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    Brentwood Movers

    If you choose to relocate to Contra Costa County, you’ll have plenty to look forward to. This California county is settled in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, and it has a lot to offer. Experienced Brentwood movers will help you move smoothly and with no stress.

    Selecting this city as your next destination has countless perks.

    With about 60,000 people and a median age of 39, this municipality might be an ideal place for your brand-new home. So contact Kerb, a highly ranked long moving company. With us, you will avoid hidden costs and minimize risks of damage or losses when relocating.

    Facts to Learn Before Finding Cross Country Moving Services in Brentwood

    Suppose you chose to have a fresh start right in this municipality. That comes as no surprise. According to the data, this region has seen a rapid increase in population density over the past few decades. While the number of its residents has grown nearly 69% from 2000 through 2010, the population density was estimated at 3,477.3 people per square mile.

    The town was founded in 1873, and it has started to develop from the land donated by John Marsh, a wealthy resident whose previous home played a role in naming this city. Its climate represents a blend of Mediterranean and semi-arid weather, making it far less rainy than its neighbors, while the Delta Breeze handles its warm summers and makes them more pleasant.

    Agriculture represented a vast part of its economy, and this industry remained relevant to this day, although the city is now mainly suburban. However, local wineries seem to gain more popularity and awards yearly. Lastly, you won’t find any heavy industry in this municipality. Its industrial area is settled in the northeastern part of the city, and one of the fastest-growing niches is technology.

    Brentwood by Numbers – Gorgeous Districts and Pricey Housing

    This city is labeled as safe and fun. Several years in a row, it has been named one of the most playful cities in the US. However, before you choose to relocate there, you must know that this region isn’t cheap. In fact, housing expenses here are 98% higher than the national average. Additionally, renting a place in the neighborhood will cost you more than $2,000. But still, there are many things to see and do here:

    • Visit some of the high-end shops and retail malls,
    • See local museums,
    • Explore Getty Museum and Research Center and enjoy the magnificent view of Los Angeles,
    • Spend your free time hiking, biking, or doing any of the (countless) outdoor activities,
    • Admire some architectural wonders nearby.

    If you wish to raise a family here, you’d want to know that this town is safer than any LA neighborhood by nearly 50%.

    Best Relocation Service – Most Reliable Long-Distance Movers, Brentwood

    When planning a move, you must take several steps and factors into account. But first of all, will you organize a DIY relocation or contact a professional cross-country moving company? There are many perks of hiring an expert crew to help you transport your belongings. They will unquestionably save you a lot of time and trouble. Nevertheless, you must be careful and do your homework.

    If you wish to find a reliable partner and obtain the most efficient long-distance moving services, you should commence your search by visiting our website and getting a free quote.

    Once you gain an insight into the overall relocation costs through our site, contact Kerb’s representatives for a more accurate estimate. That way, you will be sure about the fees you will be bound to pay. To provide you with more precise information, we will ask you for a full household inventory list. Our price range will be based upon it. If you want to alter the list by adding or subtracting some items, you can do it up to 24 hours prior to the move. The drill is the same with local moving if you want to acquire our assistance.

    Kerb’s Experienced Packers: Efficient Relocation and Packing

    Getting packed before the relocation can be more challenging than you have hoped for. That is why contacting skilled packers is often the smartest choice. Once you deal with all the sorting, piling, categorizing, and decluttering your belongings, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole process.

    Here at Kerb, we have a few ground rules, and there are different packing services to take into consideration. These are the ones that count as a basic part of the long-distance or local moving process and don’t entail any extra costs:

    • Disassembling and putting back together large furniture and other massive objects,
    • Wrapping them into adequate materials, such as packing paper, plastic or bubble wrap, blankets, and more,
    • Loading these objects onto trucks and unloading them after the arrival.

    To sum it up, anything that’s larger than a standard size box gets packed and secured free of charge. However, if you want our team to deal with packaging other items, that would be added to the final invoice.

    Get Your Furniture and Other Items Packed – Partial and Full Packing Services

    Although dealing with heavy furniture and other bulky objects is often the most challenging part of the process, many people choose to seek assistance from expert packers with other possessions too. If you want our crew to handle your fragile items or any other belongings that can fit into regular boxes, let us know.

    Having 15 boxes or more packed by our professionals implies that you will be asking for full-service. As for any scenario that involves less than 15 boxes – it counts as getting a partial packing service.

    Lastly, you won’t have to worry about running out of packing supplies and materials. Our crew will bring all the necessary supplies.

    Auto Shipping With Kerb

    While reading the reviews and exploring the most reputable movers in Brentwood, you can’t help but think of all the essential aspects of your relocation. Starting your new life in an entirely different location might be a bit tricky if you leave your vehicle behind. Since most of California is synonymous with driving and its residents need their cars for basically every activity, from going to work to organizing field trips, think about getting reliable auto transport service timely.

    Kerb’s experienced team members have many years of valuable industry experience behind them. And numerous satisfied customers can testify to that. We have come up with multiple options to help our clients out and grant them the safest and the most efficient way to transport their cars.

