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    When planning a move, there is plenty to consider. You have to find a home and make sure it matches your budget, needs, style, and goals. You must consider safety and the job market as well. Whether you’re relocating to or from Seattle, contact Kerb’s Broadview movers and get a free quote. Then, the entire process will be stress-free.

    Kerb Offers the Best Local and Long Distance Moving Services in Broadview

    Before you start to pack, do meticulous research and find the best long-distance moving company to help you. That way, you will save plenty of time and reduce costs. But most importantly, all of your belongings and your vehicle will arrive at their destination securely and timely. Read on to learn about Kerb – the most credible local and cross-country movers.

    Whether you need a local or cross-country moving service, Kerb has you covered. We all know it – relocations are quite tough. They imply numerous switches and adjustments. Moreover, if you don’t play your cards right, they might cost you way more than anticipated.

    That is why you should look into the market and all companies carefully. Choosing the right local moving services or suitable long-distance movers starts with getting a free quote. Once you read our reviews and testimonials, fill out the form on our website, and our representatives will reach out to you. Provide us with an extensive home inventory list, and our company will form a precise and guaranteed estimate and help you plan the budget. The inventory list can be updated at any moment until 24 hours before the relocation date. Our aims are to help every customer relocate smoothly, safely, and affordably.

    Packing Services From the Most Reputable Movers in Broadview

    Once you know the date of the move, make sure to fulfill every responsibility prior to it. Experts say that you should plan the whole process two months in advance. They also suggest that you start to pack around four weeks before the big day.

    If you need a helping hand to get packed quickly and correctly, reach out to some experienced packers. Kerb has it all planned out, and this is our way to help each customer:

    • Dismantling and putting together big pieces of furniture and other large objects comes as a basic part of the relocation service and isn’t charged extra,
    • Packaging these using fitting materials like paper, plastic or bubble wrap, special linens or blankets, and more is also a part of our assistance, and it doesn’t drive any costs,
    • Finally, our professionals will take charge of loading your belongings onto the truck (and unloading them afterward) without extra expenses.

    If you need a hand packing any item that isn’t bigger than a regular-sized box, it will be added to your fee. After requesting a quote, ask us for packing services, and your stuff will arrive at your new place unharmed.

    Get a Partial or Full Service From our Skilled Broadview Movers

    Dealing with bulky, heavy, fragile, or prized possessions is a job for professional companies. If you need reliable packers to manage your move and belongings, contact us and see whether you should get a partial or full-service.

    What do these options entail? If you want us to have 15 boxes or more packed for you, your requirements will fall under the full service. And if your needs involve anything less than 15 boxes, we count it as partial packing assistance.

    Think your necessities through, do the math, and let us know how we can help. In addition to doing the work for you, our company will also provide any necessary packing and moving materials.

    Car Shipping by Kerb

    Statistics show that most people in the US move cross-country for housing reasons. Besides those, a considerable portion of Americans chooses to relocate for work or to raise a family. Anyone who picks one (or more) of these reasons will unquestionably think about how valuable their vehicle will be upon arrival. However, only a tiny percentage is thrilled to drive the whole way to the new place.

    When exploring movers in Broadview and the most reputable car shipping companies, reach out to Kerb. Our auto transport options are made to match your needs, budget, and preferences. We designed them to ensure safety and punctuality all the way.

    Our Auto Transportation Options

    Kerb offers two car shipping options to its customers. More precisely, there are two different types of carriers you can choose from. Our company provides an open and an enclosed auto transport trailer.

    Both alternatives have some perks. The open carrier is more cost-friendly. According to reviews, it’s also the most commonly used option. Your vehicle will be completely safe and protected from damage, but it will be exposed to the elements and road debris. So if you pick this option, be prepared for a detailed car wash upon arrival.

    On the other hand, enclosed trailers have some safety-related advantages. Your car will be fully protected from any outer influences. Dirt, road dust, or unfavorable weather won’t affect your vehicle if you choose this. This option is reserved for luxury and exotic vehicles, as it costs more.

    Ship Your Car Safely: Choose a Pick-Up and Delivery Option

    Planning to live in a big city entails using your car on an almost daily basis. Whether you’ll be driving to and from work or exploring the region you have started to call home, your vehicle will play a big role.

