All the Dos and Don’ts of Preparing Your Home for Sale Before Moving

Posted Housing and Apartments / June 15, 2021
By Megan Cox

Selling a property is not a short and easy process. To make the most out of it and sell it for the price we have on our minds takes time and effort. Preparing your home for sale has its own dos and don’ts, and if you follow a general timeline and stick by these rules, selling your abode will be hassle-free.

Relocations are complex processes and can bring a lot of moving stress, especially if you want to list your current real estate for selling. There’s a lot of tasks you have to juggle, like planning your moving budget, making a thorough moving expenses checklist, packing everything up, and investing in cross-country moving services. You probably already have some vague idea of how your abode should look like for any potential buyers, but there are some tricks to help your place be top-notch and appealing for future showings.

Above all, you must avoid getting emotional while strangers visit your house, and every inch of it is thoroughly looked at, perhaps even criticized. Keep focused on doing everything step by step, and you’ll be able to achieve getting the highest possible bid while keeping your composure and avoiding stress. An average home-selling period is somewhat more than 50 days, but if you manage to get your place in tip-top condition, it will sell faster.

The First Step in Preparing Your Home for Sale Is to Get Detached From It

Being attached to an abode is a natural thing. After all, you’ve spent some years in it, personalized it over time, and many memories tie you to it. But, seeing the place you’ve lived in as a piece of real estate is something you must do, as it will be easier to present it to potential buyers. The best thing to do is to focus on your reasons to move, find reliable cross-country movers, and think thoroughly about how to move efficiently to a new place. It will help you disassociate and see yourself as more of a salesperson presenting a property and trying to achieve a certain price rather than a homeowner.

Decluttering Will Make Your House Look More Spacious

While most people think that only things like how much to tip movers or even avoiding things you forget to do when you move are the essential parts of moving, decluttering should also be considered crucial. Getting rid of excess items can be beneficial in many ways, and while it’s good for your budget, as you’ll have much less stuff to transport using long-distance moving services, it will make your place look more appealing to any buyer. Let’s face it, when we live in the same spot for years, we all tend to pile up unbelievable quantities of items, many of which get stashed somewhere and forgotten about. For a house to look more open, spacious, and appealing, it must be well organized, with less heavy and large items taking up room. So, one of the most important tips for preparing your home for sale is that you should start decluttering in the style of Marie Kondo, as soon as you make up your mind about selling, and you should do it with every corner of your house.


First, Clean up Less Used Places in Your House

Entering and cleaning up the attic, garage, or tool shed is a task we usually avoid until the last moment, but it’s actually something you should do early on and write down on your moving to-do list. These rooms are cramped up with unwanted and unused stuff, and cleaning them all up is one of those moving hacks that will make you feel like you’ve progressed a lot and can be counted as preparing for selling. When you start packing all your belongings into boxes, you shouldn’t keep them inside your house when the potential buyers arrive, and a decluttered garage is a perfect place to store them until the move-out day.

Make Your Living Room Look Comfy

We know that relocation takes a lot of planning, but while you’re thinking about avoiding any moving scams and looking for a store that could give you free moving boxes, you should plan to redesign the appearance of your living room. This is easily achievable if you get rid of and donate all the pieces of furniture you won’t take with you and rearrange and tidy up the rest. You can even invest in storage units to solve the problem of the cramped space. Remember that you shouldn’t place furniture along the walls, and it’s a common misconception that this kind of arrangement makes your rooms seem more spacious. It’s quite the opposite, and that’s why you should reposition your sofas and chairs into conversational groups.

Purge the Bedrooms of Unnecessary Clutter

Tidying up and removing all the clutter from your bedrooms is the next step you should take, especially since most people tend to pile up stuff into them. Pack up your clothes for moving, and you can also pack your shoes, but remember to leave out enough clothing items for changing until the move-out date. Be sure that any potential buyers have enough free space to walk through rooms and can walk up to windows to have a view.

Don’t Leave Out the Kitchen and Bathrooms

The next thing on your “preparing your home for sale” checklist should be the kitchen and bathrooms. Purging and decluttering these rooms means that you should get rid of items movers won’t move, everything that is flammable or toxic, and don’t forget perishable foods. While in the kitchen, throw away broken appliances, and stash the ones you don’t often use into cabinets for a tidier overall appearance of your countertops. Your cleaning products shouldn’t be packed, as you will need them for a thorough clean-up.