    Learn more about the available car shipping options and pick-up and delivery alternatives our cross-country movers provide.

    Choose a Transportation Option According to Your Needs

    Our principal goal is to transport your possessions and car securely. In the meantime, we always strive to match your finances. And that is precisely why we choose to keep each service flexible. When it comes to car shipping, Kerb offers two safe ways to do it. They imply getting one of the two types of trailers – open trailer and enclosed trailer.

    But before we start, we must prepare your car fully for transport. You will need to present us with all the information you got when you bought your vehicle. After that, you will meticulously photograph your car to document any damage, which will be kept in our records. And ultimately, you will be required to remove your possessions from the vehicle before we ship it off to your chosen area.

    If you feel like saving up, you should pick the open trailer. This option is the least expensive. If you go for it, we will transport your vehicle on an open-air carrier. Although this type of trailer is absolutely safe, an enclosed trailer provides another level of protection.

    The enclosed carrier is more costly, but it is the best option. This type of carrier will keep your car safe from all external factors and adverse situations such as weather conditions, dust, rubbles, and any other kind of dirt.

    Brentwood Movers: Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping by Kerb

    Forget about downloading maps and selecting the least jammed routes. We will take care of picking up and delivering your car from and to wherever you prefer.

    When relocating to another state or any distant area, it is best to leave your car to the pros and purchase a plane ticket. That way, you will save up a lot of time, and you won’t have to worry about security, fuel, or rest stops. In short, your relocation will feel more like a vacation. These are the pick-up and delivery options Kerb has to offer:

    • Door-to-door car shipping – Firstly, we would come to your old address and pick up your previously prepared vehicle from your garage or parking lot. Then, we will ship it directly to your doorstep. When you arrive at your new home, your car will be waiting there.
    • Terminal-to-terminal auto transport – The initial step we’d take is to pick your car up from one of our stations near your old residence. When we do, we will take care of shipping it to another station closest to your future house.

    Choose the alternative that matches your plans, budget, and preferences. The rest is up to us.

    Kerb Grants You 30 Days of Free Storage

    What would you do if your belongings have arrived at your destination, and the residence you have picked isn’t all set for you? You would need a storage unit to preserve your stuff and keep them safe until everything is ready for the move-in.

    With all of the costs you might have to deal with when relocating, you’ll most likely want all the discounts you can get. And since Kerb’s crew knows all about your struggles, we have decided to reward every customer with 30 days of free storage. Everyone who acquires our services (bundled or stand-alone) can utilize our secured, constantly monitored, and climate-controlled units for one month with no charges. Once the trial period is finished, it is up to you whether you’d want us to store your stuff for a fee or you will move them to another location.

    Secure Your Move With Us – Select a Cross-Country Moving Insurance Package

    Finding the most trustworthy ally for your move still doesn’t guarantee 100% safety. Objects might shift around in the trucks, and something can get damaged. Although these issues are pretty rare, it is recommended to stay additionally covered. Kerb offers a basic relocation insurance package to keep you stress-free. In addition to it, there are other options worth your while. If you wish to explore them, contact us and find out how they work.

    But before you reach out to our squad and get your insurance package, you should know that the law prohibits certain items on the trucks. These include anything dangerous, hazardous, explosive, and flammable.

    Mandatory Liability Long Distance Moving Insurance

    This basic package entails a fixed amount, and it is obligatory for everyone who acquired our assistance. Every packed item, loaded or handled by us, has to be covered with basic liability insurance, which involves 60 cents per pound of possessions that got broken, lost, or damaged in any way.

    Add an Extra Layer of Safety – Choose Full Value Replacement Insurance Package

    If you need to secure all your household items, you should select FVRI. Although this choice entails extra charges, it is more extensive, and it renders a higher level of safety.

    You’ll be asked to give us a complete home inventory list. However, this coverage doesn’t include the objects you have packed alone. It does cover your furniture and massive things and every item that our long-distance movers have wrapped or packed.

    If you own any objects that require extra precautions and shielding, we can offer you custom crating, which will be added to the price.

    Get Your Car Shipping Insurance

    Auto-shipping insurance depends on the type of carrier you have selected to use. The coverage will be established based on whether you have chosen an open or an enclosed car transportation wagon. The enclosed trailer means that you would receive a higher amount in case of any damage. You’d be entitled to $500,000 if anything should harm any external part of your vehicle. As for those who go for an open carrier, the coverage is $100,000.

    Get Quotes and Read the Reviews – Find out Why Kerb’s Brentwood Movers Are the Best

    When relocating, you must perform a careful search and be sure you have found the ideal partner. A squad that should take charge of helping you must be skilled, punctual, affordable, and transparent. If you pick Kerb, you will reach your destination quickly and with no stress. We can cover any local moving services or cross-country move, and we drive the best outcomes.

    Relocating to Brentwood is a huge step. Even though it will take a while to adjust, this California city will entice you in a blink of an eye. Keep your eyes on the housing and job markets, wrap your mind around the top-ranked schools, and explore the fun activities in your new area.

    We will handle the relocation process for you.

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