June 7, 2020

The Ultimate List of Moving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Every move begins as an exciting and joyful process, but as time goes by, and you slowly start to pack everything, it starts to look more and more like a nightmare. It happens to everyone – whether you’re relocating for the first or the fifth time, you’re not a professional mover, and you just can’t know all the moving hacks, but that’s why we are here. To share the wisdom and knowledge based on years of experience in the relocation business.

Stack of labeled boxes ready for long-distance moving
Are you relocating? We are going to share with you a few free tips and tricks that will certainly be helpful.

The ultimate dream of every person who is relocating is for everything to go as smoothly as possible. But usually, that’s not how it goes. There is always something that wasn’t wrapped up well or stuff that got broken, spilled, lost, etc. But don’t fall into despair at the very beginning because we have all the moving tips and tricks that could save the day.


How Moving Hacks Can Make Your Life Easier

Relocating can give a completely new meaning to what we know as Boxing Day, and trust us, it is not so fun. Trying to put all of your belongings into numerous boxes can be nerve-wracking once you realize how much logistics it requires. Whether you’re wondering how to move a gun safe or how to pack books for moving, these things aren’t exactly no-brainers. Moving hacks and tips are all those ideas that, as soon as you see how they work, you’ll be wondering how you didn’t come up with them because they are so straightforward. Some of them are so brilliant and obvious, and others might surprise you, but that only shows us how creative we can be if we think outside of a box for a second (no pun intended).

Leaving your home and finding a new one is not easy, but the best you can do is take a look at our tips.

Preparations and Life Hacks for Moving

Before you start to pack, there are some steps you should take to make your life easier and avoid getting the so-called moving stress. Sometimes, it seems that there is much more work on preparations and everything that needs to be done before the big day, but that’s just because smooth relocating requires a lot of logistics. So dedicate some time to execute these steps efficiently.

Make Moving Easier

Determine Your Budget

The budget is crucial when it comes to relocation because it is so easy to spend more without noticing until it is too late. Those of you who are looking for the cheapest way to move out of state should be aware of moving scams because the most affordable solution might cost you more in the long run. Making a moving expenses checklist will help you keep track of your money and stay within your budget.

Cancel All Utilities

Just a few phone calls are enough to cancel all the utilities in your old home and set them up in your future home. It is better to do it the minute you’ve made the decision to move than to wait for the last minute because you will most likely forget to do it.

Check What Movers Won't Move

Believe it or not, there are items movers won’t move, and if you forget about that, the day of your relocation might end up being more stressful than you expect. Contact your company to check what their service doesn’t include.

Arrange the Pick-Up for Your Donations

Another thing that should be on your moving to-do list is to find an organization that will come to pick up things that you want to donate. For example, donate old furniture, rugs, books, etc. They don’t all accept everything, so don’t forget to check that out.

Packing Calculator

If you are doing all the work on your own, you’re probably wondering how many supplies you’ll need. There are several online calculators that can give you an estimate based on the amount of stuff you have, but keep in mind that that is just an estimate and that you’ll probably need a box or a few more.

Schedule Your Relocation Fast

We know that there are a lot of companies and that it can take you a while to compare them all and check their reviews, but you should not wait too long. Also, whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, try to avoid weekends since they are the busiest and most expensive days for relocation.

Packing Hacks for Moving

There are so many tricks that could help you handle and protect your belongings like a professional. Since a lot of companies do not offer moving insurance for items that were not packed by their packers, it is crucial to do this job thoroughly. Basic hacks for packing things are genius yet simple tips that we often tend to overlook, while “clever” tricks focus more on steps that perhaps aren’t so well-known and used.

Basic Packing Tricks

Organizing Dresser Drawers

We have all heard that dressers should be empty before the furniture gets on the road, but here is another idea. If your drawers are packed with clothes, pull them out of the dresser, with all the items in them, and use a wrapping plastic foil to secure everything. If the dresser itself is not too heavy, you can even leave the drawers inside and wrap everything together so that they do not come out during the transportation.

