Tips on How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Posted Moving Essentials / August 9, 2020
Steven Rogers

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Some are family heirlooms, some hold sentimental value, and some are just useful. You’d hate to see them break. And you have to relocate. Suddenly, often dismissed lore on how to pack glasses for moving comes back into focus. Stay with us for quick but helpful tips on the matter.

Step-by-Step Guide Begins With Materials

Once the relocation date is set and the moving away party done and dusted, it’s time to make new progress on the moving to-do list. Namely, wash the glasses and pack them. Unless, of course, you planned one step forward and used plastic ones that afterward went to recycling straight away.
But back to the business at hand. The packing process begins with the gathering of materials, as the first step on the moving expenses checklist. So buy or otherwise collect boxes, tape, and loads of packing paper. Those constitute your main tools in the process. Others, such as newspapers or towels, you’ll easily find in your home.

What Is the Proper Box

It’s no surprise that every set of items requires a different approach. Box that is perfect for books wouldn’t be good traveling home for dishes. When it comes to glassware, middle-sized boxes are ideal. That’s because they can be filled with lots of light objects and still not become unwieldy and difficult to carry. So don’t hesitate to use them.

Tips for Packing Glassware

So, what are the best moving tips for preparing glass for secure transportation? They mostly include large quantities of paper.


Is There the Best Method to Protect Glass?

When it comes to cushioning and protecting glass, the paper is the best option. Bubble wrap is also a possibility, but it is not recommended. It would give protection, sure, but there are several significant downsides. The first and most important one is that it takes too much space. Also, it is quite expensive and more difficult to recycle.


How to Pack Glasses for Moving

To secure your packed stuff, you should first secure a box. So, reinforce it with tape, and be generous when applying it. Box breaking apart while you carry it is the worst-case scenario.
Then make the first protective layer and put it in place. Fill the bottom of the box with crumbles of paper, since it will provide flexibility during shipping. When that is in place, the most delicate step can begin – wrapping up the glasses. And as we said before, it’s best to use paper for that.
When it comes to stacking, the general rule is the same as with other things – large goes down, and the light goes up. So, start with the largest and heaviest – mugs and alike. Wrap them up and fill them with crumbles or with the paper’s ends. Then put them on the box’s bottom. Next comes your everyday rank-and-file glass for drinking liquor or juices. Wrap them two at the time, to save the materials and even space, especially if the items are from the same set and fit well next to each other.
Finally, give special attention to the most fragile of the lot – the ones used for wine. When wrapping them, make sure that stems are well protected. Being the most delicate part of an object, they are most likely to break. Even wrap the stems first.
So, item by item, you’ll fill the boxes layer by layer. When it is filled, add a couple more crumbles to make one more protective layer and seal the box with tape. And voila! It’s ready to roll.

Cheat the System With Smart Packing

As we said, some crates are better than others. If possible, head to the local liquor store or restaurant. They’ll undoubtedly have boxes designed for bottles that they want to be taken off their hands. Get those, and you’ll be in a lot less work, merely putting each glass in a compartment. The downside is that you’ll probably need quite a few of those to pack it all.

A Few More Hacks on Packing of Fragile Items

Now that we got conventional methods out of the way let’s get on with some moving hacks that can save you time and money with materials. Relocations, especially long distance moving, cost quite a buck, so every little thing helps.

Wrap Items in Clothes

When the paper’s scarce, you can turn to alternative wrappings. For example, use clothes. They are soft and yet flexible, which is precisely what your glassware needs. Wrap it in shirt sleeves, and for smaller ones, you can use socks. That will give enough cushioning, and may even make packing fun.
Towels can serve as wrappings, too.

Put Glass in Pots

Want to save some space and are fed up with crates? Your household has more to offer than you think! Larger pots can serve as a storage space. Line up glasses inside, add a bit of cushioning, and secure the lid. This option can prove invaluable in the case of local moving.

Now You Know How to Pack Glasses for Moving

So, there you have it. With a few simple hacks, you can wave a lot of the moving stress away, knowing that your glasses will be ready when the time comes for making friends in a new city.
Of course, if you have any doubts, paying for moving insurance is a smart thing to do, especially if you’re forced to use storage services and place your glassware in a storage unit for a more extended period of time.

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