Things to Know When Moving to a Big City From a Small Town

Posted Moving Essentials / August 16, 2021
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

If you’re tired of a monotone, minor town lifestyle and need a change, then moving to a big city is just the step you should take. There’s nothing strange about it since more people are relocating to bigger cities for better work opportunities and better living conditions. However, because of the pandemic, most popular neighborhoods in the US are changing, which can be a great thing for those opting for urban lifestyles.

Making the kind of change as switching life in a smaller town for a metropolis is something you need to think about. If you consider that more and more Americans are relocating to smaller places because of the Coronavirus, and you want the complete opposite, consider some facts to make the whole transition easier. So, the first thing you should do is to set your goals, reasons for your move and rationally observe all the positive and negative sides of this relocation. Some relocation hacks will help you to move efficiently and prepare you for future adventures.

What Happens When You Move to a Big City

Once you decide that the best moment to move has come, you need to figure out where to live and not regret it after a while. Considering that over 30 million people moved within the US in 2018, you shouldn’t wonder why there are so many questions like this one in your surroundings.

However, everyone has different reasons for relocating, right? For example, if you’re looking for a job after college, then you’re ready to move to one of the best cities for young professionals. On the other hand, others are aiming for cities with the best public transportation. You see, reasons and needs are many, and for you, the most important thing is to know what to expect in the metropolis. One thing is for sure, you’ll feel the change, and you need to give yourself time to embrace it.

Is It Hard to Live In a Big City?

There is no one straightforward answer to this question. For someone living in small towns is a dream come true, while it is a nightmare for others — the same stands for life in bigger cities. But if you decided it’s the right period for you to move from a tiny town and make some bigger changes in your life then you should forget the slower pace of living and accept the challenge. Unlike relocating to a small town, a metropolis demands more organization and sacrifices. However, the answer will come along when knowing all the benefits that this relocation will bring.

New Opportunities on Every Corner

If you feel anxious about relocating to completely new surroundings and wondering whether it’ll feel like home, you can work on it. The first thing is to avoid relocation stress by learning all the relocation mistakes. If it’s your first time relocating, you need to make a new apartment checklist with all the essentials to get and stay organized. So, one of the ways to achieve it is to hire professional cross-country movers that will handle everything. From packing your entire home to efficiently transporting your car, you’ll be left with some free moments to consider all opportunities this relocation gives you.

How does it sound – something different is happening on your way to work every day, and there are so many amazing places to visit, from galleries and museums to cinemas and many other events? Well, those are just two of the perks when relocating to a metropolis.


Life in a Big City – How to Feel Like a Native in the New Surroundings

One of the things to do after the move is considering how to fit in. The best way of doing this is to explore the place once you settle in your new home. Getting to know the cultural diversity and completely different lifestyles – fast living and different events every day – is crucial. Only then you won’t find yourself wondering whether you should move back home. However, another essential step in this transition is to give yourself time. It’s completely normal to dedicate some moments first to adjust to the unknown surroundings. So, when you’re ready, start exploring the place by visiting restaurants and shopping malls where you can best see how people live and their habits.

If You Don’t Mind the Traffic, You’ll Get Just Fine

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to being in a metropolis is most certainly the traffic. It can seem like the worst thing on Earth for people that come from smaller and quiet places. Tons of vehicles non-stop on streets and traffic jams in every moment of the day can be overwhelming for newcomers. In addition, finding a parking place is a venture for all residents of a metropolis. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship a car, you might consider using public transportation in the first few weeks after your relocation.

Meeting New People Will Be a Daily Thing

Relocating to a new house is always a process that needs to be planned ahead because everyone’s goal is to have a stress-free move. Still, you’ll leave the old place and friends behind, which can be a very difficult thing to do. You’ll get a bigger picture if you consider that twelve years is the average time an American spends in one house. In that period you get attached not only to your house, but you meet friends for life. So, relocating away from friends is the hardest thing of all. In this case, it’s important not to despair because this relocation brings many benefits. One of them is the possibility to make friends more easily because you’ll meet more people on a daily basis than you’ll meet in the whole month when living in a tiny place. If you need some tips on how to meet friends in your area, watch this video below.

