April 23, 2021

How to Move Efficiently – The Best Tips for Fast and Furious Packing

More than 15 million households are getting moved every year across the US. And everyone asks the same question – how to move efficiently. Luckily for everyone who is planning to relocate, there are some simple tactics that will come in handy and ease the entire process. If you’re concerned about sorting, packaging, and protecting your belongings, read these tips and breathe deeply. Our pieces of advice will be helpful. In addition to getting informed and packed like a pro, you should seek a reliable cross-country moving company and acquire their services. That way, you’ll be moved quickly, safely, and with no stress.

This guide is all you'll ever need to relocate efficiently

How Can I Move My House Faster and Efficiently?

If you follow the right relocation tips, you will have no problem getting packed and relocated swiftly and effortlessly. Here are some of them:

  • First and foremost, you must start as early as you can. That way, you will be sure that everything is in the right place and well protected.
  • Come up with a strategy and make your to-do list. Follow your own advice and stick to the schedule.
  • Choose one room for packing. It should be a corner of your house that you don’t use that often.
  • Get the essential materials timely and buy, borrow, or get for free a little more than you think you need.
  • Put to use the materials you already have in your home, such as garbage bags. You can use them to pack your clothes, for instance.
  • Save the space and increase efficiency. Your blankets and towels can serve as padding to protect your fragile items. If you have some empty dressers you’d like to bring along, fill them with stuff like socks, shirts, or clean sheets.
  • Label every box, bag, and container properly. You should mark them on two sides.

Lastly, make sure to pick the right long distance movers and acquire the most reliable cross-country moving services. It is paramount for your budget, safety, and to decrease relocation stress.

Before anything else, you must plan carefully and compose a to-do list

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Pack for a Move?

Once you learn how to plan your move correctly, everything will run sleekly. In order to be efficient and relaxed, you should follow these steps:

  • Get rid of the clutter. You can donate toys or maybe give away your clothes to the Red Cross or another organization. You can also sell unwanted items that are in good condition.
  • Fill a bag with the essentials you will surely need before and throughout the relocation day. These essentials include toiletries, spare outfits, important documents, phones, and chargers.
  • Utilize every suitcase, box, and bag you have.

In addition to it, try to stick with these simple methods:

  • Keep clothes on their hangers,
  • Put small kitchen items into your pots to save up on space and boxes,
  • Be extra careful with liquids. Prevent spills in transport by using plastic wrap,
  • Take inventory pictures before the move to refresh your memory and add an extra layer of security in case of any damage or loss.

Start by Collecting Tools, Boxes, and Other Supplies You Will Use

To have a stress-free and successful move, you will have to gather the following packing supplies:

  • Boxes of various sizes: There are many ways to obtain them for free. However, if you’re relocating during coronavirus, it would be best if you chose to get brand-new materials. Gather various sizes and make sure all your containers are strong and usable.
  • Bubble wrap for fragile objects: Bubble wrap is the best way to keep numerous belongings safe during the move. One of the great things about it is that it is inexpensive and it can be found in many stores or bought online.
  • Packing paper: Be sure to get the right amount of this essential material. Getting 10 pounds of it would be sufficient for a studio or one-bedroom flat. Still, if you own multiple sensitive objects, it will be safer to purchase a bit more.
  • Plastic and garbage bags: These bags are cheap, and they can be filled with a lot of stuff. Also, they are excellent for protecting your clothing from dirt or dust.
  • Dolly cart: Moving furniture between places could be tricky and even lead to injuries. You can buy, rent, or make your own furniture dolly. That way, it will be much less challenging to shift around the bulky objects from your homestead. If you’re up for a DIY dolly, here’s a helpful video for you.

When Should You Start Packing to Move?

The whole process of getting ready should begin 6 to 8 weeks prior to the day of your move. Give yourself enough time and space to get everything done rightly. Make sure to pay attention to the things that are easy to forget.

If we rely on suggestions made by pros, the ideal moment to start getting packed is at least three weeks before the relocation. You should commence with the stuff you won’t be needing until after the move. Work your way toward the essentials and cover everything one room at a time.

