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Find love and a new home in charming Santa Barbara with our movers, where you’ll discover a laid-back lifestyle and endless attractions, including President Ronald Reagan’s historic ranch.


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Not only will you fall in love in Santa Barbara, but you might find love in this amazing city as well. This charming California coastal city is not accidentally referred to as having aphrodisiac characteristics, and a number of celebrities have decided to tie the knot here.

With our Santa Barbara movers, your journey to a laid-back and relaxed life can begin along with your relocation. Once you set foot on the American Riviera, you will never want to leave again.

This city has it all – an excellent Mediterranean climate, fantastic job opportunities, victorian and Spanish-style architecture, and on top of all, President Ronald Reagan’s ranch, referred to as “Western White House”.

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Nathan L.
Dec 21, 2018

I highly recommend this company. When I called them they were very easy and straight forward to work with. I told them what I needed, they gave me a quote, and we set up a date all very quickly. On […]

Kimberly M.
Feb 11, 2019

When I graduated college, I needed to move all of my things out from DC back to LA. When I was doing my research with different long distance moving companies, Kerb stood out since they gave me the most competitive […]

Allison S.
Jan 5, 2019

These guys did an amazing job when I had to move everything out of my moms house! They were very easy to work with about times and dates, and they came early too! Once they got to my house I […]

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Queen of the Missions and Gem of California

Located in the central part of California, surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, this amazing city truly is a heaven for nature and sunshine lovers. More than 25 beaches are spread throughout 100 miles of coastline, and its proximity to the town is what makes SB so popular. You will also be close to some of the significant universities like the University of California SB and SB City College. UCSB is the number two school in the US regarding its impact on science.

This is one of the least stressed cities in the USA and one of the top ten most athletic cities as well. If you love beaches, surfing, and movies, this is the place for you. One of the first California film studios, Flying A Studios, was located here, and it was a bigger deal than Hollywood back in the 1900s. Flying A Studio produced more than a thousand silent movies. This is why SB is also called North Hollywood. A lot of famous movies were filmed here, and Scarface was one of them.

If you are into history, you will be happy to know that SB has a rich history to be proud of. The Chumash people populated this territory for about 13,000 years, and one of the oldest human fossils was found here. Also, you can find Spanish influence everywhere, especially in SB’s amazing architecture. One of the oldest and most beautiful buildings is Old Mission, built in the late 18th century. It is the most preserved mission, which is why SB is called the Queen of the Missions. But let’s find out more about this beautiful city.

There Are a Lot of Neighborhoods in Santa Barbara County to Choose From

The American Rivera has a lot more to offer than its amazing beaches. Even though competing with the most beautiful beaches in the State is not an easy task, the SB mountains are up to the task. If you love nature, hiking, and good wine, then Santa Ynez Mountains and their parks are places you have to see. While we are in the mountains, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in SB is near the mountain, Mission Canyon, where you will enjoy the view of the ocean on one side and mountains on the other side, and Old Mission is located here. The median rent here is around $ 2,000. Here are some of the top-ranked neighborhoods to live in SB:

  • Carpinteria – Located ten minutes from SB, this suburb offers some of the most beautiful beaches to visit. Surfing is prevalent here, and most activities are beach-oriented. The best beach for surfing is Icon Beach. The median rent here is $1,940, and house prices are pretty affordable for this area – the median home value is around $ 700,000, while in Mission Canyon, houses are approximately $ 1,165,000.
  • Montecito – Occupying the space east of mountains, this spot is famous for its rich and famous residents – Oprah has a house here. The most beautiful beach of SB, Butterfly Beach is located here, famous for its spectacular moonlight strolls. Only a couple of minutes from SB, Montecito seems like a totally different world. It is a peaceful and quiet place, where people enjoy relaxing in local restaurants and diners. The median house value is $2,000,000, and most residents own their house here.
  • The Mesa – Close to SB downtown, The Mesa is where many tourists and residents enjoy the view. Situated on cliffs just above the beach, this place is famous for its relaxed lifestyle.

It’s Time to Find Your Place Under the Sun in the American Riviera

As you can see, SB is a popular tourist attraction, and most jobs here are oriented to services and catering. Most people who live here work in public or clerk services or in the catering business. It is also home to aerospace and defense companies, such as Alliant Techsystems and Raytheon. Being situated on Highway 101 and just 100 miles from Los Angeles, finding a job once you move here will be easy. Once you set your foot on America Riviera, here are some things you need to visit and see:

  • Refugio State Beach – if you like camping, this is a place to do so. It has over 85 campsites right by the beach.
  • Padaro Beach – One of the locals’ favorite places, it is full of local businesses, and one of the most popular is Padaro Beach Grill.
  • Shoreline Park – this is a scenic place to take some Instagram pictures and have a picnic or hike.

Also, you should visit the beautiful botanical garden Lotusland and the Museum of Natural History. Don’t miss out on one of the epic exhibits of California condors in the Zoo. Only four zoos in the world can say to have condors, and this Zoo is one of them.

