What Are the Cities With the Best Public Transportation in the US

Posted Moving Essentials / October 14, 2020
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One of the most challenging tasks when moving long-distance is choosing the right place that will fit your lifestyle, budget, and professional needs. Searching among the cities with the best public transportation will surely be your top priority as well. Nobody wants to settle in a place where getting around or commuting to and from work takes ages. Keep reading if you want to find out which cities have the best public transportation in the US. If you’re planning an international move by any chance, you’ll find cities with the best public transport worldwide at the very end of this list.

What Makes a Transit System Successful

Right next to house hunting tips, your moving to-do list should include finding a place with the best public transportation in the US. Unfortunately, only a few have succeeded in getting their residents to use busses, rails, and trains, instead of cars and ride-sharing services. Many struggle with funding transit developments, and thus people often tend to get around either in their own vehicles or by Uber or Lyft. This leads to traffic congestions, carbon emissions, and low air quality.

But what makes a successful transit system and how it can benefit citizens, the environment, and the economy? The crucial factor revolves around planning mapped routes in the city’s denser parts, where the largest group of people will be able to take busses, trains, and rails. Cities with good public transportation have made such developments and provide synched connectivity with fast and frequent routes. Apart from better air quality and reduced greenhouse gasses, such places benefit financially as well. Businesses located close to high-frequency transport systems are thriving, and the real estate value increases. Such advantages are contributing to an average of $1.8 billion annually.

If you’re thinking about hiring auto shipping services and searching for the cheapest way to ship a car across the country, consider settling in one of the US cities with the best public transportation and leave your vehicle for good.

Successful Transport Management in Seattle, Washington

For its accessibility, convenience, and reliability, Seattle’s transport system wins the first place on our list of US cities with the best public transportation. There have been many improvements lately on both bus and rail lines, which further lead to comprehensive and efficient systems for commuters. Seattle’s transit system is flourishing for a couple of reasons. For example, during rush hours, some parts of the city’s roadways are closed to cars. This is an efficient move since busses are allowed to move faster. They also created transit-only lines in overcrowded parts. There are 220 busses, four light rail lines, and three ferries serving the area. It’s interesting to mention that annually, Seattleites save around $3000 just by using transport options. You definitely won’t have to worry about your moving expenses checklist since you’ll be saving up some dollar bills just by settling here and using the transport network.

San Francisco Is Among the Cities With the Best Public Transportation

When we think about the City by the Bay, we immediately picture its iconic cable cars running up and down the steep hills. Even though only 3 out of 23 original cable car lines are operating today, they played a significant role in the development of the whole Bay Area. Nowadays, commuters take busses and trains to get around. BART is a subway system that moves residents to and from nearby places such as Berkeley and Oakland. With busses, trains, and cable cars, municipal railway Muni handles more than 200 million riders every year. According to WalkScore, San Francisco gets the second rank on the list of the US transit-friendly places. Move to Frisco, and you’ll start making friends in a new city quickly once you start commuting to areas such as Palo Alto, Oakland, and San Jose.


Various Surveys Concluded That SF Has More Dogs Than Children: Is Your Beloved Animal Friend Allowed on BART and Muni?

If you’re moving with pets to SF, you’ll want to know if they are allowed to jump on busses and trains with you. First of all, the American Community Survey in 2016 concluded that there are more dogs than kids in the Bay. As one of the friendliest dog places in the US, your beloved pets are indeed allowed on trains and busses. However, remember that Muni’s policy allows only one pet per vehicle during off-peak hours. On the other hand, your pets are allowed on BART whenever but they must be kept on a leash or in their carrier.

You Can Get Anywhere Within 30 Minutes in Boston

One year ago, WalletHub took extensive research and ranked Boston as the second transit-friendly place in the US. The primary resources that have raised Boston high included convenience, safety, and reliability. The average commuting time in The Hub is under 40 minutes, one of the shortest in the country. All transport options are controlled by MBTA that consists primarily of the subway system. Every year, MBTA handles approximately 390 million commuters.

Ongoing Projects to Improve Boston’s Transport

Even though Boston’s transport system is already praised, MBTA is currently working to make some major improvements and maintain reliable and safe service. These projects include fare increases, a new method for paying fares, and developing bus routes. If you decide to relocate to Boston, don’t be alarmed by the fare increases. The tickets will be affordable for all riders, while the service will be even better. Check the video below if you want to hear more about these developments.

