Moving for Love? These Are the Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Relocating

Posted Moving Essentials / June 10, 2020
Blake Shaw

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How far are you willing to go for love? To the next city, state, or even continent? When in love, people tend to do a lot of crazy things, but is moving for love one of them? Or is it an entirely rational decision? It might sound crazy initially, but it could turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made. Let’s take a look at some aspects you should consider before taking that step.

Is It Worth Moving for Love? Talk to Your Partner Before Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

Some people would try to move mountains for you. Others won’t move their dirty socks from the floor even though they know it annoys you. You just need to figure out on time to which group of people your partner belongs. All jokes aside, relocating with a wrong person can easily be categorized as one of the biggest moving scams ever that deserves a league of its own. It is all fun and games until you move in and realize your partner is not the person you idealized, but a human with flaws and annoying habits. How shocking. Relocating for a relationship is totally worth it if you both are willing to learn new things about each other and grow together.


Is Moving In Together a Big Step?

For some yes, for others no, but if you’re doing it for the first time, then it certainly is. A lot of times, the person who is not leaving everything behind doesn’t really have the same perspective as the other side, and that’s understandable. But it is important to keep that in mind and try to have loads of understanding and appreciation for the person who’s changing their life for you.

How Do I Decide Whether to Move in With a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

We can all agree that flipping a coin is not the best method to use in this case, but how do we make such an important decision? Who pops the big question? In most cases, the decision should come naturally, and both sides should agree on it. But here are some things to think about before making the big decision.

Do You Think Relocating Will Solve All Your Relationship Problems?

When arguing over the phone, it might seem that things could be solved more easily if you were together, or at least in the same city. However, that doesn’t mean that all the problems will go away. A lot of new ones will probably pop up as soon as you move in, so don’t let your expectations get too high.

Would You Spend Your Life In That City If It Wasn’t for Your Partner?

Leaving your friends and family behind and starting from zero in a new city is always a risk. Finding another job or changing your career are only some of the challenges ahead of you. Research the place you’re relocating to well so that, in case your relationship doesn’t work out, you can continue with your life, find a job, and so on.

Would Your Partner Do the Same Thing For You?

This is a problem in many relationships because one side has to sacrifice a lot and go through a significant life change. Perhaps the best way to check if your partner would do the same is to suggest you both leave everything behind and move together to another place. If both of you would leave a job and family in order for things to work out for you two as a couple, then you’ve found a keeper.

Of course, depending on the circumstances, this isn’t always possible. Perhaps your partner has something big keeping them where they are, so consider this point in hypotheticals.

Should You Listen to Your Friends?

This is a sensitive topic, so try not to get too emotional if your friends don’t like your significant other or think you’re going to make a mistake. Listen to them, but also follow your gut and try finding the balance. Perhaps after a month or two, you’ll have a better picture.

Don’t Rely on Quotes About Moving for Love

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, and believe the one reason why it will.” These bubbly and hopelessly romantic quotes are cute, but they shouldn’t be something to hold on to when making this type of decision. They are usually far from reality, and they will just keep in you an illusion.

How Long Should You Date Long Distance First?

There is not really a due date after which one person has to move in. Some couples are more impulsive. They decide to move in after a few weeks or months because – why wait. Others prefer maintaining a long-distance relationship for a while before they decide to take that step.

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Discuss Living Arrangements In Your New Home

Are you used to living alone and having your own space and privacy? Moving with pets is a must? You don’t want to do all the work around the home? Then you have to talk that out before relocating. Those in long-distance relationships are often not aware of how different it is to be together 24/7. Although it is nice most of the time, it can be very challenging, too.

The Difference Between a Man and Woman’s Point of View

Your idea of Friday night is Netflix and chill, but he would rather invite his mates for a beer and video games? She expects you to cook and clean while you’d rather iron or vacuum? Forget everything you thought you knew about each other and talk about your expectations, from laundry to cooking, cleaning, and other chores. That is the only way to see if you’re on the same page.

How Do You Move in Together Successfully?

When moving long-distance, you should consider some moving tips and making a moving expenses checklist. It will help you avoid getting moving stress. If you both have cars, consider if it is worth it investing in auto shipping or rather spending that money on insurance and storage service. Although, usually, only one person is relocating, talk about the budget together. Consider splitting the costs because this is not always the cheapest way to move out of state.

Signs That Show You’re Not Ready to Do It

Still having second thoughts? Then be honest with yourself and consider these signs that show you might still not be ready:

  • Your partner is not really encouraging you to make the decision to move
  • You two don’t have the same idea of your future
  • You never really considered relocating to another city before this
  • You feel like you’re sacrificing too much
  • Yout think this is a solution to all of your problems
  • It is giving you anxiety and jeopardizing your health

Don’t Forget to Have a Backup Plan

In relationships, no one likes to think about what if, but you have to. Especially if you’re putting your career on hold or going abroad. A lot of times, things don’t go as planned, but people are still willing to risk their job, health, career, even family, to start a new life from scratch. So make sure you have a backup plan in case those rose-colored glasses fall off. It is totally ok to give up when you’re no longer happy.

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