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    Boise Movers

    The capital of Idaho and its most populous city has a lot to offer, especially to those who enjoy the wilderness, scenic mountain landscape, and outdoor recreational areas. If this is your dream place, you’re probably already planning to move here and will need a helping hand from reliable Boise movers. You can get to know the city and all of its sides, while you let a reputable company do the rest and handle your move.

    If you’ve ever wondered how Boise actually got its nickname “The City of Trees”, the story goes that it happened when the first settlers laid eyes on the vast forest of the Treasure Valley. It has grown rapidly in the early 20th century, mostly thanks to the growth of the lumber industry. But today, its economy is powered by different industries, from lumber, through agriculture, to electronics and wholesale trade, and it’s one of those cities where salaries are actually increasing.

    The City of Trees Is a Hidden Gem

    With four distinct seasons in which you can enjoy its nature, it has been labeled a recreationist’s paradise and named by National Geographic the #1 Adventure City in the country. The right spot for everyone who wants to be connected with nature and stay in excellent physical shape because it offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, jogging, riding a bike, or simply walking. If you love bicycling, you will love the fact that it was listed by the Bike Magazine as the top mountain biking town in the entire country.

    While the city’s Downtown is home to many small businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s a cultural center and has several mid-rises. It also has a vibrant part known as the “Basque Block”, which is home to the largest Basque community in the country. Listed on the National Historic Register, the Hyde Park neighborhood has many buildings preserved in their original state. Quite a sight to see when you go to visit the retail area hidden among those homes.

    Neighborhoods in the Gem State Capital

    Like with any city, picking a neighborhood is not to be taken likely. Whether you’re looking for a real community spirit or proximity to nightlife and restaurants, there’s something for everyone. There are parts of the city with great schools, convenient for families with kids, districts that nurture cultural delights, and even those convenient for those looking for quiet solitude. Here are some of Boise’s neighborhoods to choose from:

    • Southeast,
    • Northend,
    • East End,
    • Highlands,
    • Barber Valley,
    • Hidden Springs,
    • Depot Bench,
    • Central Hills,
    • Garden City,
    • Boise State University.

    Each of them is distinct in its own way, and you will find something that speaks to you and fits your exact needs and lifestyle.

    Things to Do While in Boise

    You will enjoy exploring places like the River Greenbelt, a park that stretches for 25 miles along the river. For all the culture aficionados and art lovers, the city has a one-of-a-kind outdoor theater, which hosts the Idaho Shakespeare Festival in a unique and intimate setting. Music lovers are in for a treat every summer because the city offers free outdoor concerts in the middle of the Grove Plaza each Friday night.

    8th Street is a place for foodies and restaurant lovers, with something for those who love a more modern and hip approach to their cuisine, or more locally loyal places with dishes made out of local produce. Open on Saturdays, the Capital City Public Market offers everyone fresh local produce. You can find various items for sale in the market including baked goodies and other food, as well as products made by local artisans. It also hosts special events like musical performances and even events for kids.

    Kerb Offers the Best Moving Services Out There

    Relocating across the country or moving your office or your home to another part of the city are not so different. Both processes require you to be a skilled organizer, but nonetheless, it’s tiresome and hard to accomplish without any help. That’s why choosing a reliable company by looking at reviews and referrals and investing in quality long-distance moving services is crucial.

    Our professional team at Kerb has one goal – that every customer has a successful relocation, and that’s why each of our crew members gives their best to make sure your relocation is handled the right way. You can check our reviews and look for referrals and find out why we’re your best choice. Contact us for a free quote, which we will base on your inventory list, which may be updated until the last workday before the move-out date.

    Want to Move Your Office? Invest in Quality Local Moving Services to Save on Time

    Local moves may seem easier, but if you have already gone through planning and relocating to another part of the city you’re living in, you are aware that it’s not at all easy. Whether you’ve found a perfect home in another neighborhood, or you want to move your office nearer to where you live, investing in professional local moving services will guarantee you have a stress-free move. Kerb is a company that will back up each customer every step of the way and handle all the aspects of the move, so they have more time on their hands.

