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Are you planning on relocating locally? There are so many moving companies out there that offer local moving services. Los Angeles on its own has a lot of moving companies that do local relocations.


    Oakland Movers

    How would you like to live in the Bay Area? Most people love the idea of relocating to this region, soaking up the California sun, and enjoying its vibrant culture. If you’re up for finding a more affordable alternative to San Francisco, consider hiring Kerb’s Oakland movers and finding your place on the Bright Side of the Bay.

    Sports, art, and theater enthusiasts will certainly be thrilled by this city. But that’s not all. This populous municipality has many other perks to explore. Look carefully into the housing market, career opportunities, and cross-country moving companies before making the jump.

    Getting to Know the Bright Side of the Bay

    This city has earned its nickname fair and square. Its perpetually sunny days and moderate year-round climate are guilty of giving it a (well deserved) excellent reputation. With more than 430,000 residents, it is the largest city in the East Bay region. Its tradition had revolved around agriculture and the Transcontinental Railroad. Nowadays, it is the place where numerous tech companies thrive. A few years back, this city’s GDP ranked eighth among metropolitan areas across the US.

    Those who are more inclined toward artistic scenery will also love this location. Its districts have been named as some of the best places for artists in North America. After all, there is a bit of something for everyone in this town. Spacious and beautifully arranged parks and trails, bars, clubs, restaurants, theaters, galleries, and sports arenas await.

    Know the City’s Districts Before You Contact Kerb – the Best Oakland Moving Company

    Although it is somewhat cheaper than its prominent neighbor SFC, this city is still quite expensive. However, it does offer excellent career choices and has countless prosperous employers. Only 13% of its residents are unemployed. Its median household value is $183,468, while an average income is around $45,000.

    This city has 14 neighborhoods. Your choice should be based on your budget and goals. These are our top picks:

    • Bushrod,
    • Cleveland Heights,
    • Redwood Heights,
    • Grand Lake,
    • Temescal.

    These districts have the lowest crime rates and are pretty affordable. Suppose you are looking for a place to raise a family, pay a visit to these neighborhoods and check out their housing markets. Lastly, before you make a final call, be sure to explore the commute options.

    Research Professional Movers in Oakland, California – Kerb’s Relocation Services

    All moves can be smooth and effortless if you plan them correctly. Still, first thing’s first – will you ask for help from professional movers in Oakland, or will you handle the relocation yourself? If you go for the first option and reach out to the pros, that will save you a lot of time and reduce stress. That is, if you do your homework, read the reviews carefully, and select the most reputable team.

    Start your search by requesting a free quote through our website. Once you grasp the estimated amount you will need to put on the side for your relocation, you’ll know whether this option is right for you. However, there is a better way to get a more accurate estimate. Be sure to compose a home inventory list and send it to us. We will base our estimations upon it and let you know about the fees.

    When looking into Oakland moving companies, be sure to know your budget, goals, expectations, and demands. Pick the one that matches your aims and finances and is transparent, punctual, and reliable. If you want to know more about our long-distance moving services, get in touch with us by phone or email. We also provide local moving services according to your needs. Learn about them by contacting us.

    Packing Services We Offer

    Experts suggest that all moves should be planned two months in advance. And it is best to start to pack at least three weeks before the big day. Now, before boxing up your possessions, you are bound to purge your household a bit. Why is this important? Firstly, it will reduce your costs because there will be fewer items to package and load onto a truck. Secondly, your next residence will be more stylish and tidy. And lastly, you might earn a buck or two by selling some of the unwanted belongings.

    Once you are done with sorting and purging, contact us to learn about our packing service.

    Kerb offers these services as a basic part of the cross-country or local moving process, meaning that they don’t entail any extra charges:

    • We handle any item more sizable than a standard box for free,
    • Our team disassembles massive objects like furniture and patches them together later,
    • Kerb’s movers in Oakland, CA, load these objects onto the trucks and unload them afterward,
    • Securing bulky objects, furniture pieces, and electronics with paper, wrap, and other fitting materials.

    If you want any smaller goods packaged into suitable containers and cardboards, acquire partial or full packing service from us.

    Get a Partial or Full Service from the Best Movers in Oakland

    Aren’t you excited about your move? Before you get overwhelmed with joy, be sure to get organized and packed on time. You must know what you will take to your brand-new place before you get packed. And also – we need to stay informed as well if you want our assistance.

    If your necessities include more than 15 boxes packed and ensured by our professionals, you will obtain a full-service. Anything up to 15 boxes is considered a partial service. Kerb also provides all needed packing materials and supplies.

    Safe and Reliable Car Shipping with Kerb

    Local moves are quite different from cross-country moving. Long-distance relocations can take up more of your time and get more costly. However, you can skip driving the whole way to your chosen destination. Since you will unquestionably need to use your car upon arriving at San Francisco Bay, acquiring a car shipping service is the simplest way to fulfill your aims.

