you and bring high-quality supplies and materials to do it. Our full packing service comes at an additional price, but with it, you’ll move to a new address like a breeze and avoid any unnecessary stress.

Our team is trained and vetted in handling all kinds of items, from fragile to bulky. We are professional movers who will place and wrap everything into high-quality supplies and materials, which will not only protect all of your belongings but also make the unpacking process really swift. If your possessions fit into more than 15 boxes, it’s considered to be a full packing, and we will charge you accordingly.

Besides Wrapping Your Belongings Into High-Quality Supplies, Custom Crating Is an Option, Too

Most of us own at least a couple of belongings that are not easy to handle when moving. This may be due to their value, fragility, or irregular shape. Some items are all of that at once – it may be a rare and expensive guitar or perhaps a sensitive electronic device. When it comes to handling these kinds of items, our team is especially careful, but the best solution is to order custom crating. These custom-made heavy-duty wooden boxes will not only fit the object in question like a glove, but they will also act as ultimate protection. This option also comes at an additional cost.

5 Reasons People Move Every Day With KERB

15+years local moving experience
1500+ domestic home moves each year
FULLY VETTED moving crew and drivers
250+ HOURS mentored training for crew
100% client satisfaction

We Will Pack Everything up as an Additional Service, but We Offer Some Things for Free

Our company always strives to be competitive, and we do it by providing our customers with superb relocating solutions. Besides our standard relocation package and professional packing, we also offer state-of-the-art auto shipping for your vehicle. But our basic package that comes with our initial quote consists of a few more solutions, free of charge.

Our Secure Storage Units are Free for a Month

Although boxing up our household far outreaches any other relocation-related task by how hard it is to get out of the way, unpacking perhaps comes close. It’s not easy to settle in a new home once everything is piled up and blocks the way. But that’s where our storage solutions come in handy. We can offer you our units, free of charge, for 30 days. That is usually more than enough for each of our customers to get settled, arrange their new place, and think about the layout of the residence once their belongings arrive.

Each of our units is kept under climate-controlled conditions, so no harm can come to whatever is stored away. We also think about your security every step of the way, so our storage is also under camera surveillance, and our team members also check the perimeter regularly. You can prolong the use of our storage units for a longer period, and we will charge you by the day. Each package that goes into our units will be labeled with a barcode system to avoid any mishaps and for easy locating.

There’s Also Mandatory Liability Insurance Included in the Free Quote

Although leaving all of your possessions with us means that they are left in safe hands, we want to give you an additional feeling of security and protection. That’s why we also provide each customer with mandatory liability coverage that comes at no extra cost. It covers $0.60 per pound of any damaged item. Since this type of protection is usually unsuitable for more valuable belongings, we always encourage our customers to take additional insurance that covers items our team has packed for you.

Loading and Unloading Is a Part of Our Standard Package

A typical household will require quite a large number of boxes to be properly packed up. But what’s even a more hardworking task is carrying it all out of the house, loading it into the back of a truck, and later unloading once it arrives. But don’t worry, as loading and unloading is also a part of our standard relocation package, which we provide at no additional cost. Once every box is packed, sealed, and secured, it will be loaded by our movers. When our truck arrives at your new address, our team will unload everything into the home in an instant.

Choose Your Professional Cross Country Movers Wisely

Still, picking the right long-distance movers isn’t as simple a process you perhaps believe to be. After you initially search the internet and pick a few companies, you can easily narrow down the list by looking at the customer reviews. The other factor you should take into consideration is to check for the company’s USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.

If you choose Kerb Movers, you can put your worries aside – our reviews are stellar, and our services unparalleled. We are built on honesty and integrity, and our years of experience in the relocation industry are there to back you up during your transition.

With our superb cross-country moving services, there’s no need to stress about many things, and the relocation will feel effortless and stress-free. If you want us to pack up just a few things or the entirety of your home, we can handle it all equally swiftly and proficiently. Partnering up with our company will bring you a huge relief and enable you to have an effortless move, no matter how far across the country you want to relocate.

Kerb Movers Is Your Best Choice for All Things Related to Moving

Our clients’ needs always come first, and we do our best to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of each and every client. That’s why we provide you with a wide array of different long-distance moving services that cover every aspect of your relocation, from A to Z. With us, there’s no tension, as we work hard to bring a sense of easiness into your move. Don’t hesitate to contact Kerb Movers today, and our customer support team will be there to answer all your questions and provide you with the needed help and information.


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