What People Cite as Reasons to Move Cross Country

Long-distance moving is challenging and arduous, particularly if you move to an unfamiliar place without friends and folks. Still, no one plans relocation unless there are good reasons to move to a new city. Whether you’re looking for a new job, or need a bigger space due to your family’s expansion, relocation is a must-to-do thing.

There are many cross-country relocation benefits you should consider

Life-Changing Moves Happen To Everyone

If you’re not sure about your move and have doubts regarding your future, we can help you get a bigger picture of your current life and possibilities. Sometimes, moving out for the first time seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but every cross-country relocation is feasible with the right plan and organization.

Starting with moving to another state checklist is always the right choice. This way, you’ll have everything you need in one place and avoid the trap of falling into the most commonly forgotten things to pack. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, the checklist can help you calculate your moving budget, weighing the pros and cons.


That being said, no matter if you’re moving for love or searching for some of the best cities for young professionals, your first step begins with a moving-to-do list. Creating it will avoid moving stress and define your priorities when it comes to a fresh start.

After undertaking all necessary preparatory steps, it’s time to find out more about reasons to move and what people usually cite as a primary cause for moving away from friends. Maybe some of them resonate with you and motivate you to bring a final decision about your move determining the best time of the year to move.

Adventure and exploration await for you at the new destination

Why Do People Move?

Did you know that almost 60% of the US population moves yearly? Have you ever wondered why this is happening? According to some researches, Americans choose long-distance relocation for several reasons:

  • A better dwelling place,
  • A family reasons,
  • Livability,
  • To own a household,
  • A job transfer or a new job,
  • Climate and environment,
  • A desire for a fresh start.

Why Do People Move from One Place to Another?

As we already mentioned, the cross country move is backbreaking work that requires your energy, time, patience, and money. Just with the right moving tips and relocation hacks you will perform all necessary steps properly. Still, relocation from one home to another happens more often than you imagine – on average every five to seven years. So, what might cause this change after you’ve bought your dream house and got a job you’ve always wanted? Actually, there are many reasons why folks move, such as:

  • If folks have outgrown their dwelling, they’d like to live in a place where their needs are satisfied,
  • Job promotions or demotions may cause moving from apartment to house or relocation to a small town,
  • Change in relationships, a death in a family, divorce, and alike,
  • A wish to live closer to relatives.
High cost of living or too tiny living space can produce a desire for a change

What Are Good Reasons to Relocate?

Since moving to another city or country is a personal decision, there’s no only one right answer to why someone should relocate. That depends on your lifestyle, social contacts, job opportunities, family issues, financial possibilities, and other factors. For someone, making friends in a new city might be a real challenge, while for somebody else relocation is nothing more than a new chapter.

We all know these individuals who just decide to start from scratch, move to another state, and then think about how to get a job in a new city. That said, we are all different, so the priorities are. However, some folks know that something should be done to facilitate the problem when it comes to life-changing situations.

Keep reading because we’ve narrowed down some of the most common reasons to move cross country.

Expecting a baby, want a larger yard, or an extra room? Define your priorities and find a place that meets your needs

The Size of Home Is the Most Common Reason for Moving Out of an Apartment

One of the most stressful events in life is definitely moving your house. This process requires a lot of money, turning everything upside down, and drawing your energy. Before you undertake this big step and start thinking about things you need for your first apartment, make sure your residence definitely becomes tiny. Maybe you just have too much stuff? If so, actions like donating clothes for the homeless, or granting toys, or even donating your furniture to a charity, could be a life-saver.

If Your Home Is Too Small, Think About More Living Space

After you’ve tried all alternatives and realized that your home lacks storage space, and you need your own room and some peace, it’s high time to find a new house. Grounds for this are numerous:

  • Family grows,
  • Kids need their own separate rooms,
  • The place is crammed with too many things,
  • A family member needs extra room for his work or relaxation,
  • The financial situation is stable so an upscale lifestyle is achievable.

Believe It or Not, Too Big Homes Are Excellent Reasons to Move Out

While some families have outgrown their homes, others have too much unneeded space. They realize that they want a change after some crucial happenings in their lives, such as:

  • Their children moved away, and the dwelling place became empty and full of memories that cause sadness instead of joy,
  • Maintaining a big house turned into a nightmare, especially if people are older and have no energy and strength as before.

