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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Los Angeles on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.

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    Greenville Movers

    If you’ve decided to relocate to a town that’s brimming with the beauty of nature, entwined with southern charm, it means that you’ll be living in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Hiring reputable Greenville movers will help you handle your move the right way.

    Looking for Greenville Movers With Years of Experience? Kerb Is the Perfect Choice

    Moving is difficult and complex, especially when we move across the country. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in cross-country moving services that will make your move to the city surrounded by lush green hills effortless. Perhaps you require quality local moving services to get from one neighborhood to another. But finding reliable movers in Greenville is not as simple as picking up your phone and calling the nearest company. Make sure you read the reviews thoroughly and get several estimates. Don’t settle for the low-ball quote – it may be a sign of a scam, and there might be hidden fees you will have to pay in the end.

    Wondering How Much Do Best Long-Distance Moving Services in Greenville Cost?

    Kerb is a company with years of experience in the moving industry, and we always give transparent quotes to our customers. If you contact us for a free estimate, we will base our price on the inventory list you provide us. List everything you want us to move, but if you change your mind, the list may be updated until one business day before the move-out date.

    We Offer Different Packing Services

    Perhaps not the most complex part of a move, but definitely the most time-consuming is the packing part. Kerb has several options when it comes to packing service, and our standard packing is calculated into the estimate. That means that our professional team will come to your home to disassemble large furniture, secure the appliances for transport with care, load everything onto a truck, and later unload it and reassemble the furniture.

    Invest in Packing Services by Long-Distance Movers to Save on Time

    At an additional price, we offer both partial and full packing services. If you require help, our team can pack less than 15 standard boxes (partial service) and more than that number as a full service.

    We Can Also Ship Your Vehicle

    If you require auto transport services, look no further. Our company has modern and state-of-the-art solutions when it comes to vehicle shipping, and if you choose to transport it with us, your car will be secured and delivered on time. You can choose this solution as a standalone service or bundle it up with your move to get a discount.

    We Provide Our Customers With Different Transportation and Pick Up and Delivery Options

    Our company has different solutions for both your needs and your budget when it comes to vehicle shipping. Our transportation options include a choice between an open and an enclosed trailer. Open trailers are more affordable and can ship up to nine cars on a carrier with no walls or ceiling. This means your car will be strapped and secured with care but in need of washing. Closed trailers are fitting for those who want their car perfectly safe from any dirt and weather conditions, although a pricier option.

    You may also choose between the door-to-door pickup and delivery, which is more expensive but popular for its convenience, and terminal-to-terminal. With this other solution, you will leave your car at a designated station and later pick it up at the terminal closest to your home.

    Place Your Belongings in Our Storage Units

    Long-distance moves often require some time for you to settle into your new home without piles of boxes around. Kerb offers you a storage service that’s free of charge for a month. If you require using storage units for longer, we will charge by the day. Our storage units are secured with camera surveillance and climate-controlled.

    Moving Insurance for Your Goods

    Our customers can relax while their goods are in transport because we offer moving insurance called mandatory liability coverage for each item, at no additional cost. This type of insurance covers $0.60 per pound of damaged items. Since this is not suitable for your belongings with higher value, we always recommend a third-party policy called full value replacement at an additional price. This applies to items listed on the inventory list, which our professional team of movers has packed. As for your vehicle, if you ship them with us, our insurance covers external damage up to $100,000 for open trailer shipment and up to $500,000 for enclosed carriers.

    Greenville Was Once Called Pleasantburg

    The small city of Greenville is located in the heart of South Carolina. This hidden gem, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with Reedy River Falls in the center, has a lot to offer. Aside from its natural beauty, this city with a suburban feel has an overall quite affordable cost of living. Housing prices are well below the nation’s average, with a median home cost of $187,500. When it comes to industries, it has transformed from the textile capital to a place with a diverse industry that includes corporate office, manufacturing, and warehousing.

    Discover the Neighborhoods

    The small city offers many neighborhoods to choose from, and all of them have stunning homes and quality schools. Here are some of them:

    • Hampton-Pinckney is a great tight-knit community, ideal for families looking to settle in the town, but also for retirees and everyone that enjoys this type of surroundings. It’s a historic district with renowned architecture and close to Main Street.
    • North Main Community is also ideal for families and consists of single-family homes. It has a small but great business district while also being walkable from downtown.
    • Augusta Road is rich with shops, boutique stores, and restaurants and is just south of Downtown.

    Wherever you choose to settle, you will find a place that will be a dream home but also in proximity to scenic surroundings.

    Kerb Is the Best Long-Distance Moving Company Out There That Can Take You to and Out of Greenville

    If you are moving with us, your move will be hassle-free and devoid of any stress and tension. No matter if you’re heading to one of Greenville’s districts to start your life there, or you want to leave and relocate somewhere else, our cross-country movers will be up to every task you require.

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