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    Berkeley Movers

    Whether you have a new career prospect in mind or are driven to move for personal reasons, Kerb’s Berkeley movers and their professional services will be of essential help. From packing to loading and unloading your stuff, reliable movers will do the hard work while you’re focusing on other important tasks in your new home.

    Our Reviews Show That We Offer Quality Moving Services

    Relocating takes a lot of hard work, and that’s why investing in good long-distance moving services to help you with this task is a smart move. Just make sure you search for online reviews before making up your mind and contacting the company for a quote. Keep in mind that you should stay away from companies that offer an unrealistically low quote because that’s a red flag, no matter their reviews. You might get scammed in the end.

    But with us, everything is transparent, and our reviews prove it. Our quote is always based on the inventory list of things you want our long-distance moving company to move. The list can be updated and changed until one business day before your move-out date.

    And what if you have a local moving ahead of you? Don’t worry – our company has quality local moving services to help you relocate safely and on time. Contact us on time for any additional information, and we’ll give you a free quote.

    Packing Services by Kerb, One of the Best Companies Out There

    Packing is a dreadful job, and we understand it. That’s why our company is here to offer you help with this process. Our standard service means that our movers will come to your home to disassemble large furniture pieces and later will reassemble them at your new home. They will also take care and secure all the appliances that won’t fit into a standard box and load and unload everything at no extra cost. But, if you need us to pack more than that, at an additional fee, we offer partial packing (less than 15 boxes) and full service for more than 15 boxes.

    Contact Us for the Safe and Modern Auto Shipping for Your Vehicle

    We are one of the companies dedicated to giving you the ultimate relocating experience, so if you’re worried about driving a long distance, don’t be. Our reliable auto transport service will relieve you of this tiresome task. Just make sure you empty the car of personal belongings and hand over any documentation related to the vehicle.

    We Are the Best Long-Distance Movers Berkeley, CA, That Offer Different Transportation Services

    If a customer chooses to ship their car with our company, they may also contact us and choose how it will be shipped. For a tighter budget, our open trailers are the more affordable option. We can ship up to nine cars this way, and each will be secured, just in need of a quick wash afterward. But if a customer wishes that their vehicle is perfectly safe from the weather conditions, as well as the road dirt, we have pricier enclosed trailers to transport up to five cars.

    Looking for Storage Services in Your Area? Contact Kerb for Help

    Do you require some time to plan the arrangement of your new home without having to move boxes from room to room? Don’t worry, for our company has a storage service that is free of charge for the first 30 days. Beyond that period, we will charge by the day. You may rest assured that your belongings will be perfectly safe in our facilities.

    Kerb Are the Cross-Country Movers That Offer Moving Insurance

    We always strive to complete relocations as smoothly as possible, but accidents can occur even with our highly trained movers. That’s why we have moving insurance to make you feel relaxed, while your goods are in transport. This mandatory liability coverage will cover $0.60 per pound of damaged items. Since this is not suitable for valuable items, we recommend to each customer that they get third-party insurance (full value replacement) at an additional price. If you’re worried about your vehicle, there’s no need to be. Our insurance covers any damage on the exterior up to $100,000 for cars transported on open trailers and up to $500,000 on enclosed ones.

    Welcome to Berkeley, California

    The historic college city lies a few miles east of San Francisco and only a few miles north of Oakland, but it has its community vibe. It’s very well known for its college UC Berkeley, and it’s been known throughout history for its hippie population and the Free Speech Movement.

    Housing prices are well above the nation’s average, but the utilities are somewhat cheaper. Besides the UC Extension, job opportunities lie in Peet’s Coffee, as well as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

    Moving to the City? Each Neighborhood Is Different, With a Variety of Things to Do

    Just like its residents, Berkeley’s neighborhoods have distinctive personalities. There’s something unique to be found in each area, so feel free to explore before you decide on the place you’ll like to call home:

    • North district is teeming with shopping spots and restaurants, where you’re able to explore different cultures. It’s a mainly residential area, where the quiet tree-lined streets offer peace and quiet for those who choose to reside here.
    • Central district is a huge eating hub, with restaurants lining the streets of this neighborhood. A great public high school is just off the main street, but it’s not a stranger to student cultural life, either.
    • Downtown is a cultural niche, with thriving small businesses and lots of amazing foods. High-rise apartments line the view here, where you can also find a variety of music venues.

    This college city has a spot for any kind of spirit that chooses to reside here, no matter if you’re the type that loves to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle or away from it.

    Kerb Is the Right Choice When It Comes to Reputable Berkeley Movers

    No relocation is an easy process, whether it’s local or long-distance, and it may tire out even the best organizers. That’s why Kerb offers help, so each customer may focus on changing the area of living, while we take care of the rest. Our cross-country moving services will make sure you have a pleasant relocation and a big smile on your face.

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