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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Los Angeles on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.


    San Jose Movers

    If you’ve decided to relocate to the largest city of Silicon Valley in Northern California, you need to consider hiring the best long-distance San Jose movers. Kerb is here to help you with every relocation task and process that for you might be too much to think about. We all know how stressful relocation can be, but you will remember it with a smile on your face with our efficient team with many years of experience. This will leave you with more time to think about what to do and visit the most beautiful town in the Golden State.

    Relocating to the Largest City in the Bay Area

    Once the capital of California, today, the largest city in Northern California, San Jose is a town with many interesting residential places. Many people call it the capital of Silicon Valley, which means you’ll have a lot of professional opportunities, but not only that. In the Bay Area, you can find many residential places convenient for people with a family.

    As far as traffic goes, it is just like in every bigger city. It can get crowded, but you can look for places if you want to get away from big-town noise and crowds. The suburbs are very close, and you get to work close to where you live. However, the largest city in the Bay Area has a very high commute time. Higher even than the national average of around 26 minutes, and in San Jose, it is around 29 minutes.

    The Mediterranean climate means the weather is excellent here, and that’s why more and more people decide on relocating to the Bay Area. SJ itself is so diverse that around 1 million people live here, and you can meet people worldwide. That makes it the tenth most populous city in the U.S.

    If you’re looking for educational opportunities for your children or yourself, here you can find plenty of public and private school and university options.

    Is It Expensive to Live in San Jose, CA?

    Because it is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, the cost of living is one of the highest ones in the nation. Imagine most global tech companies in one place. Well, that would be the heart of Silicon Valley. So, yes, housing and residential costs are very high, but living here means living the good life.

    With a Lot of Diverse Neighborhoods and Communities, How to Choose Where to Live?

    The largest city in Northern California gives a vast spectrum of opportunities for residential suburbs. There are neighborhoods for everyone if you love art, green places, outdoor activities, or you’re just looking for beautiful houses. Here are some neighborhoods you should consider when relocating here:

    • Almaden Valley,
    • Rose Garden,
    • Alum Rock,
    • Downtown,
    • Mayfair,
    • Alameda.

    What to Do in the Largest City of Silicon Valley?

    If you are a person that loves diverse things to do every day, you chose the right place. A lot of significant landmarks, spending time outdoors, and going to the beach are just some of the activities you can do when you relocate to the Bay Area. Since there is an accessible beach way, you can spend your summer weekends in the sun and sand.  The surrounding hills are a dream come true for all of you who love hiking.

    There is a great art scene here—a lot of museums in the Rose Garden and downtown for those who are into art. Near Santa Clara, there is Levi’s Stadium, where you can watch football games if you are a sports enthusiast.

    How to Choose a Trustworthy Moving Company?

    We know how stressful and time-consuming the whole relocation process can be, so having the right team that will assist you is essential. But how do you find the right one? The first step is to ask for recommendations from friends and family if they moved recently. However, if you don’t have that opportunity, go online. If you look at our website, you’ll find positive reviews and comments from our happy customers. And this is what counts the most, to be recognized and recommended by satisfied clients.

    Moving Services With Kerb San Jose Movers and Packers

    No matter if you are searching for a reliable cross-country relocation company or you seek local moving services, we at Kerb can cover every service you need. Customer satisfaction is something we cherish and care about. Why do we have so many positive reviews online? Well, we are one of the companies that let you decide the price. We base the price for local and long-distance moving on the household inventory list you create. You can, of course, change the list as much as you want until one working day before the relocation day.  However, you need to know that the price will change depending on if you are downsizing or adding items. Give us a call, and our customer representative will explain everything you need to know about long-distance moving services by Kerb and answer any questions you have. However, one thing is certain – everything we offer is transparent, and there are no hidden expenses.

