Moving from House to Apartment – A Guide to Downsizing

Posted Housing and Apartments / July 15, 2021
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Moving from house to apartment is a challenging process, and you’ll probably need some help to stay focused and organized. Changing your surroundings and lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to do. In fact, relocation is one of the three most stressful situations in the life of every American. But when you have to downsize and say goodbye to all of those free rooms and maybe a backyard, you could use some help to get used to it.

If you’re living in a house, but you don’t see the point anymore because there are all those empty rooms, you’re probably asking yourself, “should I move from a house to an apartment?” It would help if you first considered all the reasons for your move and what your life would be like once you do it. However, if you decide it’s time for a new chapter in your life and move alone to another state, or you are relocating for love and want to save some money, then you could use a guide on how to downsize better and have a stress free relocation.


Is Living in an Apartment Better Than in a House – Benefits of Smaller Space

It is a huge decision to make since houses can give you more comfort and privacy. However, if you decide it’s time to move and downsize, don’t think that you can’t have what you had before. Here are just some of the benefits only staying in apartments can give you:

  • Finances – when making a relocation budget, know that renting can help you a lot in not spending your entire savings. Rents are generally cheaper than mortgages, and that means the monthly payment of utilities will be lower. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to move out, picking apartments over houses is the right choice.
  • Maintenance – it’s not that only the financial side matters, but maintenance is also something you should think about. If you’re relocating in winter or to a colder climate, this means you don’t have to shovel your driveway and similar stuff. Not having to worry about this kind of thing will give you the mental freedom you needed for years.
  • Short-term – the great thing about renting a condo is that you don’t have to stay in it for a long time if you don’t like it that much. If you found a job after college, or it’s your first time to move, renting should be the option you are looking for because we all know how beginnings in new surroundings can be tricky.
  • Amenities – most buildings have laundry facilities, and there are pools, stores, and gyms in very close proximity. It can be very convenient because you can just go across the street and buy everything you want.
  • Safety – being close to your neighbors gives you a feeling of safety more than being alone in the mansion. Multi-units dwellings are proven to be the safest locations for a carefree life.
  • Size – since the space is limited, well-planned condos feel convenient and cozy, no matter how small they are.
  • Community making friends in a new city shouldn’t be the most challenging thing when your neighbors are so close to you. This is one of the greatest things when staying in apartments because you’ll never be alone, but if you want to, you can have that too.

Moving From a House to an Apartment – Start Planning Weeks Ahead

If you want to have a successful relocation, you should avoid last-minute moves and create a to-do list of all the related tasks. So, as soon as you decide to move, start with planning and organizing the whole process. The sooner you begin with the preparation and tightening up your timeline, the more relaxed you’ll be since you’ll know exactly what the next steps are, and there won’t be room for the most commonly forgotten things during the relocation.

In this case, since you are downsizing your household, you might use some moments for the best organization. However, don’t think that planning a relocation from apartment to house is a much easier process. In both cases, if you want to move efficiently, you have to get prepared and take time to plan all the long-distance moving services properly.

How Do I Adjust to Apartment Living?

The whole relocation process can become overwhelming at some point, and that’s why having everything already planned could give you some free space to rest and think about the change you’ll experience. Giving a thought about this is essential, especially if it’s the first condo you’ll rent or buy. You have to know that it will probably be hard to adjust to a smaller place in the beginning, but in those moments, you can focus on ideas about how you will decorate your new place and what you will do with each room. And there’s a proximity to neighbors so you can throw a party and invite them and get to know each other.

The Best Way on How to Work With Spaces in Smaller Apartments

If you are used to the comfort of a vast place, you shouldn’t think only about the bad sides of a smaller one. For example, think about how do you style a small apartment. Don’t worry – you can easily have your small condo organized, and you’ll keep clutter and unused rooms away. The key is to plan the usage of storage and rooms smartly in your place. For some interesting tips and tricks on transforming small rooms into larger-looking spaces, watch the video below.

