June 8, 2020

Making Friends in a New City – 6 Things You Should Know

Making friends in a new city doesn’t sound easy, especially if you don’t know anyone in the place that’s going to be your future home. Everyone needs some help in that kind of situation. Because of that, we decided to summarize and share the things you should know that can ease this quest you have ahead of you.

1. Making Friends in a New City Should Be an Adventure

No matter if you’re planning on moving long-distance to another coast or you have local moving in mind, making friends in a city you’ve moved to might be something that intimidates you. It really shouldn’t. Those are just people who live, breathe, and deal with similar stuff every day just like you do. Adults aren’t as good as kids with these things – you can’t just come up to someone and share your toys with them. Instead, some kind of connection must be made, and it’s a mutual thing. Look at it as a chance to find more great people to be in your life.

See if you know someone in the place you’re relocating to.

2. Start by Meeting the People at Work

Ok, so you’ve found the cheapest way to move out of state, you used the moving hacks and moving tips you learned, and you’ve come to another city. What now?

It’s only logical to start with the place where you spend the most time. As soon as you introduce yourself to your work colleagues, try to figure out who you like the most and who seems interesting to be around. If there is already a group of people at your work that hangs out together, try joining them if you enjoy the vibe. Dinner at your place is one of the great ways to show them that you want to get to know them better and be their friend.

3. Find People Who Have Similar Interests as You

We all “click” with someone as soon as we hear that we share the same interests or a passion for something. That’s an initial thing that sets off the conversation and mutual desire to continue the contact. It can happen with some simple things like seeing a person wearing a T-shirt with a print of a music band you love. Who knows, maybe you were at the same concert last month, or you can go together to the next one.

Check the social media for events you like and attend them

4. You’re an Introvert, but You Want to Meet New People? Don’t Sweat

Extroverts probably aren’t reading this blog. As for introverts, know that there are a lot of like-minded individuals around you who also want to make friends. What usually holds them back are anxiousness, shyness, or some other similar reason. Meeting someone as an introvert will require some change of attitude. If you’re not an outgoing type, try to convince yourself to spend some more time outside. It’s hard to meet someone in your living room, so go out and try some of these things:


Join Local Associations

In every city, there are social organizations that gather people who share mutual goals. That can be a religious institution, a charity, etc. Joining them can do wonders when it comes to fitting in, encountering a bunch of interesting individuals, and doing something good for the local community.

Find a Fan Club of Something You Like in Your New Hometown

Whatever it may be that you like, there must be more people who share the affinity and are fans of the same thing. As soon as you finish your moving to-do list and learn how to avoid moving scams, it’s time to search online for some clubs, activities, and events in your new hometown.

Meet the People From Your Neighborhood

This will have more than one benefit. Knowing your neighbors isn’t only good for new friendships, but for security reasons also: this way, you’ll get to know who lives in your building, who’s next door, and who you can call if something happens. If you’re moving with pets, walking them and hanging out in parks is one of the best ways of being social and getting into small chit-chats that can grow into conversations.

Start doing some activities you’ve never done before

5. Don’t Say No If Someone Invites You Out

Especially in the first couple of months while you’re there. An invite for drinks is a great opportunity to talk, share some fun stories, and get to know the person better.

1 – A casual atmosphere at a bar or an eatery is also a factor for having a pleasant relaxed conversation.

2 – If you’re planning auto shipping, organizing one-day trips and tours to a nearby place in nature is also a fun thing to do with the new folks.

Turn yourself into a “Yes” person

 6. These Things Come Naturally

The most important thing about making a new friend is knowing that you can’t force anything. Being yourself is always the best advice that someone can give you. That way, you will attract real, honest, and loyal people who can be your companions through both good and bad in life. Nobody likes faking and hypocrisy. Be who you are from the get-go, speak your mind, and everyone around you will respect that.

Make Sure You’re True to Yourself

Relocating to another place is a chance for a new start. Whatever your reasons might be for changing the location of your home, you will get an opportunity to meet a lot of new folks and make friends with them. That’s why it’s crucial to present yourself as who you really are. Many of us make the mistake of making a false impression of ourselves just to impress someone, or we spend time with someone we don’t really like. Those kinds of things will only drain your energy, and they won’t bring anything good. Being yourself in every situation in life will surely pay off.

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