    Kerb offers two pick-up and delivery options and makes sure that your car is shipped securely. You can choose door-to-door shipment or terminal-to-terminal delivery. If you select the first option, our team will collect the car from your previous address and safely transport it straight to your next location. If you go for the latter option, we will pick your car up from one of our stations that’s closest to your former residence. Then, we will ship it off to another station close to your next address. All you have to do is drop it off and pick it up.

    Kerb Offers 30 Days of Free Storage

    Storing your stuff might only be a plan B, but it can quickly become a necessity. Regardless of how meticulously you plan the entire process, some things might occur that are simply out of anyone’s control. For instance, you might need more time to prepare the new house or apartment for the move-in. If that happens, and your old place is already occupied, you will likely have to rent a suitable storage unit.

    Our reviews speak on our behalf – we have chosen to grant every client 30 days of free storage since moves can become unpredictable and costly. Each of our units is climate-controlled, monitored 24/7, and has a designated security guard for extra safety. Once the free trial is over, every customer can select what to do next. If they choose to keep using our storage, they can do so for a daily fee.

    Get Your Relocation Insurance

    There is no such thing as too much precaution, at least when it comes to transporting your household to a different place. Even if your next home is just around the corner, you should still be extra careful.

    Kerb offers several packages of moving insurance to each customer. Firstly, there is mandatory coverage that is automatically calculated in the price. But if your needs surpass this type of insurance, we have other, more extensive models.

    Moving Safely – Mandatory Liability Coverage by Kerb

    Our basic insurance package has a predetermined amount, and it is automatically included in the initial quote for anyone who books us. All your items have to be covered with basic liability insurance. It entails the amount of 60 cents per pound of goods that get broken, scratched, lost, or damaged in any way.

    Still, before you contact our professionals and settle for this insurance option, you should be familiar with the items prohibited on the trucks. These incorporate anything explosive, hazardous, or flammable.

    Is FVRI the Best Choice for You?

    Would you like to add an extra layer of safety to your move? Regardless of your chosen city or town, some of the items you choose to bring along might require special protection. That is why our company offers another insurance package – Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI).

    What does this package cover? It insures your furniture and sizable objects. It also covers each item that our expert long-distance movers have packed. Still, keep in mind that it does not apply to the belongings you have wrapped or boxed up yourself.

    Lastly, if any of your fragile or prized possessions need to be packed into extra containers, we can handle custom crating at an additional price. This option also comes with extra insurance.

    Kerb Has Your Vehicle Covered: Car Shipping Insurance

    No matter how secure the trailer or how experienced the driver is, it is recommended to insure your vehicle. The amount that your auto-shipping insurance covers will depend on the type of transport you have selected. The coverage will be based on whether you use an open or an enclosed trailer. The enclosed trailer grants a higher amount in case of an accident or any damage. You’ll be receiving up to $500,000 if anything harms the outer parts of your car, while the coverage for the open trailer is $100,000.

    Welcome to Broadview, Seattle

    Get ready for a warm welcome to the northwest corner of the Seattle region. This neighborhood is inhabited by just a little more than 15,000 residents. The urban and suburban feels are perfectly blended and form an ideal environment for families with kids. With many cozy restaurants, coffee shops, and nicely arranged parks, those who plan to raise their children here (and enjoy their time) will be thrilled by this part of the city.

    Your Neighborhood Guide

    This area is packed with trendy apartments and comfortable homes, which makes it great for those who plan to relocate for a job or with family. In addition to that, the whole region is pretty quiet and calm. According to some, it is one of the best places to live in Washington. However, if you’d prefer to live by the water, the rental prices are a bit higher. The median home value here is almost $700,000, while the median rent slightly exceeds $1,600.

    Contact Reliable Broadview Movers for a Move From or to Seattle

    If you want to choose among the best companies in the Broadview, Seattle region, whether you’re moving to or from here, start your search ASAP. Be sure to ask for a free quote and compare the prices. In addition, pay close attention to the reviews left by previous customers. If you need any more information, give us a call. Kerb can easily become your much-needed ally and your way to relocate without any stress.

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