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Finding trained Portland movers is easy with Kerb, offering local and cross-country moving services at affordable prices for your big move to this vibrant Pacific Northwest city.

Local Moving

Our Moving Services in Portland, OR

Looking for trained Portland movers might seem overwhelming when faced with one of the largest cities in Oregon. With its offbeat atmosphere and magnificent scenery, this foodie paradise is also one of the main cultural and commercial scenes in the Pacific Northwest.

But don’t fret about it. Kerb is here to help you with any aspect of your relocation process that suits you best, or even all of them if needed. You can find both our local and cross-country moving services at amazingly affordable prices. Contact us for more info, to start planning your big move together.

Relocating to PDX

The first thing you will get hooked on is the Northwest friendly attitude. PDX is famous for being nice to people, and you’ll probably need some time to adjust before you begin to smile and chat with strangers – from outdoor enthusiasts to quirky hippies and business elite. Also, in no time, you’ll discover that living here encourages being environmentally conscious; plastic bags are banned, earth-friendly ingredients are all around, and recycling and composting have been considered almost a sport discipline for decades. We suppose that 279 city parks have something to do with it. PDX is so walkable that it feels manageable like the smaller cities are. It gives you just the right amount of ease handling the confusion of relocating to a new place.

Portland Moving Reviews

Taryn P.
Aug 1, 2021

I’ve used Kerb nearly 5 times moving across country and they always deliver the best experience! Their staff is reachable anytime and always in constant communication on pickup and delivery. You are assigned a move specialist that puts all frustration […]

Roy Underwood

“My wife and I moved to Downtown LA because we were in need of a bigger house to raise a family in. We needed all the help we could get because it was our first move together in a while. […]

Nathan L.
Dec 21, 2018

I highly recommend this company. When I called them they were very easy and straight forward to work with. I told them what I needed, they gave me a quote, and we set up a date all very quickly. On […]

Portland Movers in your Neighbourhood

Portland, USA
Mon-Sat: 8 am-8 pm
Sun: 9 am-6 pm
Areas we serve:
  • Pearl District
  • Hillside and Kings Heights
  • Northwest/Nob Hill
  • West End
  • Arlington Heights
  • Sellwood-Moreland

Coolest Neighborhoods In Rose City

The city charm is found within its unique neighborhoods, and our warm recommendation is to pick yours based on your lifestyle, just like Portlanders do. What separates Rose City neighborhoods from others is that they were not built in clusters. Although a bit unconventional, you’ll see many homes on blocks built during different periods neighboring each other. That’s precisely what makes PDX so beautiful and vibrant.

  • Pearl District – When you want to be at the center of it all, this one is perfect for you. Errands all managed by foot, your office a few blocks away, and your condo surrounded by diverse pubs, cafes, shops, bookstores, and hubs. As its name suggests, The Pearl transformed from a warehouse to an upscale, world-famous area. It has so much to offer, from the world’s largest independent bookstore to plenty of fine dinings and casual joints.
  • Hillside and Kings Heights – Both within an inch of downtown action, these two hillside enclaves are perfect for all those in need for both panoramic views and a bit more privacy and peace, which makes them an excellent place for a living.
  • Northwest/Nob Hill – As you can guess, The Northwest District is located in the city’s northwestern section. It’s a small neighborhood, densely populated and packed with trendy shops, cafes, and restaurants. That’s not all – the Campus of Linfield College, Albina Youth Opportunity School, the Metropolitan Learning Center, and Childpeace Montessori School are also nearby.
  • West End – A hidden gem nestled between West Burnside and Southwest Morrison St, which emerged as a center of creativity, fashion, and design, and yet not with an official neighborhood designation. You’ll find various schools and homes here – apartments, condos, townhomes, and well-known historic single-family homes – a lot of foot traffic and a lot of noodles.
  • Arlington Heights – An older neighborhood, with an average of six people per acre and gorgeous, mostly historical homes. Furthermore, if you are an outdoor person, this is the right place for you because some of PDX’s renowned parks will be in your immediate vicinity. However, being tucked into Forest Park’s greenery and close to Washington Park makes this location mostly very expensive for living.
  • Sellwood-Moreland – This one is well known for being family-friendly, and with its easy public transportation, scenic riverfront woodlands, and some of the best schools, it is a happy home to many folks. If you are searching for the blend of urban and suburban, you’ll definitely find it here.

Whatever You Do, Do It Good

Whether you opt for a high-rise or cottage-inspired home, once you decide to call this place your home, you’ll be surrounded by many cosmopolitan delights: a vast natural beauty, funky people, fantastic music, arts, history, no sales tax, stellar tech companies, diverse job market, the best coffee ever, mesmerizing foodie scene, craft-brewed, locally grown products, bridges…and so much more. Long story short: the quality of life is what’s waiting for you in PDX.

