How to Organize a Video Survey for Easier Moving Quote

Posted How-to / September 30, 2021
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Our company has a long experience dealing with all kinds of relocations, whether commercial or residential. We have always strived to be better and stay on top of the relocation industry. That’s why we have decided to implement a video survey for an easier moving quote and to give our customers a more convenient way to get an estimate. Technology and software solutions are there to drive the way we do our business forward to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

The Changes Were Inevitable

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many things have changed. People started working out of the safety of their homes, and the economy has gone through many issues. It has even affected the relocation industry, but it has never stopped it. Even amidst all the problems, with all the safety measures required, people have continued to move. They’ve planned a move to another city because of their job, or they felt locked in their apartments, so they needed some breathing room. So cross-country movers continued to do their jobs and to provide their customers with various cross-country moving services. But the whole situation has driven us to rethink the approach – how could we make everything more convenient?

You Don’t Have to Schedule an in-Home Estimate Anymore

There’s a specific way an estimation of a home has always been done in our line of work. A customer planning to relocate, whether to move out for the first time or they already know how it all works, would contact long-distance movers and agree to a date for a free in-home estimate. It is the best way to figure out just how much movers cost and later set your moving budget. They would send out a relocation specialist who would do a walk-through of the home and talk to you about all the items you are planning to transport. Based on the number of your belongings and whether you choose storage service and other solutions, they would form the price. But the pandemic inspired us to look for ways to make the whole process much more efficient and to work on the safety measures as well.

A Virtual Survey Provides You With a Free Quote

There are many ways in which technological breakthroughs have helped us improve the customer experience. The sales department and customer service have become more expeditious, but we were also looking for means to give our clients a more convenient way to get an estimate. That’s where video survey software powered by Yembo came in. It allows our customers to get an accurate estimation from the safety of their homes and at their own pace, so they have time to rethink their moving expenses checklist. Right now, it can search and recognize up to 150 items.

The Way a Virtual Survey Makes a Move More Convenient

Although the pandemic has shaped the idea of a virtual estimation, the benefits of this kind of software are great for both the customers and the relocation specialists. Yembo AI is user-friendly and completely customizable and requires the simple use of the camera on a mobile device. It takes about one minute to record around a room and around ten to do it throughout the home. The software combines AI with computer vision, so once a client uploads a video, it conducts surveys to identify objects and recognize the packing requirements.

You Are Free to Choose the Items You Are Moving Through the Menu

Probably high on any moving to-do list is deciding which belongings won’t make it to the new home. A list of items movers won’t move, which the relocation company provides, will probably help with decluttering. But even if you haven’t managed to purge around your residence, our virtual software allows you to customize the inventory list generated by it and remove the items you do not wish to move. You can decide whether you’ll move the refrigerator and whether you need our team to move the specialty items, such as a piano – just leave an additional note through the software.

It Will Be Easy to Record and Edit Later Through the Software

You won’t have any issues recording a video, uploading it, and later making some changes if needed – the software is quite user-friendly. It is elementary to have a phone camera or a recording option on any other mobile advice. Here’s a how-to:

  • Once you tap to begin the recording, do it slowly at an even pace, and from right to left.
  • The software’s menu has a default list of rooms. If you don’t see what you need, you can add more additional ones.
  • Freely talk while recording to make comments about the belongings you don’t want to be transported to the new residence.

Some rooms may be big and have a lot of items in them, so you would require making two videos of them. You can upload both by making a custom room in the software.

It’s Convenient and Efficient and Has an Implemented Packing Algorithm

Those who have relocated before know just how much of a headache it can be to pack up the whole household. But if you have opted for the packing service, our software will add the number of boxes based on the volume of the objects in the video. This option is also customizable, as customers can freely adjust it and even decide whether to include custom crating.

Deciding on Which Services You’ll Require Will Give You a More Accurate Estimate

Another thing that will also affect the pricing stays the same: the choice of services you’ll be needing. Whether you will need the secured storage units for a more extended period or our efficient packing service, it will affect the price. You can also choose to move the car to another state with our state-of-the-art auto transport service, and it will all be calculated into the estimate.

Contact Us and Get a Video Survey for Easier Moving Quote

Some things change and evolve with haste when it comes to the relocation industry, while others stay the same. Our customers still have the choice of using our safe and secure, camera-surveilled storage facilities and deciding just how much to tip movers for the job well done. But we have always strived to be even better in the way we do our work, and that’s why we have implemented the video survey technology for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers who search for ways to make their transition smoother.

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