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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Los Angeles on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.


    San Francisco Movers

    If you’re searching for San Francisco movers with all the relocation options you might need, the Kerb San Francisco moving company has a perfect proposal for you. Our local and cross-country movers can provide you with all kinds of moves for a low price. Begin your new life in wonderful SF without any unpleasant surprises or experiences with the best movers in San Francisco.


    Relocating to SF Bay Area Is an Amazing Decision for People of All Ages

    If you’re looking for a place where you can feel welcomed and have plenty of opportunities to grow and thrive, The City by the Bay should be your choice. This amazing community has an excellent reputation because of its mild weather, low unemployment rates, fantastic educational opportunities, diversity, and green spaces. It’s not just that the city is the financial, commercial, and cultural center in Northern California, it’s the vibe and the feeling it offers.

    It’s located on the north end of the SF Peninsula in the SF Bay Area, and because it’s surrounded by water, there’s almost a constant presence of fog, and there are many microclimates. If you’re walking around the city, you might need a jacket in one neighborhood and only a T-Shirt in the other. Temperature also changes during the day, but there’s only little variation when it comes to seasons.

    Another thing that doesn’t change is the fact that SF has a great economy and is home to so many worldwide companies such as Twitter, Mozilla, Craigslist, Dropbox, Reddit, Levi Strauss, and many more. This provides many amazing employment opportunities for everyone that comes here in search of a career, especially if you’re in the tech industry. If you’re interested in studying and getting a degree in one of the prestigious universities, you’ll get to choose between the University of California SF, University of SF, SF State University, California Academy of Sciences, and many great private schools.

    However, with these amazing options comes a high cost of living. SF is the most expensive city in the nation when it comes to real estate. Renting here is also pricey, which is why many people here have roommates.

    Check Out the Most Popular Neighborhoods and Pick Your Favorite One

    There are lots of pretty areas in this city, but there are also some that you might want to avoid. You will find cheaper rent there, but keep in mind that it’s cheaper for a reason. Neighborhoods you should consider renting in are:

    • Marina District – The brunches are huge in SF, and Marina District is full of great places to grab a bite. You will have a great view of the bay and lots of amenities.
    • Pacific Heights – This is a great area that offers an excellent quality of life, great views, high-end boutiques, and restaurants. Still, it’s very expensive, so it’s not really affordable for everyone’s pocket.
    • Noe Valley – If you’re looking for a safe family- and dog-friendly place, choose Noe Valley. It’s also a favorite among young couples because of employment opportunities.
    • Mission District – Have a taste of the true artsy SF vibe in this neighborhood. There are around 500 murals, plenty of small local shops, great eateries, and a lively nightlife.
    • Castro District – Rainbow flags and crosswalks make Castro District a synonym to LGBT culture. This is a thriving area with so many things to do, especially when it comes to nightlife options.

    SF Will Make You Fall in Love With It

    The City by the Bay is very outdoorsy, touristy, and excellent for foodies. The first thing that makes SF so desirable is the fact that the weather is almost the same year-round, which means that you can spend time outside whenever you want. It’s very walkable, but it’s also very hilly, giving you amazing views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, which is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. It’s an artsy, hippy, and alternative city, so just walking the streets can be a great way to spend an afternoon.

    The people are very friendly, and it’s easy to make friends. Once you do, you will have lots of places to visit with them or solo. There are so many green spaces in the city, and the parks are flooded with people during the week. Brunch and breakfast places are abundant, and they all have amazing and tasty specialties you must try. Don’t miss the dim sum and other delicious dishes in Chinatown and some of your favorite food at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

    Contact Kerb Moving Company and Get a Quote

    Finding good cross-country moving service isn’t exactly a piece of cake. There’s a lot of research, calls, and comparing to be done. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you don’t know which company you should choose, we’re here to make this decision a bit easier. Kerb is a licensed, insured, and professional company that can provide you with all types of moves for an affordable price. Our professional relocation specialists are available for you any day of the week, including holidays, and customer care is their number one priority. You can call, email, or contact us via our website and get a quote easily and quickly.

    We Offer All Kinds of Local and Long-Distance Moving Services

    There’s no need to hire different companies for your moves. In case you’re looking for local moving services for relocating within SF or California, we can help you out. Your relocation specialist will base your price on the guaranteed hourly rates, which means that if the information is right, the price won’t change no matter what. Quotes for long-distance moving services depend on the inventory list – a list of items you plan to move. Once you’re certain about what you are taking with you, your dedicated relocation agent will provide you with an all-inclusive and guaranteed quote. You won’t have any other fine print taxes or fees to worry about – every single thing that you have to pay will already be in the price.