Do Your Homework When Choosing Long-Distance Moving Company

Before you’re done with the shortlist of the moving companies, Portland, and you make a choice on which one you would like to take you to your Rose City, don’t forget to do a little research online. Read all the reviews and complaints, see what others have to say about them. Better Business Bureau has reviews of more than 20,000 relocation-related companies. It will be a piece of cake to find out if there is a report filed. Don’t forget social media either, like Facebook and Yelp. You will surely find relevant info there and many reviews that might help.

Kerb: High-Quality Moving Services, Portland

With many years of expertise behind us, we are here to help you with your upcoming relocation process. Our team of professional movers, Portland, can provide you with both long-distance moving and professional local moving services any day of the week. Since being one of the most reliable Portland moving companies, we at Kerb have set the highest goals for building a truthful and reputable relationship. Being aware that many people already suffered from an unpleasant experience with relocating, our main drive is to build trust between our clients and us. That’s the main reason why we always charge transparently. All the prices are guaranteed and based solely on your inventory list. Keep in mind that we need the final version of the list one business day before the lift. Until then, it’s allowed to change it as much as you want. Feel free to talk to our team, as they will lead you through the whole process and answer all your questions.

Hire Professional Movers for Packing Services

Depending on the pack that suits you best, our packing services include regular-sized cardboard boxes and supplies of the utmost quality. Understanding the difference and the effectiveness of each pack will help you choose the right one. Being the most proficient movers in Portland, we offer a standard pack free of charge. With it only, you can count on us packing and carefully protecting furniture, appliances, and all your bulkier belongings that do not fit inside regular boxes.

Partial and Full Packing Services

Apart from our free services, there are few more solutions Kerb has to offer:

  • Partial pack – Having our team providing you with a packing service that includes no more than fifteen boxes for the smaller items you own.
  • Full pack – If a partial pack is not enough for all of your belongings, then this one will be the right choice for you.
  • Customized wooden crate – Created by our team specifically for your most vulnerable and items of a high value. It is the safest way of getting them from A to B without any damage.

Depending on the needs, your relocation crew will explain the pricing upfront since all of these come at an additional cost. No matter how fragile they might be, with Kerb exercising extreme care is considered the usual drill.

In Need of Car Shipping?

You don’t want to leave your car behind when the Oregon coast is 1.5 hours west of the city, not to mention famous wineries, hills, rivers, mountains, and other natural gems within easy reach no one would love to miss. Kerb company has its devoted and safe drivers for the car shipping service you might need. This is a great moment also to remind you of the preparatory shipping steps. Providing us with the car information you got when you first purchased it, as well as with documented damages, if there are any, is necessary.

Transportation Options When Relocating Long-Distance

One of the crucial steps for transporting your car is choosing the most suitable transportation option. There are open trailers, which are the most used types, since they are the most affordable ones. Then again, enclosed ones are less common and a bit more pricey but undoubtedly life-savers when it comes to any unforeseen weather issues during relocation.

Pick Up and Delivery Options with Kerb Moving Company, Portland

Talk to your relocation agent to finalize the process by picking out the right type of shipment for yourself. The most convenient is the door-to-door option, where we pick your car from your driveway and leave it in front of your new home. If there is any problem accessing your street, there is always a terminal-to-terminal option: leave your car at our terminal and pick it up at another one.

Storage Free of Charge for a Whole Month

When thinking about both local and cross-country moving, storage services are the ones that often save the day. Sometimes we’re not willing to leave things behind, while at other times, they get out of hand, especially when you’re in between homes. However, when it comes to moves with Kerb, there’s no need to worry or think about finding it – you will have 30 days of storage included in your quote. All your belongings will be barcode labeled, and having them misplaced or forgotten is impossible. If you wish to leave your items longer than the given period, let us know, and we’ll calculate the price per day.

Moving Insurance Policy With Kerb

No matter if the value of your property is monetary or sentimental, what every person wants when making big moves like these is to be sure they are covered in case of any potential damage. When you pack your entire home into cardboard boxes and then trust them to someone else, moving insurance appears to be a great idea. With Kerb, a mandatory insurance policy is completely free, and it covers each pound with sixty cents. There is also a highly recommended full-value replacement policy, but your precise inventory list is required for this one. Remember, it only refers to the household goods packed by our movers. There’s no reimbursement for the items you decide to pack on your own. The last one is the high-value policy, in case you want all of your most valuable things to be insured separately. There’s no exception for cars, either. If relocating in open trailers, they will be covered up to $100,000, while if in the enclosed ones, the figure can go up to $500,000 for every potential external damage.

If Ready, Start Packing Your Bags

If you’ve found everything you’ve been looking for and you’d like to get a quote now, don’t hesitate to contact us. Tell us a bit more about your move, and we promise we’ll deliver a top-notch moving experience.


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