Downsizing usually transforms worried and sad people into happy individuals with more time for themselves and their pleasures.

If You Want to Reduce Your Monthly Costs, Choose Downsizing

Sometimes it happens that you just can’t afford all the housing expenses – from monthly bills, rent, mortgage, maintenance costs, and alike. If your place is too large, think about how to change your address and find a more suitable place for your budget. When starting from scratch, a new area in a strange city is a perfect choice. You can expect lower taxes, utility bills, and overall cost of living. Knowing that your life will change for the better will make you relaxed and provide you with stress-free moving.

Yearning for Your Own House Might Be a Crucial Trigger

Living in a rented property is not a suitable long-term dwelling solution, especially if you’re a family person now with a stable job. Homeownership offers amazing opportunities – from creating the house of your dreams to having the lifestyle and peace you’ve always wanted. So, being in a situation to choose where to live means you’ll start looking for great house hunting tips and move out as soon as you find the right place.

Do You Want a Better Home? Just Move Out!

When it comes to enjoying your daily activities and being surrounded by fashionable design with positive vibes, the best way to achieve it is to upgrade to a better place. Sometimes, attractive features, modern decor, or a new build are missing parts of your fulfillment. Keep in mind that some health conditions require adjustments inside your home, and in that case, relocation means taking care of yourself and providing the best possible care for you and your family members.

Who doesn't want his own household perfectly decorated?

A Search of a New Neighborhood Might Be One of the Reasons People Move

Your home might be a perfect, spotless place where you can enjoy, work, and relax to its fullest. Still, sometimes a neighborhood can be a stumbling block you should overcome in order to reach your full happiness. Tiny changes, like more greenery or a friendly community, are missing pieces of the puzzle. Determine what your ideal neighborhood looks like and go for it.

Convenience Is One of the Most Common Motivations to Move to a New City

Living in the vicinity of medical centers, top-rated schools, better infrastructures, recreational venues, and top-notch restaurants and shopping malls can bring another dimension into your daily activities. For that reason, so many families and business people choose cities with similar amenities. 

Neighborhoods With Good Reputation Are Important for Family-Oriented People Because They Like Safe and Friendly Environment

If you have kids, you know that areas with parks, playgrounds, and safe environments are excellent choices for a high-quality life. Kid-friendlier neighborhoods will provide your children a happier and safer childhood, and the peace of mind you’ll achieve here is priceless. You know the saying: “Peaceful parents, happy kids.” That being said, don’t wait for your kids to grow up – give both you and them fulfilling lives as soon as possible.

If Your Old Community Has Changed Drastically, You’ll Probably Feel the Need for Change

Neighbors can sometimes be rude and loud, which can cause many conflicts and unforeseen problems. Also, the crime rate may have increased over the last period in your neighborhood, or the area may have worsened socially or economically. Suppose commuting may have become one of the most significant problems, and green areas have been reduced. In that case, those issues may have a considerable impact on your decision whether to stay in your current neighborhood. Simply put, if living conditions are intolerable and unpleasant, you’ll have a strong desire to find something better that resonates with your preferences and needs.

Safe and green neighborhoods are ideal areas for living

With a Professional Long-Distance Moving Company, Your Relocation Will Go Smoothly

You’ve realized your reasons to move long-distance and decided to perform that action. If so, congratulations! You’ve done almost everything. Still, your dream about a happy life will remain just a dream without cross country moving services. 

Imagine you have to pack your whole kitchen. Have you ever thought about how to move a refrigerator? Or, how to stow fragile items? Above all, where to get free moving boxes or other packing materials for moving? Trust us, long-distance relocation is difficult enough without all these questions. Why spend your energy on them when there are professionals who can handle all your belongings with care?

First things first, watch out of moving scams. Single out several cross country companies, ask for quotes, and weigh the pros and cons. Choose the one with the best bid after reading testimonials, social media posts and checking your movers’ professional background. Ensure they will provide you with packing services and moving insurance, as well as with auto shipping and storage services. With them, you won’t need to think about how to pack books for moving, or how to move a piano, or how to move a gun safe. They can provide you with the easiest and safest way to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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