On Showing Day, Your Entrance Is the First Thing Buyers Will See

When you’re preparing your house for sale, you should keep in mind that first impressions do matter, and that’s why you should set some time aside for sprucing up the entrance to your place. It’s a task that will require some muscle work, but the overall achieved appearance will make your home stand out during showings. Your lawn should be neatly mowed, and your roof, gutters, and the trail to your front door, all thoroughly cleaned of any dirt and grime. Leaving your flower beds unattended is something you shouldn’t do, so freshen them up with new mulch, and add some greenery to liven them up. If the paint from your front door and shutters is peeling off, don’t leave it like that – pick a suitable bright color and repaint it.

Don’t Skip Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Although real estate agents command a hefty commission calculated as a percentage of your home’s price, and that’s usually 4% to 6%, hiring a realtor is one of the most important steps, especially if you’ve never sold your property before. A good realtor will have your best interest in mind and will help you emotionally detach from the process. While crucial moving tips include hiring reliable long-distance movers, buying moving insurance, and avoiding driving by using an auto shipping service to move your car to another state, hiring a good real estate agent is one of the essential ”preparing your home for sale” tips.

What to Do if You Decide Your Family Doesn’t Need an Agent

Perhaps you’ve decided to go through selling your property without a real estate agent, and while it’s not easy, it can be done with some preparation. Tips you’ll need to sell your home on your own are similar to tips for moving out of state, and they include doing thorough research. Pay attention to recently sold properties in your area, as well as the ones that are currently on the market, so you can easily determine your selling price. Don’t overprice it because buyers will also do their research, and setting an unrealistic price will mean that you won’t be able to sell your home.

Clean up and Fix Everything

Take a walkthrough around your place to determine whether any repairs are needed, and make sure to fix up all the little imperfections that you’ve been putting off for ages. Minor issues are something that you can do by yourself and remember that you shouldn’t skip fixing things like squeaking doors, as it can lower the value of your house to any potential buyers.

Tidying up the whole place should be done much more thoroughly than cleaning an apartment before moving in. That means that you should clean and dust every corner you used to skip and pay special attention to the bathroom and the kitchen. There shouldn’t be any grime or mold left, and the drains and faucets should be squeaky clean.

Additional Touch-Ups That Will Highlight All the Strengths of the Place

We have already covered all the essential steps you’ll need to take so your place can look more appealing to potential owners, but there are some additional things that you can do to achieve the best possible price when you sell. Let’s see some of them:

  • While you may be a fan of bold colors and daring designs, you’ll make the place easier to sell if you repaint the walls with some neutral pastel colors because these will add to an open feel of the space. Any furniture piece that stands out with its material design can be covered with a slipcover to appear more neutral.
  • Curtains on the windows will help your rooms seem larger and more open if they are the same color as the walls. Place them high above the windows, and let them fall almost to the floor, just barely touching it.
  • While everything should be in neutral tones, you can still accentuate parts of your house with bright pillows or other details.
  • Don’t forget to pack up and remove any personal items away from the view before showings, such as family photos or kids’ drawings, and replace them with random artwork. Depersonalizing your residence makes it possible for potential buyers to picture themselves living inside it.
  • Making your bathroom more appealing is pretty easy – just throw in some new, fluffy towels, add a basket full of luxury soaps, and invest in new rugs, bath mats, and shower curtains.
  • Storage space is important to any buyer, so after you’ve thoroughly decluttered your closets, you can keep everything neat by placing clothing items into matching baskets.
  • If you have a furry companion, you are probably planning to move with pets, but you should also be certain that your current home doesn’t show any signs of a pet living there.

The last touch-ups you can do would be to fill the place with pleasant aromas by adding flower bouquets and air fresheners because we are sometimes unaware of an odor in our house. Don’t cook food with a strong smell the day before the showing starts since smells like bacon can linger for a while. You can see some of these tips in the following video.

After a Successful Trade, Throw a Party and Call Your Movers

If you’ve followed our tips on how to prepare your house for sale and avoided all the common mistakes, you are bound to achieve the best possible price and sell your property in no time. Whether you have a local moving ahead of you or plan to move across the country, the next step is to find a reputable long-distance moving company to help you have a stress-free move. But also, don’t forget to throw a moving away party for your friends and family, because that way you’ll both say goodbye to everyone as well as celebrate a successful trade.

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