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    Broadview Movers

    Moving from Broadview, Seattle with Kerb

    The time has finally come to see what life is like in a new location and move from Broadview. You have been living in Seattle for quite a while now which has you taking risks and planning new transitions. The most important step to accomplish when wanting to achieve this dream is to find a professional moving company that is fit for the task! Our Broadview Movers have what it takes to ensure that you have a comfortable relocation. Kerb has plenty to offer for both long distance and local moves. Read through all we have to offer down below!

    Moving locally

    When it comes down to relocating locally, Broadview Movers have all the features you need for a successful move. Our goal is to transport all your household goods to their new location within Seattle in a day. Doing this will, of course, depend on how many items you plan on transporting and whether your relocation is residential or commercial. Moving options come in a wide variety here at Kerb. Each moving service is used to make the process easier and to help you have a stress-free move. The services we offer include:

    ✓ Packing/ unpacking
    ✓ Loading and unloading
    ✓ Moving supplies
    ✓ And plenty more!

    What you need to do is set up a date and time with our representatives, and our Broadview Movers will come to pack up your items for you. Each team member is trained to handle all of your belongings with care and precision. To contribute to the process, you can purchase some of our moving supplies. Kerb offers a set of packing materials that will help us make sure your items stay in place when they are being loaded and transferred to your new home. You can count on these packing supplies:

    ✓ Tape
    ✓ Scissors
    ✓ Wrapping paper
    ✓ Bubble wrap
    ✓ Moving boxes
    ✓ And more!

    Once all your belongings are packed, they will be loaded onto the moving truck. When your items get to their new location, we will have our Broadview Movers unload and unpack them for you.

    Moving long distance

    When moving long distance, or cross country, the process is a lot more complex than with local moves. Planning out everything is going to be a hassle, and there are some additions that you may want to consider. The additional services that we offer for long distance relocations include:

    ✓ Moving insurance
    ✓ Storage services
    ✓ And Auto shipping.

    In some circumstances, you might need to use these moving options for your local move which is fine with us. Moving insurance is never a bad idea for an investment. Extra coverage is great in case of any inconvenient situations. For auto shipping, our crew at Kerb offers open and enclosed trailers depending on your budget. If you put in the extra money, you can get an enclosed trailer that will protect your vehicle from road and weather conditions. The units we offer as a part of our storage service are all protected by high-end security!

    When you feel that you are ready to embark on the journey to your new home either in Seattle, or to another city somewhere cross country, then be sure to contact Broadview Movers! Our team at Kerb will be happy to work with you!

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