Once you move here, you will enjoy great food, restaurants, and beaches. The city itself is rich in culture and history. It has one of the oldest theaters that have been performing continuously, the Lobero Theater, and if you enjoy classical music, The SB Symphony is a paradise for music admirers. Every Tuesday night, State Street transforms into a striking California Farmer’s Market.

Now that you know everything about American Riviera, it is time to pack your stuff and start the search for moving companies in Santa Barbara. Keep reading to find out what we at Kerb have to offer.

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We at Kerb can proudly say that many customers find our moving service to be client-orientated, professional, and efficient. After all, we have thousands of reviews to back this up. But why do people choose us to do their long-distance moving? Because we believe we fit every criterion when you choose a reliable relocation company. We do both residential or commercial moves, which means we will not refuse to relocate you if you are going just a block away or even across the street. What makes us different is that we form our prices according to the inventory list. This means that once the quote is made, there will not be any hidden charges. When is it possible to change the price? Only when you add or take off something from your list — which you can do up to one business day prior to your relocation.

Do You Need Local or Long-Distance Moving Services? Either Way, We Are at Your Disposal

As we mentioned above, we at Kerb offer a local moving service, so if you are relocating inside your city or state, we consider this a local move. On the other hand, if you are relocating to another state, we will provide you with a long-distance moving service. Our movers in Santa Barbara will come to your home or office and load all your belongings on the truck and later on unload them at your new location. Our team will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture, wrap it with high-quality protective materials, and then load it on a truck and safely transport it to your new home. But make sure once you contact our Santa Barbara moving company to ask them about any specific items you wish our movers to move. For example, we will be more than happy to move your piano or pool table, but some items our movers won’t move, such as flammable materials, valuables, important documents, and others.


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Need Someone to Pack Your Stuff? Our Company Will Provide You With a Packing Service as Well

Once you hire us to do your relocation, you will get the standard packing service. This means we will help you with your large and bulky items, like furniture, electronics, and other household items. But if you don’t have time to do the packing by yourself, you can hire us to do this as well. This way, you won’t have to take days off in order to deal with your stuff.

The Movers Will Only Pack the Items You Want Them To

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to carefully pack your fragile belongings or glassware, you can hire Kerb only to do partial packing. With this offer, we will only pack the items you wish to do so, while with full packing, we will pack everything that is on your inventory list. Our trained crew will handle your belongings with the utmost care. Rest assured that all the glassware and fragile items will be safely packed with the best quality packing supplies, which we provide, like boxes of all sizes, scissors, blankets, duct tape, bubble wrap, paper wrap, and others. But bear in mind that we consider this to be a full offer if we pack more than 15 boxes.

If You Don’t Know What to Do With Your Stuff, Put Them in Our Storage Facilities

We at Kerb know that many things can go south during relocation, like packing the household and canceling the lease, only to realize that the new place is not ready to move in yet. Because of this and many other possible scenarios, we at Kerb provide free storage facilities for every customer for a whole month. Our storage units are safe with the best video surveillance and climate control. Rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us.


Take a Road Trip to SB or Ship Your Car With the Auto-Shipping Service

If you are not up to travel all the way to California or, on the other hand, you want to take a fun family road trip, but you have more than one vehicle, you can hire Kerb to transport your car with our auto shipping. First things first, there will have to be some car preparations before shipping. Prepare all the car’s paperwork, wash it, and take pictures in case there is any damage for insurance purposes.

There are several options regarding transportation and delivery you can choose from. You can pick between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal pick-up delivery options. With door-to-door, we will pick up your car at your doorstep, and later on, we will deliver it to your new location the same way. This option is more expensive than terminal-to-terminal, but it doesn’t require you to bring your car. With terminal-to-terminal, your vehicle will be delivered and left at the terminal, which we have in every major city.

Choose Between an Open and Enclosed Trailer

With our auto shipping, you can choose two types of transportation: an open and enclosed trailer. With an open trailer, which is the cheaper option, you can ship more than one car at the same time. You may have to do some car washing afterward because your car will not be protected from the weather and road debris. The enclosed trailer is a more expensive option and is commonly used for sport and luxurious vehicles. With this option, your car will be perfectly safe from any outside factors.

Relocate Safely With Our Moving Insurance

Our cross-country moving company will provide you with mandatory or basic moving insurance. With this insurance, if any damage to your belongings occurs, you will get compensation amounting to 0,60cents per pound of damaged goods. But if this seems little for you, we can provide you with full moving insurance or full value replacement. We will compensate for the full value of your damaged stuff.  It is important to emphasize that insurance only covers the items our movers handled and not items that you packed yourself.

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If you still haven’t made up your mind on which company to choose, let us tell you that we at Kerb provide a free online quote, so just contact us, and you will get at least an idea of how much your relocation will cost. Also, it is important to mention that once you become our customer, you will get a designated agent who will handle your move from the beginning to the end, and they will be at your disposal for any questions or issues you may have. Relocating to one of the least stressful cities in the USA will be more than pleased with our company.


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