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    Manhattan Movers

    New York City and particularly Manhattan (MAN) are considered the world’s capital, which drives the global economy’s development. Every business that wants to make a boom should have a presence here. If you’re about to make an outstanding career or grow your business, Manhattan movers will help you relocate to the Big Apple and make the change you need. Kerb long-distance movers are considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy moving companies in Manhattan. We put our clients’ needs first, and that’s why we’ll help you organize the relocation and start a new life chapter in the Big Apple.

    Welcome to Manhattan NYC

    You’ll be settling in a location that is a part of a cultural, media, entertainment, and financial global capital. It presents New York County’s urban core and one of the most populated areas within the metropolis. Great job opportunities and metropolitan spirit are enough reasons to explain why movers to Manhattan, NY, head to this metropolis in huge numbers.

    Additional reasons why movers to Manhattan choose it as their next home is because it is one of the safest large locations in the US and because of the constant wage increase. According to the latest report, the average weekly wage increased by 3,5% and now equals $3,270 per week (or $156,960 annually), which is ranked as the highest personal income among other 357 large counties.

    Even though the incomes are high above the national average but don’t forget the living expenses are too. Without rent, a family of four spends around $4,500 on a monthly basis, while a single person should set aside $1,350 to cover the basics.

    If you are a career chaser, know that since the metropolis is a financial and business center, the highest-paid positions in NY are associated with jobs such as business analyst, stockbroker, and development manager. However, there is a range of work opportunities across all other industries, from entertainment and fashion to education, health, and insurance.

    And when we speak about the metropolis highlights, we cannot miss mentioning that MAN is home to some of the most reputable educational institutions in the US. Here you can find Columbia University, NY Institute of Technology, New York University (NYU), The Juilliard School, Pace University, Berkeley College, and many more.

    Housing and Rental Options and Costs

    The average property value in MAN is around $999,000, and the real estate prices continue to decrease as a consequence of pandemics. So, if you ever planned to buy a property here, there is no better moment than now.

    When it comes to median prices of rental properties, they differ depending on the apartment type and size. Here is how the rental prices looked at the first quarter of 2021:

    • Studio apartment – $2,150 on monthly basis,
    • One-bedroom apartment – $2,725 a month,
    • Two-bedroom apartment – $3,200 on a monthly basis.

    Nevertheless, these prices can be even lower if you choose the right neighborhood. Since we all know that New York and particularly MAN, is listed as the American most expensive city for living, then making a decision on the neighborhood to live in is of tremendous importance. Let’s go through some of the best neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of MAN NYC, considering both the most affordable and most expensive options:

    • The most expensive neighborhoods in MAN NoHo district, Flatiron district, and Civic Centre.
    • The most popular neighborhoods are Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Midtown East.
    • The most affordable neighborhoods in the city are Inwood, Marble Hill, and Mount Hope.

    When it comes to the decision of a neighborhood, remember that exploring online reviews and the experiences of others can be tremendously helpful during the whole process.

    Manhattan Attractions Will Leave You Speechless

    The City That Never Sleeps is home to some of the US’s most legendary landmarks, so once you move to MAN island, don’t miss a chance to act like a tourist and visit its attractions. Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, The Flatiron Building, Central Park, multiple art galleries, and museums provide almost unlimited options to spend your free time.

    Shopping for designer pieces on Fifth Avenue, enjoying musicals at the Broadway theatre, and dinner in Chinatown afterward sounds like a perfect day in NYC that will help you relax from the exhausting cross-country relocation process and give you a glance at the NYC lifestyle.

    Get Fully Packed For Your MAN Life: Kerb Cross-Country Movers Don’t Leave Anything Behind When They Pack

    Many Manhattan moving companies divide their packing service into several pieces that might create confusion and lead to a situation where no one knows what is left to pack. Luckily, Kerb Manhattan moving company does it differently. We provide you with full relocation services, meaning we will organize the whole relocation process from packing and transporting your household to unpacking it at your new home. Furthermore, if you opt for our full package, we’ll include all packing supplies your household may need. This means you will not have to worry about it either.

    How Do We at Kerb Define the Relocation Price?

    The only indicator we use for determining the final relocation price is based on an inventory list of your household belongings. That’s why the very first step of organizing your relocation is creating a complete inventory list. Don’t worry, if you have to add or remove some items from it, you can until one workday before the relocation.

