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    The eclectic crossroads of cultures at the heart of Maryland keep a variety of identities, and its tale is one of the hardworking outsider, the intellectual of great erudition, the accomplished businessman, and the hero always getting ahead. To unveil this multifacetedness takes time, but with our Baltimore movers, you can finish the most important first step and get closer to the revelation of the mystery. Let us tell you about the place established before the US was an independent state and walk you through our fields of expertise.

    This Dark Horse Can Boast Both Charm and Impressive Results

    The largest city in the state of Maryland didn’t have it easy. Located next to shiny stars (namely Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston,) it had to put in a lot of effort to prove its worth. But, this harbor town overcame many doubters’ expectations and continues to fiercely push forward.

    First off, while the nation was still young and the colonial threat still loomed, the quiet warrior took a slice of history on its grounds, winning a battle that changed the course of the entire 1812 War. A Star-Spangled Banner, sewn by a local patriot woman, rose from the city’s Fort McHenry and remained forever captured in the national anthem.

    America’s first research university – Johns Hopkins University, founded in 1876, is another achievement to be proud of, and the premises are home to a leading medical research institute as well as the Peabody Conservatory, which keeps one of the most formidable and most beautiful libraries nationwide.

    These two and countless other instances created the identity you’ll encounter today – the up and coming tech capital of the state, the place for artists to break the boundaries of the mainstream, the city that values high education, and most of all, a spot that welcomes people in all their diversity.

    A Patchwork of Influences Creates Ample Opportunities to Find Areas With a Spirit

    Every corner tells a tale, and in a city that glorifies food and good times, you’ll have a hard time deciding where to put down roots. Vibrant areas brimming with life continue into historic districts replete with architecture, finishing in hip natural resorts. So, pretty much anything can happen. Here is a summary of our best areas:

    • Federal Hill – An area leaving behind all cliches is a place to choose if you’re into colorful and intensive experiences. It is home to people of all sorts and preferences and a center to enjoy the finest food – be it Hawaiian, vegan, Asian, or any other kind. The Victorian brick houses give it an aura of warmth, and the vicinity of all major sights perfectly rounds up the neighborhood’s appeal.
    • Canton – An epitome of when life gives you lemons philosophy, this focal punct of the once-mighty industry slumped when the economy changed. Yet, in recent years its revival has been all but boring, and the former factories and warehouses are turning into bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops to accommodate the needs of the growing population. With the mesmerizing Canton Waterfront Park and the Highlands Art District in the vicinity, you’re guaranteed to fill up all your senses.
    • Charles Village – The go with the flow area is famous for its painted ladies, the houses that exude a mix of different styles and coloring schemes. And, those aren’t only the houses, as the residents also vary by all parameters possible, but manage to find common grounds in their love for the quirky and the bohemian. A recommendation to all wishing to be near to inspiring neighbors, you’ll also have the Johns Hopkins Uni and some extraordinary museums at stone’s throw.

    You Won’t Regret Roaming the City in Your Free Time

    The City of Firsts, as some call it, is packed with activities. And regardless whether you’re a sport’s lover, history buff, or a foodie, you’ll fill your hours with something close to heart. With so much on offer, you’re bound to find something just right.

    The Bank Stadium is where Super Bowl champions, the Ravens, make history, and some superb soccer games can be found around here as well. If you’re into baseball, however, pay a visit to the legendary Babe Ruth’s home museum.

    And if you want to marvel at art instead, there’ll be plenty of opportunities. Start with Edgar Alan Poe’s house and learn about the development of the horror genre. Or hop into some of the town’s splendid museums, such as the American Visionary Art Museum.

    Finish it all off in some of the inviting seafood restaurants and discover why the place got the nickname the Crab Cake Capital of the World.

    Beginning Anew Is Easier With Kerb’s Cross-Country Moving Services

    Relocations are essentially changes. And changes can make us feel scared and in fear of what’s to come. One chapter is ending, yet the new one should begin in the best possible way. Our professional long-distance moving services are here to grant you that start on the right foot.

    With Kerb, there’s nothing to worry about as you’ll not only receive premium services offered by experts who are trained and experienced but also enjoy a quote you can rely on. When you make your home inventory list, our agent will let you know of the final price, and there’s nothing to fear if you wish to change this as the date approaches (it’s possible up to one day prior to our arrival.)