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Things to Do Before Moving to a Big City That Will Make the Whole Change Easier – Do Some Research in Advance

There are many reasons to live in a big city, and you shouldn’t question them if you made up your mind. However, going through some stuff before you actually move can harm no one. On the contrary, it will do you good because you’ll be familiar with some positive and negative sides of the metropolis you are relocating to. So, when creating a relocation to-do list, find some free moments to explore everything you can about the area you’ll call home.

Start the research process in advance and use all tools you can. The most effective and easiest way is surely through the internet. Nowadays, information can be easily found on different portals and websites.

Job Market Is Vast So Finding the Perfect One Shouldn’t Be Tough Task

One of the most common reasons why we move to a bigger urban area is probably working opportunities. So, if you are looking for a job in another state before relocating, prepare your social media platforms and resume. Don’t worry too much if you didn’t manage to find the perfect occupation before the relocation day, because a move without work is possible with cutting some expenses. On the other hand, you’ll more easily find work in a metropolis because the job market is highly competitive and developed.

Have In Mind That Your Budgeting Has to Be Smart

When planning a relocation, the essential step is to create a relocation budget. We’re all familiar with the fact that the cross-country moving services aren’t free, but with some relocation tips, you can plan your relocation expenses checklist and even save up some money. That might come in handy if you wonder what’s the cheapest way to move out of state. Another reason why it’s important to set your budget is that the cost of living in the new area is much higher than you used to. That’s why exploring places before you move is the crucial thing to do.

How Do You Move to a Big City – Pack Only Essentials

Planning the whole move and packing smart is something to keep in mind when making this kind of change. We mentioned above that saving every penny can be very important in this process. So here are some packing tips you should take before professional long-distance movers come to load all the boxes into a truck and avoid the most common things we forget when relocating:

  • Decide what to get rid of – the fewer items you have to pack, the less will relocation expenses be. Another benefit of decluttering your house is also that you can sell unwanted items or donate to charity. Check your local charity organizations or donate online on Goodwill.
  • Use the best packing materials – the better materials are, the faster your packing process will be. Keep in mind that you can check with the relocation company all the services they offer. One of them should be the relocation insurance that can come in handy.
  • Use the storage facilities – check the storage service provided by professional relocation companies. If you have some items you couldn’t sell, store them in the protected facilities and figure out what to do with them later.

Is It Better to Live In a Big or Small City – Know Some Downsides of Life in Larger Places

Every good side has its bad one, right? The same stands for a lifestyle of a metropolis. Since the population in the bigger places is much higher than in the smaller ones, you should consider that metropolitan areas can’t really brag about safety. However, you can take some measurements and keep you and your loved ones safe – be extremely careful and vigilant, and don’t forget to secure your future house.

Time Will Become One of the Most Precious Things You’ll Learn to Cherish

In a metropolis, all of the free moments you had will become happy memories. From all the waiting in lines, finding parking spots, commuting, you’ll realize that time is a precious commodity. So, get used to being booked weeks ahead, and eventually, you’ll learn how to organize your day and find some free moments for yourself.

Ready to Give Up Your Personal Space?

As you might already realize, relocating to a metropolitan area means a fast and crowded lifestyle. Another thing to consider is less personal space because the rent prices are high. You’ll probably have to consider getting a roommate in the first period after the move, especially if you are relocating alone.

How to Move to a Big City Alone – Hire the Professional Long-Distance Moving Company and Don’t Worry About a Thing

Once you make this kind of change, it won’t only affect your lifestyle but also help you grow personally and professionally. That’s why you should consider hiring reliable long-distance moving services that will assist you to adjust faster and accept all the changes. The only thing you’ll be left with is thinking about how to take best all the chances this relocation gives you.

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