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Walk around your home recording a video of all your belongings.


Our software scans the video and creates an itemized inventory.


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If this is the case, then you may request to store your household goods somewhere before the move is set to be. You are in luck because the members of our crew at Kerb offer storage services!

Storage services

Getting a storage unit is a great solution for many reasons. You may be relocating internationally or across the country and you might need a storage space for household goods that you can’t bring along with you. If your lease is up, and you need a place to keep all your household goods before you get the keys to your new home, then storage services also come in handy! Whatever the reason for your need of extra space, our team at Kerb has your back!

To be on the safe side, we make sure that each of our units has security. Our team members also inspect the surrounding areas of the units frequently and check up on your goods for you. We want to make sure that you get your money’s worth with their stay.

Climate control is extremely important to us. Our staff ensures that each of the units is at room temperature. We want to avoid humidity at all costs so that none of your belongings get ruined during their stay!

Some of the other moving services that we at Kerb offer for your local, long distance, or international relocation include packing, auto shipping, and transferring your goods for you to your new location. Throughout the move, we aim for the journey to your new home to be as stress-free as possible so that you can focus on getting prepared for the transition process. To have us handle everything for you in case you are too busy with work, or for some personal reasons, you can get the full moving package! This package consists of all the services we offer and will have our team handling everything for you!

Hopefully, this information will be of use and you will decide to work with Kerb! To check out some more details on moving, moving companies and storages be sure to look through check this site Moving , follow this link Storage , and click here.

Organizing residential or commercial relocation with our team at Kerb is quite straightforward. All you have to do is contact our representatives so that they can set up a date for the process, and so that you can choose the moving services you need. If we haven’t gone over some of your concerns that have to do with storage services we offer, then feel free to contact our team at Kerb. Our sales representatives will gladly answer your questions, so contact us as soon as you can!

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