Clothes on Hangers

It seems like a logical step to remove hangers and neatly fold everything, but that can take a while, and your clothes are probably going to get wrinkled anyway. So why not try a different approach? Leave your clothes on hangers, group them by type, and cover them with large garbage bags or hang them in a wardrobe box.

Don't Pack Towels and Linens

We all know how much space towels, blankets, and linens can take. So instead of wasting several boxes on them, use them to wrap up and cushion fragile items. Even socks can be used for wrapping perfume bottles and small figurines. Towels can secure your lamps, vases, glasses, and other delicate objects. Place one at the bottom of a box, and then another one to fill in all the space between objects.

Be Smart About Space

Don’t waste your boxes on kitchen gadgets and spices. Simply use some of the larger pots or sealable containers you already have and place them inside. You can do that with so much other stuff, so before you stock up on cardboard boxes, check what alternative containers you already have at home.

Prevent Spills

No matter how hard we try to spend all the food and other stuff we have so that we could carry less, there is always going to be a bottle of shampoo, liquid soap, or cleaning substance that could spill during the transport. That is why you should get plastic wraps to secure the lids and prevent a minor disaster.

Fill Suitcases Wisely

Suitcases are usually pretty sturdy, and they can carry a lot more than a cardboard box, so instead of folding clothing in them, use them for some things that are not so easy to move in a box. It is much easier to move a ton of books in a suitcase than in a box, so focus on stuff like that.


This is another hack that is not really groundbreaking, but a lot of times, people either forget to do it, or they make it too complicated. So here is a simple way to do it. Each room of your new home should have its designated color, and then put a color sticker or a tape to label each box. It will be faster to figure out what goes where.

Photograph Everything

If you’re not into lists, you can always take a picture of what goes into every box. It will help you get a general idea of what is packed where if you’re a visual type of person. Also, you might want to take a pic of the back of your TV and PC if there are several cables, so you know what goes where and in which order.

Separate Your Essentials

A small carry-on bag or a suitcase will be enough for all those essentials that you’ll need until the last minute. Here you should pack everything from documents, chargers, medications, basic clothing, toiletries, etc. – the stuff you’ll need to use the minute you arrive at your new place.

Clever Packing Tricks

We are sure that if you have already moved once or twice, you already have some tricks of your own that you figured out along the way. Those are some things that not everyone can think of because they are not so obvious and require a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box. Some of them might seem unnecessary, but that is because you have not been in the right situation to use them yet. Here is our list of small handy tricks that could be more than helpful for a tidy process:

  • We all have too many cables and wires, and no one wants to spend hours untangling them as soon as you move in. To avoid that, old toilet paper tubes can be used to organize them and keep them neat.
  • To protect your toiletries from spilling, you can place plastic wrap under the lid and then close it. It has probably happened to all of us – no matter how hard we try to seal something, it spills anyway, but that won’t happen after you try this hack.
  • Plates are one of those fragile items we are all afraid to pack. However, if you place them vertically in a dish rack and place kitchen towels in between to cushion them, they will arrive intact to your new kitchen.
  • If you always feel bad for having too many handbags and bags in general, you shouldn’t because you can utilize them now and save some money you would have to spend on supplies.
  • If you are wondering how you are going to carry all those bulky and heavy boxes, there is a way to solve that. While they are empty, cut triangle-shaped holes so that you can place your hands in them and carry the box easily.
  • If you have a lot of jewelry and necklaces that tend to tangle, you can store them in egg cartons. It will keep them organized, and you won’t have to spend hours trying to untangle them.
  • Don’t throw away your old grocery bags. Use them for cushioning and padding fragile pieces inside containers. On the other hand, large bags such as the ones from IKEA are great for storing blankets, pillows, and other bulky but lightweight stuff.
  • If you’re disassembling furniture, place all the screws and other hardware in a bag. Label that bag and attach it to that particular piece of furniture.
  • Vacuumable bags can be used for duvets, blankets, covers, and other stuff that take a significant amount of space. Once you pull out all the air, it will be easier to store them in a box or container.
  • Makeup is particularly sensitive, especially eyeshadow pallets. So if you want to prevent breaking, place small cotton pads inside of pallets so that the content does not break.
Make sure to apply some of these tips when relocating to another house or apartment.

