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    When it comes to relocating, many of us find it tiring and stressful, and we often forget that it can be exciting. Starting your life anew in the biggest borough of NYC will probably require a helping hand by reputable Brooklyn movers because doing everything on your own can take the fun out of it. Kerb is here to work side by side on your move, and let you see the relocation process as an adventure.

    The Borough of Homes and Churches

    As the largest and most populous borough of New York City, Brooklyn attracts many people from all walks of life that want to experience everything it has to offer. Located between Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island, it makes these boroughs easily accessible. It was once a city separate from NYC, but was merged with it in 1898. It began as a farming village back in the 17th century. Its first name was Breuckelen, given by the founders, Dutch farmers.

    This borough shares the same landmass as Long Island but isn’t considered a part of it, a fact that perhaps most people from across the country are unaware of. It is also known as Kings County, the second most populated in the US, and if it was a city, it would be the fourth largest. It’s connected with Manhattan over the East River with the famous namesake bridge, one of the oldest roadway bridges in the country, and the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge. During an inspection in 2006, the city workers discovered a hidden Cold War bomb shelter underneath it, filled with water drums, blankets, medical supplies, and 352,000 cracker packages.

    The borough has over 30 miles of shoreline, with some very nice beaches. And for all of you that need a break from concrete and the hustle of the city, you can visit Prospect Park, which was designed by the designer Frederick Law Olmsted, the guy responsible for Central Park. And he used to say that Prospect is the nicer of the two. But before its creation, farmers used to graze animals on the land, and when the park opened, it continued to be an issue for some time.

    “In Unity, There is Strength” or in old Dutch Een Draght Mackt Maght is the official motto of the borough. It doesn’t remain in words alone, as almost 40% of its residents are foreign-born. There’s a number of inventions that originate from here, such as teddy bears, the deep-fried twinkie, and the first roller coaster. The first credit card was issued at Flatbush National Bank in 1946.

    Neighborhoods in the Biggest Borough of NYC

    From family-friendly neighborhoods to the ones that are brimming with creativity, there’s a choice for everyone that has set their mind on relocating here. In a borough as populated as this one, it’s hard to find a part of it that has some sense of community, but some neighborhoods come close. There are even parts of this county where the former warehouses have turned into artists’ studios. Here are some of the best neighborhoods:

    • Gowanus,
    • Red Hook,
    • Park Slope,
    • Carroll Gardens,
    • Bushwick,
    • Williamsburg,
    • Cobble Hill,
    • Greenpoint,
    • Fort Greene,
    • Dumbo.

    And there are many more vibrant, colorful corners with different opportunities. Getting your hands on an authentic brownstone, built around the turn of the century, should be considered truly lucky.

    Things to Do While in the Borough of Churches

    All around this NYC borough, you can sit and enjoy the rooftop bars, which have breathtaking views of Manhattan’s skyline. Living your life here like a true Brooklynite means that you should get around the borough on a bike, whether you want to buy one or rent a Citi Bike. You can make a tour that you design by yourself, or through an operator like Bike Tours which can take you all the way to Coney Island.

    The New York Transit Museum is a very unique place that will make you feel like you’ve traveled through time. It’s housed in a decommissioned subway station, and it tells the story of transportation history with a collection of subway cars. You also have a variety of choices for dine-in movie theaters such as Nitehawk Cinema, which features independent and rarely seen films. For nature lovers, there’s Botanic Garden or the scenic stretch that is Coney Island, where you can enjoy the beach, as well as take a stroll down the iconic boardwalk.

    Kerb Offer the Best Cross Country Moving Services

    Relocating consists of many steps and tasks, and requires extraordinary organizational skills, especially if you plan to move across the country to live in a colorful district of New York City. Sure, you can do it on your own, but hiring reliable cross-country movers in Brooklyn NY will save you from being overwhelmed and under a lot of stress. Our team at Kerb consists of trained movers to lend you a helping hand with all the aspects of your move, so feel free to contact us. We are a long-distance moving company, Brooklyn that guarantees you a stressless and swift relocation.

    How Do We Form Our Price?

    If you are interested in the price of the relocation, we are happy to tell you that our pricing is transparent, as we base it on your inventory list. Make a list of every item that you wish for our team to transfer, and we will give you a quote. The list may be changed and updated, and you can add or remove any item you wish until the day prior to the move-out day.

