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    Queens Movers

    Queens movers will relocate you to the biggest of the five boroughs in New York City. Next to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island, Queens is the most diverse one with hundreds of languages spoken. There are unique neighborhoods, beautiful views, and outstanding food, so call your movers in Queens and get the taste of this fantastic borough.

    Welcome to the Most Diverse Borough in NYC

    Queens is a part of New York City that breaks the stereotypes of what Big Apple is. When mentioning this city, everyone probably pictures Manhattan, tall skyscrapers, and busy businesspeople. This borough is not about that – it’s the biggest of the five boroughs and a city’s geographic center. It’s home to so many different ethnicities, and traveling through it will feel like traveling the world. Here are two of the busiest airports in the world – JFK and LaGuardia, and the air traffic is very active. Talking about transportation, this is where the seven train lines starts, which can take you to the eastern part of the city. You just have to get a metro card (that is completely worth it) and go wherever you’re headed. You can take ferries as well, since this borough lays next to the water, and take a trip to Staten Island or some other part of the area. If you’re not up for taking a ride, you can simply walk the streets of this borough and enjoy the views.

    All of this isn’t the only thing that makes it special.

    While you’re on the streets enjoying the diversity and listening to so many different languages, you can’t miss the smell of the delicious food all over the place. This is a very safe area to stay and explore, there are lots of touristy areas, and if you avoid sketchy streets and don’t walk alone at night, you’ll be fine. If you want to avoid the hefty prices of rents in other boroughs, you can find a place in one of the beautiful Queens’ neighborhoods (and there are 91 of them.)


    You’ll Have Plenty of Neighborhoods to Choose from and So Many Things to Do in Each One of Them

    A great pro of this borough is that it gives you much more options than any other part of the city. Before we list down the neighborhoods, just remember one thing – this borough has a different way of writing addresses. There are always two numbers separated with a dash. The first number indicates the nearest cross-street or avenue, while the second one is for the house number. Now that you know that let’s get into the most famous and recommended areas of this beautiful New York City borough.


    • Long Island City – This is a quiet, residential area with famous parks and the best views of Manhattan. It’s very chill and nice. You can take a walk to the ferry ports and enjoy one of the many great breweries.
    • Flushing – This neighborhood is the furthest east you can go. It’s home to Chinatown that’s bigger and better than the one in Manhattan (according to the locals.) The ethnic diversity is huge here – you’ll find authentic Asian malls, a Korean-style Buddhist temple that’s free to enter, and amazing food. Flushing Meadows-Corona Park has many attractions and cool things to do, and it’s a great place to spend your day at. Go to the City Field to watch a Mets game, visit the Unisphere, and watch the beautiful pink flowers of cherry blossom trees in spring. There’s also the Queens Museum, Hall of Science, and a Zoo, which can be fun for both adults and kids. Don’t miss visiting the massive tennis arena in the heart of the complex where the US Open is held – Arthur Ashe Stadium.
    • Jackson Heights and Woodside – This place is home to the Diversity Plaza, an epicenter of NY diversity, the Little Manilla – Philipino area, Indian restaurants, and the home to the founder of scrabble. Indian stores and restaurants are plentiful, there’s a beautiful Thai temple, but you shouldn’t miss tasting the tacos from the Cinco de Mayo food market.
    • Sunny Side is known for being home to Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. This is a residential area that’s pretty laid back but still very diverse.
    • Rockaway Beach – A great summertime area where you can go surfing, swimming, and enjoying the beach. Try some of the tap beers in one of the many breweries, accompanied by tasty food. Rockaway Beach was developed with plenty of Greek influence, so you’ll also find many Greek stores, bakeries, and eateries.
    • Astoria – Known for the film studios, Astoria is where the Museum of Moving Images is located, and it has a lot of history. The Greek community is strong in this part of the city as well, so you’ll see their social clubs and soccer clubs. Lots of street art painted on the buildings and walls make Astoria a colorful and fun place to live in.
    • Forrest Hills – It’s ethnically diverse and safe, with many local authentic Mexican, Chinese, and Russian food. There are a lot of markets with Asian products. Forest Hills Stadium is one of the most famous attractions. It once was home to the US Open, after which it became a great concert venue. Station Square in Forest Hills Gardens is a place that you won’t find anywhere else in NYC. with its beautiful buildings and cobblestone streets, it will give you a feeling like you’re somewhere in Europe. Forest Park is another great spot to visit – it’s an amazing place for a walk, while on the Bridle Path, you can even see people riding horses.

    This is a very big borough, but food will probably be the biggest attraction. Chances are you’ll find lots of cheap eats and hidden gem spots. One thing is for sure – you will never be hungry in Queens.

