Introducing a New Way to Get a Quote

Posted How-to / October 5, 2021
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Lately, technology and software have been the drive behind each long-distance moving company that’s striving to be successful in the industry. The cutting-edge technology has not only helped in the sales and customer service departments but introducing a new way to get a quote has made a great breakthrough in the ways cross-country movers do business. 2021 is the year that applications that can calculate quotes based on a video survey started to have their wider use in the cross-country moving industry.

Let Us Introduce Our Virtual Software

The way that the Corona pandemic has shaped the world in recent years has had us wondering how to help our customers move efficiently even more than ever before. We wanted to do more besides offering many relocating solutions, such as state-of-the-art auto transport service, extensive and efficient packing service, and camera-surveilled storage units. One of the best ideas was to implement ways to visit our customers’ homes without breaking the social distancing measures. That’s where the AI virtual survey powered by Yembo has stepped in and made our long-distance moving services even smoother.

How It Has Been Done Until Now

Traditionally speaking, the only way to get quotes when relocating to a new state was to contact long-distance movers and get in-home estimates. Our professionals would arrive at your home and take one to three hours to complete a detailed survey of the house interior and all of the belongings you’ve decided to take with you. That has always been an expensive and time-consuming process on both sides and made further complicated during the pandemic. Since it has been declared that movers are essential workers, the relocation industry wasn’t put to a stop. In truth, with everything happening, people continued to plan to move to a big city or any other destination, so our team has made it imperative to find a way to be more efficient.

Long-Distance Moving Is Made Easier by Combining Computer Vision and AI

The pandemic has brought the idea, but the benefits of virtual software in the relocation industry can not be overlooked. Yembo AI will introduce a way for our company to give a quotation more conveniently for our customers through a user-friendly virtual platform. Combining AI with computer vision, the software conducts a survey by identifying the furniture and recognizing the packing needs. Using built-in software will make relocating to a new home for our customers a breeze.

The New Method Lets Customers Commit a Video Survey at Their Own Pace

It’s not only according to the virtual AI software companies – using a virtual survey method is more efficient than an estimate has ever been before. By utilizing a mobile device, the customer is directed by the AI software to conduct a virtual survey on their own. The client records a video of a room, and AI calculates a cube inventory after a view. It will search and recognize up to 150 items while new ones are still being added. The software will direct the quotation to a sales representative, who will further check the pricing after viewing the video.

The Benefits for the Customers Who Use Virtual Surveys

Besides taking the survey at their own leisure, customers have the opportunity to download a PDF file of their inventory list that has been generated through the software. It starts by choosing from a default list of rooms, but each customer can add additional ones if needed. They can also talk while recording and point out objects they don’t want to be moved. Many people plan to declutter to save on relocation costs. And this way, they don’t have to hurry with downsizing for a move, as they can pinpoint each item that won’t be coming to a new home with you. Also, if a customer is not satisfied with the recorded video, they can re-upload another one.

Recording Is Quite Simple

Recording a video is simple, and all a client will need is a camera on the phone or any other mobile advice. Here’s a how-to:

  • Once the video begins recording, it should be taken slowly, right to left.
  • The menu has a default list of rooms, but you can always add more additional rooms if you require so.
  • You can talk while recording and point out which items you don’t want to be transported to the new place.

Even if you want to make two videos of the same room, you can do it by making a custom room in the software.

The Packing Algorithm Has Been Implemented Into the Software

Many people are not sure just how much packing materials need to be used to pack up their household, especially if they are relocating from a house to an apartment. But customers who have opted for the packing service by our team needn’t worry – after the conducted virtual survey, the software will add boxes based on the volume of recorded objects. The number of boxes can be customized later, and a customer can also opt-in for custom crating.

Clients Can Customize Their Inventory List, and the Whole Survey Is Done in an Instant

The use of virtual survey software will greatly change the way the relocating business is done in favor of efficiency and convenience. Recording one video for a room takes a minute, and the whole house is done in about ten minutes. It takes much less than writing down an inventory list, which may turn into an essay, depending on the number of belongings in a household. This gives our clients more time to do everything else related to the move, including preparing for movers to arrive.

Introducing a New Way to Get a Quote Has Made Everything Better

The relocation industry is evolving and finding ways to be more sensible and convenient. Besides doing research on relocation specialists and checking if a relocation company is legitimate, the customers will search for a relocation team that can offer cutting-edge technology, and we are here to provide you with the latest software for your move. Our professionals always strive to make each client happy and satisfied, and this is our newest addition to many services we offer.

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