Tips on How to Move a Gun Safe

Posted Moving Essentials / June 30, 2020
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If you are thinking about how to move a gun safe, you should first consider if you’re sure that you can do it on your own. Relocating a strongbox is a dangerous job, and it is recommendable to hire professionals to get the job done. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, here are some essential tips that will help you in the process.

Before Relocating, Prepare Your Gun Safe

Relocating large and bulky items is a dangerous task, and it is always better to hire professionals. You should check with the moving company what items movers won’t move. That way, you will know for sure that the safe and all the belongings you keep in it will be safely transported to your new home. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, one of the first moving tips is to prepare the strongbox for relocation.


Protect the Gun Safe Like Professional Movers Do

Just like you should think about how to pack books for moving, you should find a way to prepare and pack your strongbox. It will be ready for the move after you have emptied its contents, such as documents, jewelry, guns, banknotes, and so on. Not only will you lower the total weight of it, but you will also eliminate the risk of damaging your belongings.

Ensure that the door of the safe is closed and locked because if it opens during transportation, it can cause irreparable property damage or personal injuries. Next on the list of your moving hacks should be to wrap furniture blankets around it, and then use stretch wrap to keep the sheets in place.

It is always better to find an alternative in relocating the belongings that you have taken out of the strongbox. Out of all the belongings, documents are one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, but firearms require the most attention and care.

When it comes to packing guns, make sure to remove ammunition first and put the safety on. Don’t forget to note the model, the make, and the serial number of each weapon because you will need to provide this information to the company you’ve hired for relocation.

Those who don’t have a hard-shelled gun case should protect each firearm with bubble wrap and then put it in a box. Keep in mind that the carton needs to be open so that movers can verify the content and seal it.

One of the Picks You Should Make Is to Buy or Rent a Dolly

To move heavy items, you need to be equipped with high-quality gear. If you are thinking about what is the safest way, the answer is – a dolly. The method has proven to be good, and it’s been used by professional movers ever since its invention.

To rent an appliance dolly, you could contact a local company. Search for a reliable one, so that you can avoid moving scamsThose who want to rent a dolly should know the dimension and the weight of their safes — that way, the professionals will know what kind of carrier to offer.

On the other hand, you can also purchase it. However, if you are trying to find the cheapest way to move out of the state, buying it could be unnecessary. You can also purchase or rent durable supporting ropes or straps to secure the strongbox you are planning to put on the dolly.

Learn How to Use a Dolly for Moving a 500 lb or 1000 lb Gun Safe

To properly load a heavy item onto the carrier, you should follow a few simple steps. First, you should align the carrier right next to one side of the strongbox and make sure that all your helpers stand on the other side of the strongbox and lean it back. Next, you should slide the carrier underneath the strongbox until the latter is safely against the two-wheeler.

Use pieces of rope or supporting straps to strap down the safe to the dolly. Tighten the ropes or straps as far as they will go to eliminate any movement of the load. Keep the load well-balanced and stabilized by tilting back the carrier on its wheels, and try to avoid tipping. You should have the strongbox evenly distributed on it, so you and your helpers can keep the load completely steady until you come to the truck.

When Thinking About How to Move a Gun Safe, Don’t Forget to Protect Floors and Walls

If you have decided that your moving to-do list will include relocating a gun safe, and you are planning to do it by yourself, follow all the tips. Keep in mind that one wrong step can do damage and cause you trouble on the relocation day.

Whether It Is a “National” or Any Other Strongbox, Take Additional Protective Measures

Even if you have protected your “National” or any other type of strongbox using furniture blankets and plastic wrapping, take some additional measures and protect all parts of the house or apartment that could be damaged.

Cover any tight spots, including walls, door openings, tight corners, and furniture that the strongbox might have contact with while you’re carrying it to the truck. You can also protect floors by using old rugs or blankets, as well as large sheets of thick cardboard. That way, you will minimize the possibility of damage in case the load falls off the carrier and hits the floor.

The Best Way to Navigate the Safe Around Corners and Down Stairs

When carrying the strongbox, you may have trouble when going around tight corners. It is essential to stay calm and go very slowly – one small step at a time. You will need to go wider, positioning the L-shaped lever likely a bit further out than you think is necessary.

If You Are Worried About How to Move a Load Down Stairs…

The most dangerous and hardest part is to carry the strongbox downstairs or upstairs. Remember, you should take only one tiny step at a time while all your helpers support the heavy item from the sides. However, if you are not sure that you are capable of doing it, do yourself a favor and contact professionals.

The Safest Way to Load a Strongbox Onto the Truck

The safest way to load a heavy strongbox onto the vehicle is by using a motor-driven loading ramp. However, if a truck does not come with it, you will be forced to use the standard loading ramp, so try to use it properly. First, you’ll need one person to pull the dolly up while the rest of the team stays behind and pushes the load. Also, don’t forget to secure the strongbox to the side of the vehicle by using ropes or straps.

Create a Team of Three to Five People

When relocating heavy items, make sure to organize a team of three to five people. Don’t forget to talk about the dangers and risks, and try to find the best solution before you dive into the work. Whether you are moving with pets or you are in the middle of making a college packing list, for any relocation, you should think about how to organize it without losing time and energy or damaging the belongings.

Also, the safety of you and your loved ones should always be your number one priority. Therefore, when you decide to move a heavy item such as a strongbox, the best solution is to find professional and reliable movers that provide local moving and long-distance moving services.

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