    Our Packing Services Will Help You Have a Stress-Free Move

    Most of our customers feel that packing their belongings is hard work and a really time-consuming process, and we agree. Placing your hold household into boxes is a dreaded process, and it’s a wise decision to hire help to do this. That’s why Kerb is the best team of long-distance movers for your needs, as our professionals have been trained and vetted in handling all kinds of items. We will disassemble and reassemble your large furniture pieces and take care of appliances by wrapping and securing them for transport. Our standard packaging service means that we will take care of all of your belongings that won’t fit into standard boxes, and that’s calculated into the basic price. Feel free to contact us with any questions and additional information.

    Partial and Full Packing Service by the Best Cross-Country Movers in Boise

    If you need someone to help you pack so the whole relocation process can go more smoothly, don’t worry, Kerb is a long-distance moving company that has got you covered. Our professional team is highly trained in handling any object with proper care. If you require us to pack just a portion of your possessions, for an additional price you can ask for a partial packing service for anything that fits into less than 15 boxes. But even if you want us to pack everything you own, we’re glad to give you a helping hand. Our full packing service means placing and securing your belongings into more than 15 boxes.

    Auto Shipping Services for Your Beloved Machine

    No matter if you’ve bought a new car or want to avoid driving all the way across the country to the new place, you will need to find a reputable company that offers auto shipping. Whether you require it as a standalone service or you want to bundle it up into the relocation package for a discounted price, Kerb is your best choice.

    Our Company Has Two Types of Shipment to Choose From

    We offer our customers two types of transportation for their vehicles that can fit both their needs and their budget. Our open trailer carriers can carry up to nine cars, depending on their weight and size, and it’s the most commonly used solution. It’s more affordable and has better availability, but shipping your vehicle this way means it won’t be protected from road dirt and debris, as well as weather conditions.

    If you own an expensive vehicle and want to keep it perfectly protected, we are happy to tell you that we can transport it in our enclosed carrier. It’s a pricier option, but your car will be safe from any dirt, rain, and other road and weather conditions.

    Choose How You Want Us to Deliver the Car

    Our professional team also offers a choice when it comes to the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. The door-to-door service is a more expensive solution, but our customers love it. If you choose it, your car will be picked up at your doorstep and delivered to your new address in a timely manner. The terminal-to-terminal solution is more affordable, and it’s a great choice if you have more time on your hands. With this delivery option, you’ll leave your car at a designated terminal, and we’ll hand it over at a terminal that is closest to the new address.

    We’ll Keep Your Belongings Safe in Our Storage Units

    Most of us would like to have at least a few days to sort everything out after arriving at the new home. If all of our belongings have already cramped up the space, organizing the interior will be much harder. But don’t worry, Kerb has a perfect solution for you. Our storage service is free of charge for the first 30 days, whether you require storing only a few items or you want us to place the entire household into our storage units. We can take care of your possessions even if you need to keep them in storage for a longer period of time, and we will charge by the day. Your belongings will be completely safe and secured while in our storage units, as we keep everything in a climate-controlled space under camera surveillance. Our workers also regularly check the surroundings to make sure everything is safe.

    Your Goods Are Covered With Insurance

    We take proper care of every aspect of your move, especially when handling your possessions. But even with an experienced crew such as ours, accidents may happen, and that’s why it’s good to know about our moving insurance. Mandatory liability coverage covers $0.60 per pound of damaged items at no additional price for everything that’s being packed and transported by us.

    We want our clients to feel safe and relaxed, and that’s why we always encourage them to take third-party full replacement value at an additional cost. You’ll need to provide us with a detailed inventory list, and the insurance will cover anything that our crew has packed.

    Your vehicle is also covered by insurance. For any exterior damage on an open trailer, it covers up to $100,000 damage, and for damage on the exterior of the vehicle that has been shipped in an enclosed trailer, the coverage is up to $500,000.

    If You Require Boise Movers, Kerb Is Superb

    Relocating should be fun and adventurous, but doing everything by yourself is rather stressful and tiring. From finding a new job to considering which neighborhood to choose, you already have a lot on your plate. That’s why you need the best cross-country moving services out there, and Kerb is a perfect choice. We take pride in our honesty and integrity, while we use modern technology to help us be efficient and punctual. We will take great care of your move with finesse and attention to detail, from packing and securing your belongings to delivering them safely to your new home and ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.

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