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Dreaming of moving to or from L.A.? Find reliable Hollywood movers to ensure a smooth transition and start your next chapter with positive thoughts and bright ideas.

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There’s no single person who hasn’t dreamt of traveling to L.A. at some point. If you choose to move here, you will have a blast! And if you already live here, but would like to start over somewhere else, we have something for you, too. Find reliable Hollywood movers before you hit the road.

All of your stuff will be packed and transported safely, and that’s not all. You can get more help from experienced professionals and start your next chapter with nothing but positive thoughts and bright ideas.

Kerb Offers the Most Reliable Moving Services in Hollywood

When planning a move, there are many questions you must ask yourself. One of the first ones is usually if you will hire a professional team to help you relocate and save some time. If you choose to hire a skilled squad, there are steps you must take to find the right one. Firstly, do your research and focus on the reviews and testimonials. See what previous customers had to say. If everything seems to be up to the mark, get a free quote and begin planning your moving budget.

However, getting a more precise estimate means getting in touch with the company through email or phone. Reach out to us and follow our guidelines to check how much you’d spend. But first, you will need to deliver a full household inventory list. Our price range will be based on the information you provide.

Whether you need to move locally or hire an expert team for long-distance moving services, Kerb has you covered.

Hollywood Moving Reviews

Kavin O Brain
June 10, 2020

Kerb was used to ship only extremely fragile stuff that I was uncomfortable handling myself. I thought it would be a wiser choice to have someone with professional experience handle it. Before confirming anything I called and asked if they […]

Allison S.
Jan 5, 2019

These guys did an amazing job when I had to move everything out of my moms house! They were very easy to work with about times and dates, and they came early too! Once they got to my house I […]

Emmett Terry
October 26, 2018

The team did an amazing job at getting all of our stuff safely from Denver to Phoenix, with zero damage. Even if damage did a occur, we set up insurance with them since it was a longer move. The dispatch […]

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Our Company Will Help You Get Packed Smoothly

According to surveys, most people in the US move cross-country for housing reasons. Whether you intend to move to a bigger home and raise a family or switch to a smaller apartment and cut costs, you are in for some serious strategizing.

Before you start to pack, it is necessary to go through every room, sort all items, and declutter. That way, you’ll save some money on transport, gain extra space, and start fresh. However, this process is often challenging and tiring. When it’s time to get packed, you might feel like you’re already behind the schedule. Or you might be uncertain about handling bulky objects and furniture or packaging your valuable and fragile items. That’s why you should consider getting packing services from us.

When planning finances, keep in mind that these services come as a basic part of the deal and don’t drive any extra costs:

  • Disassembling large household items like furniture,
  • Putting them back together afterward,
  • Loading these objects onto a moving truck (and unloading them later),
  • Protecting massive objects, furniture pieces, and electronics with suitable materials.

Any item bigger than a regular box gets packed and loaded onto the truck for free. As for the rest of your belongings, you can acquire a partial or full packing service from our company.

Get a Free Quote and Learn More Before Acquiring Partial and Full Packing Services

How much stuff will you bring into the new home? Be sure before you get packed. Measure your new space carefully and plan the move accordingly. Finally, being fully aware of your needs will determine the course of relocation, your expenses, and the type of help you’ll need.

If you want 15 boxes or more packed and secured by our professional packers, you will seek a full-service. On the other hand, anything less than 15 boxes falls under the partial service. Kerb also takes charge of providing packing materials and supplies. If you need an extra box, blanket, some tape, or any other piece of equipment, we have it. Get a free quote through our website, catalog your belongings, share your needs with us – and let’s discuss your move in more detail.

Safe Auto Shipping from Kerb’s Professional Movers in Hollywood, CA

LA is unique for many reasons. It is surrounded by the ocean, mountains, forest, and desert. It has so many iconic landmarks and attractions that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, and the Hollywood Sign are only some of the prominent places to visit. However, there is something else Los Angeles is known for. It’s a necessity to own a car here and use it daily.

If you wish to live, work, and play in any part of this bright and dense city, find a way to transport your vehicle safely. And there is no better method than to acquire a reliable car shipping service from a reputable company.

Why is our car transport your best choice? Firstly, Kerb grants you safety and punctuality. Secondly, you won’t have to drive the whole distance and worry about the time, weather, gas, rest stops, and more. And ultimately – read on and see how flexible our options are.

Open and Enclosed Trailer

Kerb has two car shipping options at its customers’ disposal. We offer a choice between two types of carriers. You can decide to ship your vehicle by using an open or enclosed trailer.

If you worry about the overall relocation costs, you should know that the open trailer is more economical. Once you choose it, we will ship your car on the back of an open wagon.

The enclosed trailer has many benefits, and the main ones include the extra safety it provides. It will protect your car entirely from any outside forces and occurrences. Chunks of soil, sand, rocks, or road dust won’t harm your vehicle in any way. And this wagon will also shield it from unfavorable weather.

Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

Our professional drivers can fulfill your needs and make sure that your vehicle is shipped safely. We offer two pick-up and delivery options: door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. The first option means that our team will collect your car from your former address and deliver it exactly to your new place. The second alternative means that we’ll pick up your car at our station nearest to your previous house and ship it to a station near your new home.

We Offer 30 Days of Free Storage

How thoroughly did you plan your relocation? If you’ve done your homework and got organized properly, the odds will always be in your favor. But still – you might need a secure place to store your stuff for a while. Whatever your reasons are, choosing a safe and tidy storage unit is crucial.

And here is some more good news – Kerb offers 30 days of free storage. Our climate-controlled and continuously monitored units are at your disposal for one month – completely free of charge. And once the trial period has finished, it is up to you whether you will continue to use our units for a daily fee or select another location to store your possessions.

Get Your Relocation Insurance

How to provide each customer with a positive experience? Skillfulness is a huge part of the deal. But complete safety is non-negotiable. And to lift safety to a whole new level, our company offers our customers local and long-distance moving insurance packages. That way, if any sort of error or stumble happens, you will be covered. Every insurance coverage is tailored to meet your demands and to keep you stress-free throughout the process.

Kerb Provides Basic Moving Insurance – Mandatory Liability Coverage

First, let us present you with our basic insurance package, which entails a fixed outlay, and it’s required for every person who obtains our help. All items packed and loaded onto a truck must be covered with a basic liability insurance package. It involves the value of 60 cents per pound of goods that suffered damage of any sort.

Still, before you contact our professional team and get your relocation insurance, you must know which items aren’t allowed on the trucks. The list of prohibited elements contains everything explosive, dangerous, or flammable.

Full Value Replacement Insurance Covers More

We know that some of the goods you want to take to your next home might need particular security measures. That is why Kerb provides its customers with a more far-reaching package – Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI).

This insurance covers all of your furniture and large objects. Its coverage includes each item that our movers have wrapped or packed. Nevertheless, don’t forget that it doesn’t apply to the possessions you have boxed up without our assistance.

Finally, if you want your fragile or valuable goods packed inside special boxes and containers, we offer custom crating, which will be added to the invoice.

Car Shipping Insurance Is Paramount

Moving to the very core of the City of Angels entails having a functional car. Otherwise, you can get stuck and miss out on many pleasant and important events and activities. When you choose to use our car shipping services, it is best to get extra insurance and stay stress-free.

The sum that your car-shipping insurance covers will range depending on the type of carrier you have picked. The enclosed auto-shipping trailer involves a higher amount in case of any damage. You’d be getting $500,000 if anything damages the external parts of your car. The insurance coverage for those who use the open trailer is $100,000.

Explore the Neighborhood

If a vibrant and urban area sounds like something you will get a thrill out of, you’ve just found the place. This popular neighborhood covers 30 square miles and is densely inhabited by more than 150,000 people.

The industry that marked this region for good came to life in 1910. That was the year the first 17-minute short film was made. And the famous sign was built shortly after that, in 1923. However, there is more to this community:

  • Visit La Brea Tar Pits, a unique natural museum located within Hancock Park,
  • Go to the Griffith Observatory and use a historic 12-inch refracting telescope,
  • Attend a concert at Hollywood Bowl,
  • Have a lovely time visiting numerous restaurants, bars, retail stores, and entertainment venues on Sunset Boulevard,
  • Don’t miss out on Madame Tussauds and Guinness Book of World Records Museums,
  • Take a hike on Runyon Canyon Park

These are only a few ideas to keep every young professional and any parent happy and occupied. With so much to see and do, and so many attractions and activities for every age and everyone’s style, you can never get bored.

More Than Glamour – Learn About Living in Hollywood

Although this neighborhood is synonymous with the movie industry and world-class blockbusters, it represents much more. First and foremost, this area is perfectly safe and has a very low crime rate.

Still, the overall cost of living is nearly twice as high as the national average. On the other hand, healthcare and utilities are cheaper than in many parts of the US, including the rest of California. The median rent for a studio apartment is nearly $1,500, while a one-bedroom apartment costs 200 to 300 dollars more.

If you are planning to move to this part of LA, get yourself some reliable and affordable movers in Hollywood, CA, and save up to begin your new life the right way.

Contact Our Hollywood Movers and Reach Your Destination With Ease

Moving to a central region of Los Angeles has countless advantages. You will enjoy the mild-to-hot and mostly dry Mediterranean climate, vibrant and diverse culture, stable economy, and numerous fun outdoor activities. And if you pick the best Hollywood movers and relocate smoothly, you will save a lot of time, money, and energy. Whether you want to start over in the heart of LA’s elite or would like to move from Hollywood to a more affordable location, you can count on Kerb.


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