    Even if It’s a Local Move, Our Team Can Help

    In case you’re already a proud Baltimorean, and you wish to change the address within the city, Kerb can lend a hand too. We excel not only in long-distance, but also local moving, so our professional team will be glad to provide you with all the services you wish to arrange. Be it across the street or to a distant part of town, your belongings should be transported with care, and there’s no better candidate to do it than us.

    Packing Stress Becomes a Thing of the Past When Our Movers in Baltimore MD Take the Stage

    Packing and mounting all the heavy stuff can be a hassle, especially if you haven’t got help. Knowing how tiresome this can be, we included it in our standard relocation package. This means that you won’t have to disassemble or carry the heavy furniture, bulky appliances, mirrors, and things of a sort, as our team will take care of it all without any additional costs.

    Choose Between Full and Partial Services and Save Time and Energy

    If you’re still troubled by clothes, figurines, dishes, and other bits that fit into boxes, we hear you. Our full and partial (up to fifteen boxes) services come at an extra cost, yet they’re the magic stick you might need. We come armed with all the necessary supplies, ensuring you haven’t got any obligations apart from writing down what goes into each box.

    The Only Way to Ship Your Car Is With the Finest Company Around

    If you want to explore the neighboring gems, such as Washington DC, a car might be crucial while living here. And there’s nobody better to entrust with handling your vehicle than our team. Our auto transport services were designed following the latest developments in the industry and constantly keeping car safety as the highest priority. For this reason, all vehicles our professional movers Baltimore transport are covered by insurance for external damage (up to 500,000 dollars for those on closed trailers, and up to 100,000 dollars for those on open ones.)

    Kerb’s Movers Baltimore Can Help You Determine the Best Transportation Options for Your Vehicle

    The first question that pops up when you think about car shipping is the transportation method. And, the thing is that there are no general rules to follow in each situation. However, this summary may help you in deciding what is better for you, and our customer support agent will be happy to further clarify all doubts. The two major options you have are:

    • Open-air trailers – These are convenient for all car types, and they can accommodate up to nine cars, which makes them easily accessible and affordable. However, their major drawback is that they can’t ensure full protection in winter or in case of any of the elements.
    • Closed trailers – This type of carrier is ideal for vintage and luxurious cars and any model that has special maintenance requests. Though it’s a tad slower and more pricey, it can guarantee your exclusive model reaches the new destination unscathed.

    No Need to Fret About the End of Your Moving – Our Car Delivery Is Spot On

    With the best long-distance movers Baltimore, delivery is a piece of cake. If you go for door-to-door, the only thing you have to do is be there on the assigned date or appoint someone else to take the lead. Our team will make sure that we meet you as close to the agreed spot as possible in case certain traffic regulations impede us from doing it in front of the door.

    Another option you can choose is terminal-to-terminal delivery, which requires you to come to our terminal to take your vehicle. We’ve got terminal facilities in all major US cities, so there won’t be a hitch here either.

    Kerb’s Storage Is a Safe Haven for Your Belongings, and It’s Free in the First Thirty Days

    Sometimes plans change, and some things don’t go the way we expect them to. Perhaps it’s the new home that is not ready yet, or there’s another reason why you wish to store a portion or all of your items. And that’s fine. We’re here to support you in the tumultuous times, and that’s why Kerb introduced thirty days of storage services for free. And, after this period, you’ll be charged per day, not week or month, so you’ll only pay what you use.

    And in case you’re worried about the safety of your items, you should know the following. Our storage facilities are heat-controlled so that each item can be stored properly. More importantly, each object that enters gets scanned and becomes part of our system to prevent any loss. Finally, every premise is supervised, and the odds of troubles are reduced to zero.

    Insurance for Your Relocation Is a Safeguard Against Damnation

    It’s in our best interest to keep the chances of breaking or losing an item below minimum, yet accidents do happen. For this reason, our top-rated Baltimore MD movers include relocation insurance in each package. Mandatory liability coverage, which is 60 cents per pound of the lost or damaged object, is entailed regardless of who did the packing. And if you wish to invest in even better refund options, there’s the full value replacement (calculated by the item’s worth) and third-party insurance – reserved for invaluable possessions.

    Follow the Trail of Dreams and Contact the Finest Movers in Baltimore, Maryland to Get a Free Quote

    America’s Greatest City as one politician once said, is a promise of opportunity and diversity, drawing people in with its charisma and constant growth. And why renounce the chance to complete your relocation with flying colors? Contact us now and check what your quote looks like.

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