    Local Moving Services

    Relocating from one part of the district to another isn’t to be taken lightly, either. With all the packaging and planning, all help is welcome. That’s why Kerb is one of those Brooklyn moving companies that offer quality local moving solutions. Whether you plan to move an office and ask us for a commercial move, or a residential move, we’re here to make sure your belongings are transferred with care.

    Looking For Brooklyn Movers That Will Pack For You? Kerb Is the Answer

    Every segment of relocation requires patience and good planning, but packing everything you own is the hardest part for most people. Don’t worry, Kerb is a company that is there to help you, with our highly trained and vetted professional crew who know how to handle all of your belongings. Disassembling and reassembling your furniture, and taking care of all the appliances and other items that won’t fit into boxes is considered standard packaging and is calculated into our quote.

    Kerb Is a Brooklyn Moving Company That Offers Both Partial and Full Packaging Service

    People that are going through a relocation process usually have too many things on their minds, and that’s why our team at Kerb can take the dreadful task of the packaging off your back. At an additional price, we offer you partial packing for all the household items that are smaller than furniture and can fit into boxes, up to 15. If you want us to pack more, you won’t be left out in the cold, as we also have the full packaging solution to suit your needs.

    Need Long Distance Moving Services for Your Vehicle? Contact Kerb

    When you have a relocation ahead of you, just thinking about driving all the way across the country will make you feel tired, as it’s no easy task. But don’t worry, Kerb has got you covered in every aspect of your move. We offer quality auto shipping solutions for every budget and need. We only ask you to prepare your vehicle before handing it over to our trained professionals, and that means to take any personal possessions out of your car, take photos of any damage that the vehicle already has, and hand us over the documentation.

    Choose a Carrier for Your Vehicle

    Kerb is one of the few cross country moving companies, Brooklyn NY, that offer a variety of relocation solutions, and it’s no different when it comes to shipping your vehicle. You can choose between an open or an enclosed trailer, and it’s up to you, your budget, and your needs to decide which one will fit you better. We take utmost care of your vehicle, whichever option you may choose, and deliver it to the destination in a timely manner.

    An open carrier is the most commonly used option and the one that is better suited for a tight budget. With this affordable solution, we ship up to 9 vehicles in a carrier that is open on the sides and the roof. Your car will be strapped and safely secured, but open to any weather conditions and dirt and debris on the road. It will only require a quick wash afterward.

    Shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer is an option suited for more expensive cars, as it’s the pricier solution. In this type of carrier, your vehicle will be perfectly safe from all the weather conditions and dirt, but it can take fewer cars than the open-air option. Although we handle the whole transit with care, just to be on the safe side you should know that our insurance covers up to $100,000 for exterior damage in an open carrier and up to $500,000 damage in an enclosed one.

    Kerb Are the Long Distance Movers in Brooklyn That Offer You Different Types of Shipment

    Kerb takes care of all your needs, and that is why we offer you two choices when it comes to handing us your vehicle. Our customers love our door-to-door solution. This is considered the best option, as our professionals will come to pick up the car at your doorstep and deliver it right to your future address. The other and more affordable option is the terminal-to-terminal solution where our customers leave their car at a designated station, and later pick it up at the one nearest to their home.

    Looking For Storage Service for Your Possessions? Kerb Has the Answer

    We understand that many of our customers may require a storage unit, probably until they get settled in their home. Our storage service is free for the first 30 days, and if you need to use it for more than that, we will charge per day. Your possessions will be safe in our units, whether you need one just for yourself, or you have a few items to store and they will be placed in a shared unit. Your things are stored in a climate-controlled place, where we also take care that there is no humidity, and where our crew members regularly check the surroundings for additional security.

    What About Insurance?

    We at Kerb always strive to bring you the best relocating experience, so we can relieve you of any unnecessary stress during your move. Our highly experienced professionals are trained to handle all your possessions with care, although accidents may occur. That’s why we’re happy to tell you that mandatory liability coverage covers $0.60 per pound for any damage to the items our crew handles.

    We are among the few long-distance moving companies in Brooklyn NY that always recommend third-party relocating insurance to all our customers, at an additional price. It comes as a full replacement value, and it will make you feel at ease, while your belongings are transported and handled by our team members.

    Contact Kerb for the Best Relocation Experience

    Whether your move is local or cross-country, residential or commercial, we specialize in high-quality transport all over the country. Call us, let us know the desired date of your move, and let us do all the work for you. We are efficient and professional, and working with us will make your move relieved of anxiety and quick as a breeze. And we always strive to achieve more and better, with modern solutions, for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

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