    Kerb guarantees safety and promptness. Our professional drivers will ensure that you don’t need to think about your schedule, possible weather conditions, fuel, taking breaks, and more. Contact us and find out more about the transportation options and pick-up and delivery alternatives we offer.

    Transportation Options – Pick an Open or Enclosed Trailer

    We have two auto shipping choices at our clients’ disposal, which means you can choose between two types of trailers. Find out more to determine whether you’d like to ship your car by utilizing an open or enclosed wagon.

    If the overall relocation costs represent your main concern, the open trailer is the right choice for you since it’s more advantageously priced. If you pick it, our crew will ship your vehicle on the back of an open carrier.

    The enclosed trailer offers several upper hands. The principal ones are connected to the extra protection it gives. It will preserve your car fully from any external agents and circumstances. Road dust, including pieces of dirt, sand, and rocks, won’t damage your vehicle, and this trailer will also keep it away from weather influences.

    Pick-up and Delivery Options With Our Auto Transport Services

    Our company offers two pick-up and delivery options: you can choose between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal car shipping.

    The first choice implies collecting your car from your past location and delivering it to your new place’s doorstep. The second option refers to picking up your vehicle at our station nearest to your last residence and shipping it off to a station in your new area.

    Our Moving Company in Oakland Offers Free Storage

    You have found the ideal place, a reputable mover in Oakland, booked a date, scheduled car shipping, and done everything correctly. Do you need a safe storage unit?

    Many people realize that they will need to use our units last minute. And since we know how tricky it is to plan it all from start to finish and collect the necessary means, we have decided to offer 30 days of free storage to every customer.

    Every unit is climate-controlled, monitored by video surveillance non-stop, and has a designated safeguard. We will store your belongings carefully until you choose to pick them up and move them to another location. However, when the trial period is over, you can continue to use our storage for a fee. And if you choose not to, you won’t have any further obligation toward us.

    Get Your Relocation Insurance from Kerb

    All moves drive certain risks. Even when choosing among the most credible local and long-distance moving companies in Oakland, some errors can occur. Although the odds of slips are quite slim, it is better to be extra safe. If you choose us, we will grant you an insurance package that suits your needs.

    Firstly, Kerb has mandatory liability coverage, moving insurance reserved for everyone who uses our services. In addition to this basic package, there are other options you could explore and choose from.

    Mandatory Liability Coverage Will Keep You Stress-Free

    Mandatory liability coverage involves a fixed outlay, and it’s obligatory for anyone who hires our staff. All goods packed and loaded onto a truck must be covered with this package. It entails the value of 60 cents per pound of belongings that were lost or sustained harm of any sort.

    Prior to reaching out to us and getting your insurance, you take a close look at the list of products and objects that aren’t permitted on the trucks. Anything explosive, dangerous, or flammable is prohibited by the law and can’t be moved by us.

    Full Value Replacement Insurance Will Cover All of Your Belongings

    Some belongings you choose to transport to your new address demand a specific type of safety. For those treasured or delicate items, we recommend to our clients Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI).

    This coverage assures all of your furniture and bulky inventory. It encompasses each object that our movers have boxed up or wrapped. It doesn’t provide insurance for the properties you have packed without our aid.

    If you need your breakable or precious belongings packed inside specially designed cases and boxes, we can take care of custom crating, which will be added to the final bill.

    Car Shipping Insurance Is Essential for a Smooth Move

    Relocating to the San Francisco Bay area has numerous perks. However, one thing is for sure – you will use your car a lot. Whether it’s driving off to work or sightseeing and exploring the nearby regions, your vehicle will be more than handy.

    Reliable moving companies in Oakland, CA, that offer car shipping grant a certain level of security. However, to be covered entirely, you should consider getting the auto-transport insurance package.

    When collaborating with Kerb, your car-shipping insurance will range depending on the transportation option you have chosen. The enclosed trailer involves a higher reimbursement in case of an accident or any harm. You’d get $500,000 if anything damages the outer parts of your car, while insurance for the open trailer covers $100,000.

    Reach Out to Our Oakland Movers, Whether You’re Moving To or From the City

    Diversity, liveliness, and fantastic career opportunities await on the Bright Side of the Bay. A continuously evolving economy, a perfect climate, and a multitude of world-class wine-and-dine options will have you falling for this West Coast port city.

    And if you wish to leave Oakland and begin life somewhere else, our team is at your service, too. If you choose the most reliable and skillful team to help you reach your destination, you will have an excellent fresh start. Be sure to read the reviews and testimonials and see why Kerb can be a downright choice for an efficient and pleasant cross-country or local moving experience.

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