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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Los Angeles on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.

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    Palo Alto Movers

    If you are looking for both a city atmosphere and a quiet suburban vibe, stop right there. With Palo Alto movers, you’ll be at home in this Bay Area city. Although it might not be the most exciting place in the whole state of California, there are plenty of inspiring reasons that make it one of the most coveted in the US for relocation. Since planning out the entire process by yourself might be intimidating, Kerb has an offer you can’t refuse – providing a full relocation package across the States as well as our local services for a price you won’t regret. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can start organizing this journey together.

    Nature and Nurture – Moving to Palo Alto, California

    There is so much to love about Palo Alto. Located 35 miles south of San Francisco, with the population of just over 63,000, it allows you to have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, there are bike boulevards, scenic parks, nature reserves and tree-lined streets – some of the trees being older than the city itself – while on the other one, there’s a flow of some of the sharpest minds. The Bay Area is well known for being a start-up haven and the residence of the few stellar tech companies you might have heard oh – Hewlett-Packard, Tesla, Facebook, Google, and Skype – as well as Stanford University. One-third of parkland and boundless business potential are the ones responsible for this charming mixture of tradition and innovation, which is a clear answer to why so many choose to make it their new home.

    What Neighborhood to Choose?

    Residing in one city doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel the same no matter the neighborhood — quite the opposite when trying to nestle in one of the most desired California cities. There is a lot to choose from because it will affect the quality of life, even within the Bay’s heart. Here are some of the picks:

    • Ventura – This one is the most affordable neighborhood, famous for its eclectic mix of people who found their home there. It’s biker’s paradise, too, and most of the local artist community resides there. Also, it is the 4th most walkable neighborhood where most of your errands can be accomplished by foot.
    • University South – This is one of the oldest districts out there, but the funny thing is it’s so tiny it covers only 0.3 square miles, and it’s still buzzing with life every single day. If someone you know has already been to the Bay Area, they’ve probably been somewhere nearby. Its proximity to downtown will always make it an attractive proposition.
    • Midtown – As its name implies, Midtown is located in the middle of the town, but this part is also known locally as “California Modern,” since homes there were built mainly after World War II. With boundaries around the Oregon Expressway, Loma Verde Avenue, Alma Street, and US Route 101, this neighborhood creates an enclosed area that feels safe. This is the main reason why it’s known for being a peaceful, family-friendly community.
    • Profesorville – an excellent place for a living, and you don’t even have to be an academic! This tiny neighborhood welcomed its first settlers in 1889 when Stanford University professors began building their homes there. Of course, this is a highly desirable area nowadays, one among Silicon Valley’s hottest. Being pedestrian-friendly, with easy access to various restaurants, stores, and entertainment, makes the world a joyful place.
    • Charleston Meadows – This one is entirely made up of wide streets and plenty of greenery, with almost no traffic. Even homes with large windows – predominantly Eichler style – give you the same outdoorsy feeling, a quiet place that will indeed offer you beauty and convenience in no time.
    • Barron Park – What gives a tucked-in unique personality to this neighborhood from the rest of the city is its geography? Despite appearing somewhat isolated and secluded, it’s still quite vibrant. There is a bike trail through Cornelis Bol Park connecting this enclave with the rest of the community. Students use it to get to their school, commuters to get to Stanford Research Park, and others use it as a place for relaxation with their families.

    Look For Some Fun

    If you love sunshine and being surrounded by natural landscapes, art, tech attractions, and an outstanding share of bars, you’ll love living on the border of the southern end of San Francisco Bay. It is undoubtedly the best place to be if you are an outdoorsy type who prefers walking and biking rather than transportation. Also, there are numerous places downtown where the community loves to gather, including a weekly Saturday morning farmers market. Keep in mind that the Art Center and American Heritage Museum are always the centers of diverse events, so there are many options to have fun and make new connections. You will quickly notice all these people running around on caffeine, and most probably, every single person has a firm opinion about where the best coffee in the area is. Don’t be shy. Go and try what good coffee tastes like.