How to Pack Your Life Into Boxes, Room by Room

For those of you who like to do everything one step at a time, we curated this brief guide that will show you a few useful tricks for handling every corner of your home. Every space is unique, so you can always find a way to adjust some of them to suit your needs better.

How to Move the Kitchen

  • Pots can store spices and all those small tupperware, gadgets, and other stuff that you keep in the kitchen.
  • Sharp knives can be placed in an oven mitt or potholders and secured with a rubber band.
  • A wrapping foil can keep your utensils in place in their organizer; wrap everything together, and you’re good to go.
  • Start defrosting your fridge at least three or two days before the big day and make sure you are done cleaning so it can dry properly.
  • Clean socks can be used as padding and protection for glasses.

How to Move the Living Room

  • If you have any picture frames and mirrors, protect the frame with pipe insulation or pool noodles.
  • All light bulbs you removed can be stored in a box with your Christmas ornaments or wrapped with bubble wrap and boxed along with other fragile objects.
  • In case there are some dents in the carpet from the furniture, an ice cube can help. Let the ice cube melt on the place of the dent, and then lift the fibers up with a spoon.
  • Take a picture of the wiring setup for your entertainment center. You can also label all the wires with tape, so you don’t get lost while setting it up again.

How to Move the Bedroom

  • Whether or not you’re going to remove the clothing from drawers, it is better to roll them up instead of folding them, and they will wrinkle less.
  • Stuff your shoes with small stuff such as socks. It will protect their shape, but also serve as storage. You can pack shoes in wine containers with dividers.
  • Two fitted sheets can be used to cover both sides of your mattress before loading it onto a truck to keep it clean, even if you’re using mattress covers.
  • For your valuables such as jewelry, memories, and money, invest in a safe or a lock-box.

How to Move the Bathroom

  • Using duct tape, tape the X shape across your bathroom mirror to prevent the breaking.
  • Add towels into boxes that are already filled with something heavy. They will fill in space without adding too much extra weight.
  • A clear plastic cosmetic bag can store all the essential toiletries and necessities you will need so that you can easily spot what you are looking for.
The best way to prepare your house or apartment for relocating is to go through it in sections. Feel free to follow our model, or make a plan that works for your place.

Unpacking Day Tips and Tricks You Should Use

After all that hard work and so much packing, sooner or later, you’re going to have to unpack it all. If you are using storage services for a while, you might even forget what is inside of each box and what you were thinking while boxing everything up. And that is when all the applied tricks will pay off because everything will go smoother if you were well-organized. However, there are still some tricks you can apply, even while unboxing, so let’s check them out.

The Unpacking Adventure

Wondering where to start? Which box to open first? Hoping that you did not forget some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack? Let’s see how you can unpack step by step:

  • Start from the kitchen. Even though it might not seem so complicated, there are so many small objects and appliances that this can easily be the most stressful and time-consuming part of the process. That is why it is better to get it done at the very beginning.
  • Set the deadline. Sure, you can live with an unpacked box here and there for a month or two, but that’s never going to end. Give yourself a realistic timeline to get everything done and start fresh.
  • One box after another. Don’t open everything at once; it is too overwhelming, and it will create a mess. After you have emptied one box and placed every item where it belongs, open another one.
  • Get rid of the supplies. Do not wait for all the supplies to pile around you; throw them out one by one as soon as you’re done with them. If you let them pile up, they are going to create a mess, you won’t be able to find stuff you need, and you’ll probably throw out something important by accident.
Is unpacking the best part? Maybe, but it is certainly not the easiest.

One Hack Solves Several Problems

Whether you are moving with pets, kids, or alone, all of these tricks can be applied in so many ways that it is impossible to list them all. The point is to get inspired and figure out your ways of wrapping and storing and then spread the wisdom to someone else who has never tried to pack without professionals. Professional cross country movers have their tricks as well, so we are all in this together, trying to master the skills of packing.

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