    Keep in mind that we are absolutely flexible when it comes to fulfilling an inventory list. That’s why we want you to know what you are paying for exactly, so we will always be transparent about the cost schemes of our long-distance moving services.

    Let Our Manhattan Movers Transport Your Car Too!

    Kerb Manhattan moving service implies full relocation assistance, meaning we can transfer your car too. Furthermore, we will provide you with discounted quotes if you choose to combine and use both of our relocation and auto shipping services. Meaning, you’ll save up by paying less for these two combined services.

    How Does Kerb Ship Your Car?

    If you’re not sure whether to use an open or enclosed trailer and you worry if the car will be safe, don’t. Both options are safe for your vehicle transportation. However, depending on the time of year and the type of car, Kerb offers you different options to choose from.

    In case you’re relocating during the winter, where the vehicle will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and possibly extremely low temperatures, we advise you to use an enclosed trailer. Here, your car will be completely protected from any possible damage. Also, enclosed haulers are an excellent option for those people that are shipping luxurious machines or oldtimers.

    Opposite, open trailers are more affordable to use and the most common choice of Americans who decide to bring their car with them. While enclosed trailers are limited to shipping of seven cars only, on open trailers, a few dozen of cars can be shipped, which decreases the costs both to the carrier and the customer at the same time. However, keep in mind that car shippers are limited to a specific weight of the trailer, so the number of cars we can transport on open trailers is not limitless. Furthermore, considering the high demand for open trailers, we recommend scheduling the car shipping date in advance with your mover in Manhattan.

    The Delivery Process For Four-Wheelers

    There are two possible ways we can deliver your door. The first option is that Kerb professional movers pick up and deliver your vehicle door-to-door. The second option is terminal-to-terminal delivery, meaning you’ll have to bring your car to our terminal and pick it up in Big Apple at the place and time we agree and appoint. Since shipping a car means multiple details, we advise you to contact relocation representatives in Kerb. They will explain to you all the details and provide you with a cost scheme created upon your requests and needs.

    We Watch Out and Track Your Belongings 24/7

    Many people have doubts about the safety of storage places, which is understandable, but when it comes to Kerbs storage service, there is no reason to worry. Kerb established the 3-Step Protection Protocole of the storage facility and your belongings, and here is what it actually the whole process works.

    From the moment we start to load your boxes into Kerb trucks, we label all the cardboard with barcode stickers that are proving your ownership. These stickers are also an integral part of our specially established electronic and automated system, installed at the entrance and the exit of storage. The system works by scanning and recording every change associated with the number of boxes in our warehouse.

    Furthermore, our storage facilities are under 24/7 video surveillance and under the watchful eyes of the guards, too. And when it comes to the transportation process, we ensure that everything goes smoothly. That’s why all our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking systems. This way, we can provide you with 100% accurate information in case you have any questions associated with the transfer of the belongings.

    Insurance Adds Up to Your Items Safety

    Damages of belongings during the packing or transportation process rarely happen, but in case they occur, customers have to be protected. For that reason, Kerb’s cross-country relocation services imply the usage of moving insurance for your belongings, and there are two packages we cover.

    The basic moving insurance package is the first. It is defined as mandatory liability coverage, and it is applied to all damaged things with a compensation sum of 0.60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

    The upgrade insurance package, defined as a full-value replacement policy, is an extra paid option. However, it guarantees a compensation sum for all damages caused by professional packers during the packaging process. Although those issues happen once in a blue moon, we still recommend to our customers agreeing on the upgraded version of the insurance policy. This is especially important if they possess expensive and luxurious items.

    Take Advantage of All Kerbs Manhattan Moving Services

    In the past thirty years, Kerb has been in the relocation business, and we specialized in all types of local, long-distance, cross-country moving services, or international moves. This helped us rank among the best moving companies in Manhattan.

    Punctuality, efficiency, and accuracy are Kerb’s superpowers. But, we won’t tell you how fantastic we are, since our customers do it regularly. Check our review pages and look at what our customers say regarding our services based on reliability, proficiency, and trustworthiness.

    Hire Kerb’s long-distance moving company, and we will help you become a New Yorker in no time. Call us today at (877) 707-5372, or contact us online, get your free quote and book a move.

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