    Kerb – The Best Cross-Country Movers, Palo Alto, California

    Whether you’re in a search for long-distance moving or maybe local moving services, let your main parameter be to find the most professional Palo Alto movers whose highest goal is to form an honest relationship with their customers. With our company, you’ll be charged transparently, without any hidden expenses or additional costs appearing during your move. While local moves are charged per hourly rate, and are pretty straightforward, we at the Kerb understand that you might be worried about pricing of cross-country relocations since it is well known that many who go through the relocation process have a bad experience. That’s precisely why our prices for long-distance moving are guaranteed and based on the inventory list. Also, you can change it as many times as you need to, but please remember to have a final version at least one day before the pick-up because it is the main report and state of your belongings. Our team will be there for you to handle all of your household goods, as pre-arranged. If there is anything you’d like to understand better about the upcoming relocation process, it’s the right time to ask. All of our staff has many years of expertise and they can only help increase your chances of a stress-free relocation experience.

    Standard Packing Services Included

    Kerb’s movers in Palo Alto can provide you with moving boxes and supplies, and will make sure you get the best ones free of charge. This is part of our standard packing service, which also includes all the larger furniture and objects too big for regular boxes. We will disassemble and later reassemble furniture for you, as well as other things that allow it. Needless to say, all of it will be packed and protected with utmost care. In the end, everything from the truck will be left in your new home according to your instructions.

    Palo Alto Moving Company Can Deliver Other Packing Services, As Well

    Delicate stuff and all the vulnerable things are always the most challenging during the move. Nobody wants to end up paying for a replacement once they arrive at the new place. Therefore, in addition to our regular standard packing, we have a couple of more solutions to offer: partial pack, full pack, and custom crating. Partial means having our team packing up to fifteen boxes for any of your less delicate and smaller belongings. If you realize even that might not be enough for a successful move, then the full pack service might help. Last but not least is a custom wooden crate designed by our team, in which your most fragile items can travel a long way safely. There is an extra charge for all these packing services, depending on your needs, which will be clarified on time.

    Car Shipping Services With Palo Alto Movers

    With San Francisco being that close, not to mention San Jose and other nearby gems, you’ll need your car with you. We at Kerb moving company in Palo Alto are famous for the high-quality professional car shipping service, simplifying your move a great deal no matter the distance. Still, you should have your car serviced beforehand since it is the first step of the shipping process. Also, be sure to note its condition, best by taking a picture of it, and not forget to empty it.

    Different Transportation Options

    Deciding what transportation option is right for you is also one of the vital steps because there are a few of them available:

    • Open trailers, which are the most affordable and the most common type of transportation.
    • Enclosed trailers are a bit more expensive, but they are of great help keeping your car safe from any weather-related problem.

    Pick-Up and Delivery Service Available at Kerb

    The next important step is picking out the type of shipment. Although a bit more expensive, our top recommendation is door-to-door car shipment, which means picking up your vehicle from your home and leaving it in front of the doorstep of the new location. There is another option, of course – terminal to terminal delivery, which means leaving your car at our terminal and picking it up at another, at the destination. Give this one a good thought and contact us when you decide which is the best choice for you.

    Storage Free of Charge

    You can finally relax a bit because you don’t have to think at all about searching for storage services. When moving long-distance with Kerb, you can rely on a month of storage free of charge. Each item is barcode labeled, so you don’t have to worry about having anything misplaced. Still, we know that when we move things don’t always go according to plan. In case you need to leave your belongings even longer, the price will be calculated per day.

    Moving Insurance

    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cross-country moving is getting proper moving insurance. After all, you trusted everything you own to someone you don’t know. With Kerb, there is always a mandatory insurance policy that covers each pound with sixty cents, and it is entirely free. If it were possible to purchase a piece of mind, it would surely look like a full-value replacement policy. This is a perfect moment to remind you of the inventory list since it is the one that is mandatory for this type of insurance. Furthermore, if there are any items of a high value, you can separately insure them with a high-value policy. The same goes for cars – if you decide on relocating them with an open trailer, the insurance covers up to $100,000, while for the enclosed ones the number goes up to $500,000 of potential external damage.

    Safety Favours The Bold

    Sure, they say that fortune favors the bold, but let’s face it. We can’t leave everything to chance, especially not for big life decisions such as relocating to a new city. No wonder that it has so many aspects to go through before heading off. Hiring professional movers is a must, no matter if your move is local or long-distance. Contact us and let us guide you through everything you need to know before we get going.

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