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Moving to San Jose’s family-friendly neighborhood, Berryessa, is ideal for both career opportunities and raising a family.

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Relocating to the business mecca of California is not only for career seekers, but it is a great place for raising a family.

And what will be a better place to move to than one of San Jose’s family-friendly neighborhoods Berryyesa. Professional Berryessa movers are crucial for this undertaking. So look at Kerb’s offer and learn some things you need to know about this amazing neighborhood.

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We at Kerb cross country moving company have years of experience in the relocation business. We believe that every customer deserves to get the best possible services, and our reviews can prove that. Contact us, and our agents will make sure you get all the information you want and the best help in the relocation process. Once you hire us, you will get a designated agent who will be in charge of your relocation entirely. Basically, you will get personalized long-distance moving services tailored to your needs. At Kerb, there are no hidden costs – we base our price on your inventory list, and you will be in control of this list and price all the time.

Berryessa Moving Reviews

Kavin O Brain
June 10, 2020

Kerb was used to ship only extremely fragile stuff that I was uncomfortable handling myself. I thought it would be a wiser choice to have someone with professional experience handle it. Before confirming anything I called and asked if they […]

Leslie J.
Mar 21, 2022

I was unable to schedule an interstate move with a company I used before so I checked on Yelp and found Kerb. They have a unique and very modern way of assessing how much you need to move. I gave […]

Emmett Terry
October 26, 2018

The team did an amazing job at getting all of our stuff safely from Denver to Phoenix, with zero damage. Even if damage did a occur, we set up insurance with them since it was a longer move. The dispatch […]

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Our Professional Movers in Berryessa Do Both Local and Long Distance Moving

If you have to relocate down the street or even next door, we will help you with our local moving services. On the other hand, if you have to relocate to another state, contact our team for long-distance moving services. Our professional movers, Berryessa, will load and unload a truck and deliver your belongings to your new location on time. Our team of professionals will make sure your items are safely and properly protected for transportation.

We Provide Professional Packing Service

When you hire us, you will get free of charge packing services. This means that our movers, Berryessa, will handle your large and bulky items such as furniture, electronic devices, and so on. They will disassemble and reassemble your furniture and wrap it in protective materials they will bring with them.

You Can Choose Between Partial and Full Packing Service

On the other hand, if you wish our team of professionals to help you pack some items in the boxes, you can hire us for partial packing services. For example, if you don’t want to pack your fragile items, we can do this for you. Our team will pack everything in boxes and protect your belongings with high-quality protective materials (bubble and plastic wrap, blankets, packing paper, and more.) If we pack more than 15 boxes, we consider this to be a full packing service.

Try Our Our Storage Facilities for Free for the Whole Moth

We know that moving across the country can get complicated even if you plan everything, so it can happen you end up with all your stuff properly packed but with nowhere to put them. For these reasons, we offer every customer free storage services for the whole month. With our top-notch video and security system, you can be assured that your items are safe. And we pay much attention to our climate control system as well, so your items don’t get affected by moisture and humidity.

Ship Your Car With Us

You are probably looking for a car shipping company, but you can stop now. We at Kerb offer auto shipping service, and you can even choose between two transportation options: an open and enclosed trailer. With an open trailer, which is cheaper, you can ship more than one car simultaneously, while with an enclosed trailer, you can ship one car. This is a bit expensive option and is usually used for transportation of sports cars or expensive cars. Still, you can rest assured that your car will be fully protected from road debris and weather conditions while in an enclosed carrier.

Your car can also be picked up and delivered to your doorstep, or you can choose the cheaper one where you will have to leave and pick up your car at the closest terminal.

With Our Moving Insurance, Your Items Are Safe

Once you hire Kerb for moving services in Berryessa, you will get mandatory or basic moving insurance for free. It will cover 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. But if you wish to have extra protection, you can choose Full Value Replacement Insurance, which will cover the full value of your damaged items. Your car will be covered as well – up to $100,000 in external damages on the open trailer and up to $500,000 on the enclosed one.

Proximity to Urban Life with a Close Community is What You Will Find in Berryessa

Peaceful, eco-, and family-friendly, located on the northside of San Jose and just 48 miles away from San Francisco, this neighborhood truly has both urban and small-town vibe. It’s close to Silicon Valley and major tech companies there, and it has a lot of parks and green areas with amazing public schools. All of that makes this neighborhood so inviting for young professionals and families.

It Is a Relatively New Residential Area Where Most People Own Their Homes

Like all of the San Jose area, it used to be a farming community, but it has become one of the fastest-growing residential areas in recent years. Most homes are single-family homes and townhomes, and the median home value is around $891,000. The average rent for an apartment is around $2,800. And you can figure that the cost of living here is high – 81% higher than the national average, to be precise. On the plus side, you can count on higher salaries as well. This neighborhood is considered to be pretty safe, and its public schools to be excellent.

Contact Our Long Distance Movers Berryessa and Get Free Quote Right Now – No Matter if You Are Relocating From or to Berryessa

Now that you know all about our services feel free to contact us. You can go on our website and get a free quote for your move. This way, you will have an assessment of your relocation, and you can plan your budget on time. And if you decide to hire our company, Kerb’s agents will come to your home to give you an in-home estimation of your move. This estimation will be the most accurate price for your relocation. And the sooner you contact our company, the sooner we can begin this whole relocation process. And if you are planning to relocate from Berryessa we are at your disposal. When it comes to relocating, we cover the entire country and perform both local and long-distance moves.


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