YouTube video

Around 30% of Chicago’s Residents Rely Primarily on Trains and Buses

Chicago’s transport system has been operating since 1892, which makes it one of the oldest in the US. Today’s CTA has 8 “L” trains and 129 busses. They form the third-largest railway system in the country, serving nearly 800,000 residents during weekdays. They connect every corner of Chicago via subway, street-level, and above-ground trains, and serve around 140 rail stations. The Blue Line, which connects downtown and Chicago O’Hare International Airport, operates 24/7. The Red Line also runs day-and-night. A typical Chicagoan spends around 40 minutes getting to work every day, which is only 10 minutes more than the car commuter.

The Subway Network Is Excellent in New York

Are you moving to NYC? Want to move your car to another state? If your answer is yes, you should pull out such a plan. Apart from the nightmarish congestion, you’ll have difficulty finding an available parking spot, and parking is generally pretty costly. But who even needs a car in a giant metropolis that has an efficient and well-developed transport system. You’ll arrive at your destination much faster using NYC’s subway than driving in your own vehicle. Its comprehensive subway system operates 24/7 and moves a significant number of commuters. When counted together, subway and NY busses drive more than 2 billion people per year. Their average commute is around 40 minutes. NY also scores high when it comes to the percentage of people using the subway and buses.

Jersey City’s PATH Is Efficient and Quick

If you decide to relocate across the Hudson River to Jersey City, you definitely won’t need a car.

Actually, around 40% of residents don’t own one, and about 45% of the population use PATH to commute to work. PATH is a 24/7 rapid transport system that will get you anywhere quickly and efficiently. With a SmartLink card, you’ll also be able to use Hoboken Terminal-New Jersey Transit, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, and NY Waterway ferries. The transport system is excellent and well-organized. If you find a job in Manhattan, you’ll be able to have a quick commute by either trains or ferries.

Which Texas City Has the Best Public Transportation?

Are you preparing a moving away party because you have decided to make your long-distance relocation to Texas? Know that cities with the best public transportation in The Lone Star State are Dallas and Houston. Around five million Houstonians take the city’s METRO buses each month, while almost two million are using the METRORail trains. These options cover dozens of routes and can take you anywhere you need to go. Dallas, on the other hand, has DART, the longest light rail network in the country. In addition to DART, there’s also a TRE system that you can also take when you settle and start commuting.

Which City Has the Best Transportation System in the World?

If you’re planning to relocate across the sea, you’ll find plenty of moving tips to help you better prepare for your international move. We have prepared a list of cities with best public transport in the world. The following metropolises have developed a transport system that is easy for travelers to use, have signs and information in multiple languages, and feature color-coded subway lines.

Download Moovit Search Tools Until You Get Used to Hong Kong Transport

Are you wondering what city has the best subway system? The answer is Hong Kong! Apart from a clean, efficient, and comprehensive subway network, residents of this beautiful place can enjoy commuting by buses, trams, and overland trains. Monthly tickets are around $60, which is way cheaper than anywhere in the US. We highly recommend downloading the Moovit app because it will help you find a route that suits you at any moment.

French Transport Industry Flourishes in Paris

We bet that you pictured art-deco-style Metropolitan signs in your head instantly. The subway network in Paris has been serving its residents and tourists since 1900 and is one of the European’s greatest regarding infrastructure and affordability. Monthly tickets are around $85. The Metro is operated by RATP that offers an app that even works offline and can help you find your way around. The lines are color-coded, so it’s pretty easy to navigate.

Enjoy Getting Around in Zurich

Switzerland is a country known for its cleanliness and efficiency, and, as you can expect, its largest city Zurich has a top-notch transport system including busses, trains, and trams. According to a recent study by Greenpeace, more than 40% of all trips are made using the transport network. And for Swiss standards, monthly tickets of $90 are more than affordable. Apart from having unlimited travel, you can have free or reduced museum tickets with your monthly pass.

Hire a Trustworthy Long-Distance Mover to Relocate You to Your Chosen Destination

That’s a wrap on cities with best public transportation in the US (and in the world). We hope that our detailed list helped you find the one that fits your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to move out of state and want to avoid moving stress, consider hiring a reliable long-distance moving company. Professional cross-country movers will provide efficient moving services and clean storage facilities that you can book if your move-out and move-in dates don’t match. Remember to obtain enough moving supplies and start your long-distance relocation journey today!

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