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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Los Angeles on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.

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    Corona Movers

    Welcome to the Lemon Capital of the World and one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in all of California! If you plan to relocate to or from this sunny town, Corona movers can provide all the long-distance moving services you need. Here is everything to know about our solutions and the place itself.

    Explore Moving Services in Corona, California and Book Our Exceptional Cross-Country Movers

    If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy cross-country moving company to provide you with all long-distance moving services, contact us and check what we can do for you. Kerb’s professional team of long-distance movers will relocate your home while basing prices on the household inventory list. This means that you’ll be able to control expenses by managing the inventory list until one day before the relocation day. We will also provide you with a free estimate and quote once you contact us, so don’t hesitate to do it and find out the price quickly.

    Use Our Packing Services, and Your Cross-country Moving Will Never Be Easier to Organize

    If you use packing services by our professional movers from Corona, you can be sure that all your belongings will be properly packed in record time. Our standard service implies that our packers will protect your belongings, disassemble the furniture pieces, wrap all mattresses, TVs, mirrors, and all other bulky items, load them and unload them from the truck, and reassemble them again.

    Get the Best Treatment for Your Valuables Using Our Moving and Packing Services

    If you feel that some (or all) of your belongings deserve special treatment, consider our partial or full packing services, and our professional movers will pack and deliver them to your new address undamaged. Read our reviews and find out what other customers say about our service!

    Car-Shipping Is Another Specialty of Our Company!

    If you take a closer look at our reviews, you’ll see that one of our best-rated cross-country moving services is auto-shipping. If you’re searching for a punctual and reliable carrier to help you with car transport, contact us. We can ship vehicles all across the country, on open or enclosed trailers, and once you contact us, our customer service specialists will explain everything to you in detail how the whole process works. Just keep in mind that depending on the distance and miles we have to pass, the time of delivery might vary, so make sure to match everything to your timeline.

    Our Movers Can Pick Up and Deliver a Vehicle to Your Doorstep in Corona

    When it comes to pick-up and delivery options, keep in mind that we provide two possible solutions to our customers. You can choose to get your car picked up and delivered at your doorstep, which is called door-to-door delivery. If your schedule allows it, you can go for the more affordable option and choose terminal-to-terminal delivery which requires a little bit of effort, but saves money. Before you make the final decision, make sure to consult your dedicated agent and get a detailed comparison of both solutions.

    Kerbs Storage Units Are at Your Disposal for One Month Completely Free of Charge

    Kerb’s professional movers in Corona, CA provide one-month free usage of fully secured storage units for all customers. If a customer needs to store their belongings for some time, then taking advantage of our offer and storing all the stuff in our storage units equipped with the latest technology is the best solution. A temperature control system that keeps your items protected from mold, 24/7 video surveillance, and an automated system that records all check-ins and check-outs of goods are only some of the benefits you’ll get from using our storage. Also, if you want to extend the rental period, you will get a special customer discount and a per-day fee.

    All Your Belongings Are Insured When Relocating With Kerb

    Our company provides insurance policies both for your belongings and your vehicle. When it comes to belongings, mandatory liability coverage is included in the quote granting 60 cents of reimbursement per pound of the damaged item. If you want to ensure your belongings have full coverage, then you should opt for the full-value replacement policy, which is charged extra but grants reimbursement in full value.

    When it comes to vehicles, the insured value will depend on the type of trailer you choose. On an open trailer, the vehicle is insured for $100,000. If you choose to transport your car on an enclosed trailer, then your vehicle is insured for $500,000 in case of any damage.

    The safety of our customers’ belongings is our priority, and that is the reason why we offer you different types of policies. Feel free to explore the reviews on the internet before you make a final decision on what type of policy to take.

    Great Location, Gorgeous Scenery, and High-Quality of Life Are Corona’s Highlights

    The community is nestled in gorgeous natural surroundings of the Cleveland National Forest, Chino Hills, and the Santa Ana Mountains, while the ocean and the first beach are only a 40-minute drive away from the city center. Also, the proximity of Los Angeles and San Diego is another reason why people usually choose this place for their home base. Combining the great location, natural surroundings, great possibilities for a high-quality life, outdoor activities, and the quiet family life, this place is definitely one of the best choices for living in California.

    Neighborhoods You’ll Love and the Cost of Living

    The most popular neighborhoods in the area are definitely Corona Hills, Dos Lagos, and Downtown, both for buying or renting properties. Since 68% of residents own their own house, the prospects of buying your own property are pretty high. The median home value amounts to $615,000, which is higher than the national average but also matched by high-quality homes and high living standards. When it comes to the costs of renting an apartment, the median price equals $1,500 for 1-bedroom apartments, which still makes it pretty affordable. So once you know your needs, expectations, and budget, choosing the right housing option will be a piece of cake!

    Check Our Reviews and Find Out Why We Are the Best Long-Distance Moving Company in the Area!

    Kerb provides all types of moving services, so whether you want to relocate here or plan on moving from Corona, we can help! Check out our reviews on all reputable websites and learn what our customers say about our service. Call us today, ask for a free quote, and start organizing your relocation! Our agents will be at your disposal to help you successfully manage every aspect of the move.

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