    Know How to Choose the Best Local and Long-Distance Moving Company

    Relocations are never easy, even if you’re taking your stuff down the street. It often takes a lot of time, patience, and logistics to do everything right. With the help of a professional company, you won’t have those kinds of worries, but how to find a company that won’t scam you? First, check if they’re registered and licensed. You can do that by checking their DOT number on their website. After that, you should make sure that the company offers all services you need and that the price is affordable. If you like their customer service, they have good reviews, the price is reasonable, and they can provide you with everything you want, you’ve found yourself a match.

    Kerb Queens Movers Provide All Services You Might Require

    From long-distance moving to the assistance in local moving, we offer it all. Contact us and get long or local moving services for an affordable price. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in relocating people, no matter how far. We can disassemble and reassemble your bigger items, load them on the truck, and unload once we arrive at the destination. When you call us for a quote, a professional relocation specialist will answer and provide you with every piece of information you should know. If you have any dilemmas or questions, feel free to ask – we are here for you every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.


    Moving Service Is the Best If the Quote Is Transparent

    Being honest and transparent when providing our customers with quotes is what we excel at. With us, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or additional fees written in the fine print. Local moves are charged by guaranteed hourly rates. We just need to know the size of your apartment, and your quote will be set. For long-distance moves, we base our prices on the list of items you plan to move. You can change your list as many times as you wish, but it has to be finalized until one business day before our crew comes to pick up your items. Your relocation specialist will charge you on that day, and after that, you’re done with payments.

    Our Cross Country Movers Will Pack Everything You Want

    By using our moving boxes and supplies, we can wrap and pack all of your possessions. Standard packing service is completely free of charge and it includes all of your big items like furniture, lamps, mirrors, pictures, appliances, and alike. When hiring Kerb, you don’t have to think about how you will carry all of the heavy stuff you want to move – we will take care of that.


    Queens Movers from Kerb Offer Additional Services as Well

    There are two more packing options that come for an additional price. Partial packing means that our team takes care of any item as long as they fit into fifteen boxes. We can also take care of all of your possessions – packing more than fifteen boxes or all of the items is called a full pack. If you’re relocating something big and delicate, your representative will suggest purchasing another additional service – custom crating. This will ensure that your breakable item arrives safely because we’ll ship it in a customized wooden crate that will be made after you tell us the dimensions of the item.

    Part of Our Long-Distance Moving Services Is Having Free Storage for a Month

    With Kerb, storage services come without a charge for the first thirty days. Your items will be stored in a temperature-controlled, safe, and disinfected storage unit, which means that they will be returned to you in the same condition you left them. Each item that our team loads on the truck and leaves in the storage will be labeled with a bar code. That code is checked when entering and leaving the unit, and that way, we can keep track of each shipment we move. In case you want to leave your belongings in the storage for longer than the free period, your relocation specialist will calculate the price per day, so you don’t end up paying for time you haven’t used.

    If You’re Cross Country Moving, You Can Get Auto Transport Service from Kerb

    Are you planning on getting auto shipping? We can provide you with that service as well. Depending on how far you’re going, your car will arrive anywhere between five and fourteen business days, and our team will pick it up in three days maximum. Getting a quote is easy – tell us the year, make and model, from and to zip codes, and what day you had in mind for the move. We can pick up your car from your driveway or from the nearest parking lot and deliver it to you in the nearest place our truck can access – that would be door-to-door transportation. In case you want to save some money, you can get terminal-to-terminal transportation. That means that you leave your car at the nearest terminal, where our truck comes to get the car. We will deliver it to a terminal in another state, where you just have to come and pick it up. If you’re having a dilemma about which of the two you should choose, don’t hesitate to ask your relocation specialist. They will explain all the details to you and make it easier for you to choose.


    Kerb Long-Distance Movers Offer You to Choose Between Open and Enclosed Trailers

    Open trailers are the cheapest and fastest way to relocate your car across the country. On the other hand, they offer less protection from the outside elements, dust, and road debris. Enclosed trailers will keep your car safe and covered during the whole trip, but the price will be higher. Some car models can’t fit on the open trailer, so they have to be transported inside the enclosed ones. Talk to our relocation specialists and choose the best option for you.

    Another Pro of Our Cross Country Moving Services Is Having Your Possessions Insured

    Minimum liability moving insurance with Kerb is mandatory and without a charge. That covers each potentially damaged pound with sixty cents. However, we highly recommend buying full-value replacement insurance. This is a much safer way to relocate your belongings in case some natural disaster or other unpredictable event causes damage to your shipment. Cars are also insured without a charge – vehicles shipped on an open trailer are covered up to $100,000 of external damage, and that number for enclosed trailers is $500,000.

    Contact Us and Get High-Quality Relocation Service

    The only way to be completely sure that your items are being handled the way they should is by hiring professionals, and the Kerb team is exactly that. Give us a call today and see for yourself why we are one of the top companies on the relocation market.

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