YouTube video

How to Downsize From House to Apartment – Declutter Your Entire Home

When it comes to downsizing your home, you should learn to declutter efficiently and quickly. Not only will your packing process be faster, but once you move into your new place and start unpacking all the boxes, you won’t have to worry about taking too much of your free moments. So, between catching some packing tips, you probably wonder, “how do I move my house into an apartment?” Here are some of the most important things to know about decluttering:

  • Start in advance,
  • Go room by room,
  • Create a decluttering checklist,
  • Use separate boxes for each room.

Another great reason why you should declutter is to save some money. Not only all of your items probably won’t fit in your future smaller place, but the more stuff you have, the higher your relocation expenses will be. So, as you make a relocation expenses checklist, just keep in mind that you might need to donate furniture and other bulky stuff.

Get Rid Of All Unwanted Items and Downsize When Long-Distance Moving

Before a reliable cross-country relocation company does the household estimate, you should get rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore and won’t be bringing with you. You’ll be surprised how many items you actually have that you don’t even like. First, there are things cross-country movers won’t move, like explosive and hazardous materials, and if you find them during the decluttering, don’t pack them.

If you’re relocating with pets and you have some of their food left, make sure you give it away to your family and friends or donate. In fact, if you wonder where to donate clothes, check the website Goodwill. The same goes for the rest of your stuff since donating toys and especially giving away furniture are essential things when downsizing. Occupying that little space you have with the things you don’t even need or like is something you should avoid.

Make Different Categories and Stay Organized

Not being organized can cause relocation stress and all the mess when the relocation day comes. That’s why you should make categories when getting rid of clutter from your home. The best way to do it is to take four boxes and label them with “keep,” “toss,” “donate,” and “store.” It’s important to check each item because if you leave all those small things, your decluttering won’t make much sense.

Another reason you categorize items is that living in a smaller space means saving a free room is essential. In fact, not using the storage facility long-distance relocation company offers you for the stuff you don’t even want in your new home isn’t a good plan.

Downsizing From House to Apartment Will Save You Money and Time

With all the relocation tasks you have to do, from preparing your home for sale and calculating how much money you’ll have to set aside, you shouldn’t forget to create your future condo checklist. With a checklist, you’ll be organized, and you won’t miss any essential steps of this relocation. So, after you have everything planned, you should be aware that downsizing will not only save you money – you’ll have much less stuff to pack and transport, but it will also save you precious time with the packing and unpacking process. This is an excellent opportunity to transport your car since you’ll have that extra cash left.

Will You Buy or Rent – Check What Option Suits You Better

Will you live in a rental, or you wish to buy a place? This is something you should clear up right after you decide to move. If you lived in the last place for years and you built yourself a cozy nest, then buying a tiny home might seem something you should do. However, you’ll have to prepare much more savings for this process than you should do with renting.

On the other hand, renting a condo means more flexibility, and you can easily change it if something isn’t as you imagined it to be. In both cases, you should think this through and decide which option suits you best, both in terms of wallet and lifestyle.

Explore the Market and Check Out More Apartments

Searching the market and finding the perfect place that meets your needs and budget is a time-consuming process, and you can’t do it in just one night. Luckily, the internet will be your greatest ally in this task. So, go online and check more than one place because you should be sure there is everything you wished for – laundry facilities, pool, fitness center, and pet-friendliness, for example. You can check the user-friendly website Apartments and find everything that interests you.

Ensure Your Stuff Can Fit Into a New Place

One of the essential things to keep in mind when downsizing is to ensure everything you decided to go with you can fit your future place. So, take some moments to measure the furniture as well as the place you’re relocating to. This seems an obvious step in every relocation, but it frequently happens that you simply forget to do it in all the chaos. That’s why before the long-distance movers come to load the truck with your boxes and items, do some measuring first.

Relocation With a Professional Long-Distance Moving Company Can Be a Breeze

Changing your life from scratches and living in a small place isn’t something you should worry about. Nowadays, there are many methods on how to maximize your rooms and not feel claustrophobic. That’s why you should concentrate on the positive sides that a small home will give you. To have that accomplished, hire a reliable long-distance relocation company that will handle all cross-country moving services, from packing service to relocation insurance for your belongings. Having fewer stressful situations during the relocation, you will adjust to the new surroundings better and faster.

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