    Packing Services With Kerb

    When it comes to packing and storing all of your things, it can look like an endless and tedious job. No matter if you are relocating for the first time or you have experience, some help is always welcome. Our San Jose professional movers are here for you with packing service. Our team with an abundance of experience knows all the packing hacks and tricks that will make this process smooth. If you choose to move with us, our packers will wrap up everything that can fit in the ordinary-sized box with no additional costs. All of your bulky items, like furniture and appliances, will be carefully protected with the best moving supplies, reassembled, and assembled once you arrive at the desired destination. It is not all. Your furniture and other things will go wherever you say.

    Our Company Offers Other Packing Services

    If you are relocating in a hurry and just can’t pack all those smaller things in regular-sized boxes on your own, we will step in. Kerb offers special services designed to save you time and nerves. You can choose between a partial pack, which includes wrapping up your stuff in up to fifteen boxes, and a full pack for storing in more than fifteen boxes or everything in your home. The only thing you have to do is create a complete list of all items. That way, our packers will do their job more efficiently, and your unpacking will be a breeze once you arrive at your new home. If you have any doubts, our kind customer specialist will be there for you at any time you call us.

    Kerb Is One of the Most Reliable Companies With the Best Car Shipping Service

    Like in every big city, traffic in SJ is not so great. There are a lot of vehicles on the streets, especially if you live in Silicon Valley. However, having your car transported is essential because you’ll get to know the new surroundings much easier and faster. Our company provides secure auto shipping as well because we know how challenging the process can be. When you have your vehicle, you can visit all the places nearby, just try to avoid rush hour.

    Movers in San Jose Give You a Choice When It Comes to the Transportation of Your Vehicle

    You decided to transport your car to your new home in SJ, and the most important thing is to hire cross-country movers in San Jose, CA. Our reputable team has many years of experience, and you can check the reviews on our website and make sure that your vehicle is in good hands with us.

    Kerb offers two options of transportation. If you choose an open trailer, your car will be shipped in no time, and it is a more frequent method that our customers choose. It will be cheaper, but you need to know that your vehicle will be in the open air and there will be no protection from weather conditions and dust. On the other hand, if you want complete protection or your vehicle can’t fit on the open trailer, an enclosed trailer is the right thing for you. It is more expensive than the first option, but you’ll have no worries.

    Pick-Up and Delivery Options to Consider When Moving With Us

    With our cross-country moving services, you can decide if we deliver your car door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. With the first option, shipping will be done in front of your door if the driveway is large enough for our truck to unload your vehicle. The important thing is that someone should be present at the time of the drop-off. Terminal-to-terminal delivery means that you should pick up your car at the terminal you decide.

    Free Storage Service for the First 30 Days

    We at Kerb give you 30 days of storage service free of charge to use for your things. Imagine avoiding the stress of realizing you won’t have enough space for all of your stuff, not just the small household items but also the furniture. Our storage facilities can keep everything you want for a whole month until you figure out you should donate or sell them. You shouldn’t worry about safety because each storage is protected, and all of your stuff has barcode labels.

    Check Our Moving Insurance

    When it comes to relocating your home, you’re probably thinking about how to protect your belongings in the best possible way, and moving insurance should be your top priority. Our company has mandatory liability coverage that is already included in the quote you get when you call Kerb. It is 60 cents per pound for every damaged item and stands for everything the customer moves cross-country or locally.

    If you own a precious antique item that requires some extra protection, we suggest also taking the full value replacement. You’ll have to buy this policy separately and make a precise list of all of your precious things our best movers in San Jose will wrap up. We will take the best care and relocate them in one piece unscratched.

    We cover car insurance as well. External damage is covered up to $100,000 in an open trailer. When it comes to enclosed trailers, it is covered up to $500,000.

    Call Kerb and Get a Free Quote for Your Stress-Free Relocation

    The search for a reliable company might take too long if you don’t know how to do it. Take a look at our positive reviews and read every good experience our customers have had with our long-distance moving services. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time and get a free quote. That way, you’ll be sure you choose the right way to relocate to California.

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