    San Francisco Movers Can Provide You With Free Packing of All Bigger Items

    Are you concerned about packing and protecting the items in your home? Leave those worries behind you – our team will wrap and handle all of your biggest items completely free of charge. With the best available moving boxes and supplies, we will pack all of your furniture, electronics, lamps, pictures, mirrors, and alike. In case some of the furniture needs disassembling and reassembling, our crew has experience with that as well. We will carry your shipment to the relocation truck, load everything, and unload it once we arrive. All of this is included in our standard packing service that comes without a cost.

    If You Wish, We Can Pack All the Smaller Household Items for You

    There’s a lot of delicate and breakable items in everyone’s home, and they can be tricky to pack and protect properly. Luckily, we have a solution on how to transport all of your breakables safely – getting partial packing services entails our team packaging up to fifteen boxes of items of your choice. We can also perform the full pack and take care of all of the possessions in your home. If there’s a need to additionally protect something before transportation, custom crating is the answer. We offer you this option for your TVs, glass-top tables, or instruments, such as guitars. Before loading your delicate item on a truck, we will pack it inside a custom-made wooden crate, making sure that no damage can happen. All three of these options come at an extra cost that your relocation specialist will tell you all about.

    Kerb Is One of the San Francisco Moving Companies That Offer a Free Storage

    No need to stress over storage services either – every customer gets to use a high-end storage facility for a whole month without payment. The unit is sanitized, temperature-controlled, and constantly under video surveillance. If you wish for your belongings to stay inside the storage unit for longer than the free period, the relocation specialist will calculate the cost per day unless you’re interested in a longer period. In that case, you will be offered a discounted price for this service.

    Our San Francisco Movers Will Label Every Item

    Kerb long-distance movers will put a label on every box and item before it enters the storage facility. This label has a bar code that is checked in our system so that we can track how many items are inside the unit if anything is forgotten or misplaced. With this method of working, we can guarantee that nothing will be lost.

    Call Kerb Movers in San Francisco and Relocate Your Car as Well

    Are you interested in getting an auto shipping service? Professionals from Kerb have experience with that as well. Not only that we will transport your car without a scratch, but we’ll also do it in a maximum of fourteen business days, depending on your relocation distance. We have a guaranteed pick-up window of three days and professional drivers that know every route. Let us know the details of your move, such as the pick-up and delivery zip codes and the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and we’ll provide you with a guaranteed quote. Just remember that the price is valid for only 48 hours.

    We can pick up your car and deliver it to your desired locations, be it your home or business office, as long as it’s possible. This would be the door-to-door delivery. If you have a bit more time and you want to pay a lower price, you can leave your car at our terminal and pick it up at the one in another state. That is terminal-to-terminal transportation. Your relocation specialist will explain to you the whole process, including which one of the two is a better option for you.

    Open and Enclosed Trailers Are Included in Our Moving Services in San Francisco

    As a reputable long-distance moving company with extensive experience, we strive to provide our customers with all the possible options they could get. That is why we also offer you to choose whether you want to put your car on an open trailer or inside of the enclosed one. Open-air trailers are the common way of relocating cars, and they’re also more affordable, while the enclosed trailers cost more and they aren’t that frequent. Aside from the difference in price, there’s also a difference in protections that these trailers offer. Open ones will relocate your car while it’s exposed to all of the outside elements, and enclosed trailers will secure your car from the weather, dust, rocks, and other road debris.

    Looking for Moving Companies in San Francisco That Have Insurance Coverage?

    Getting moving insurance is a very smart decision, and it’s highly recommended for all moves across the country. With Kerb, there’s minimum liability insurance that’s mandatory and free. It covers each damaged pound of your belongings with sixty cents. We suggest purchasing full-value replacement coverage since it’s a safer option that will provide you with more reimbursement. Vehicles transported on open trailers are covered up to $100,000 of external damage, and the ones relocated inside of enclosed ones are covered up to $500,000.

    With Trustworthy Movers in San Francisco, Your Relocation Will Be Worry-Free

    Be sure that you have the perfect cross-country moving services and that you leave your belongings in the hands of someone with experience. Kerb team takes care of their customers and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. Hire professionals and be assured that you’ll have a relaxed relocation.

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