The ideal moment to get packed is always ASAP, or to be more precise, three weeks before the big day

Tips on How to Efficiently Pack to Move Room by Room

Pick a place to start and get to work ASAP. Here’s how to deal with each room and what you must know:

  • Sort and declutter. Bring only those properties you will certainly use. Don’t pack anything that is outdated, damaged, broken, or no longer useful. Leave behind the clothes and shoes that don’t fit. Throw away mismatched sets of glasses, mugs, or pots and pans that miss a lid or handle.
  • Keep in mind that cross-country movers do not move some products. Don’t bring anything that can be hazardous, flammable, or in any way unacceptable on the moving truck.
  • Cash, art, or other prized possessions are often too valuable to be left to a long-distance moving company. You should transport these items independently, with you.

Take Care of Your Storage Areas – Garage, Basement, and Attic

Many say that the most efficient way to pack for moving is starting from the most cluttered areas. Make them your priority. Firstly, determine which belongings that are stored in these areas you won’t utilize for sure. Detach any removable parts from power tools. These parts and smaller hand tools should be packed in their original boxes (if not, get some with similar dimensions). Bundle all yard tools with extended handles. Tie them up with a thread or tape and wrap them in blankets or similar fabric. Use bubble wrap for every tool with a sharp edge.

Decluttering your improvised storages areas is an excellent way to get started

Get Your Kitchen and Bathroom Packed Timely

Getting your kitchen ready for the relocation is always a time-consuming chore. That’s why you should never leave it for the last minute:

  • Pack kitchen plates by using plenty of paper (or newspaper). Wrap the fine china individually. Less delicate plates can be packed by stacking them on top of each other, with some cushioning in between them.
  • Get the glasses packed with soft paper and bubble wrap. Cover the utensils that have sharp edges with bubble wrap as well.
  • Use extra padding for small kitchen appliances like toaster, mixer, blender, and coffee maker.

Now, let’s see how to relocate your bathroom smoothly. Leave it for last since you will undoubtedly want to utilize the stuff that’s in it:

  • Dispose of everything that is about to expire,
  • Get rid of the products that are not allowed on the truck,
  • Don’t bring any damaged shower curtains, floor mats, and alike,
  • You will need some ziplock bags to prevent spills and leaks on the road,
  • All fragile bathroom elements should be wrapped in bubble wrap or bath towels.
Pro tip: never leave your kitchen for the last, because you certainly have numerous different plates, dishes, utensils, and small appliances to sort and package

Packing Your Bedroom and Living Room

First of all, take a glance and decide if you actually need and like all of your movables. Some of it might not make it into your final version of the new apartment checklist. If you choose to discard some, it would be great if you choose to donate your furniture. As for the stuff you will keep, here’s how to deal with it:

  • Disassemble large moveables and devices,
  • Use the original packaging or sturdy cardboard boxes for electronics,
  • Disconnect all cables and label each one,
  • Take pictures to obtain the evidence of every belongings condition,
  • Utilize tape, paper, and wrap for framed art,
  • Keep every container with books below 40 pounds,
  • Get wardrobe boxes for your clothes and get your shoes packed separately.

If you’re struggling with any room, ask your chosen long distance movers about their packing services.

These furnished rooms are usually less cluttered than the kitchen

How Do You Move Efficiently – Relocation Day Survival Guide

The big moment has finally arrived. And you feel kind of intimidated by the shift, yet you are thrilled. To keep the positive vibes going, follow this simple checklist:

  • Get well-rested.
  • Try to wake up early and shorten your usual morning routine.
  • Grab some water bottles and quick snacks for you, your family, and the cross country movers who are helping you out.
  • If you are relocating with pets and kids, find a way to keep them entertained. And above all, safe. It would be best if you got a sitter for the day.
  • Avoid getting packed last-minute by all means. Be sure that everything is ready for a road trip at least 24 hours prior to your move.
Keep your important documents and your survival kit close during the entire move

How to Unpack Easily

Unpacking is one of the things you will unquestionably do after you move. Granted, it will seem like less of a struggle once you have reached your destination safely, and everything feels like rainbows and butterflies. Still, following some proven patterns is in order:

  • Stick to your agenda once again and set a deadline, but do not rush yourself and create any tension,
  • Begin with the kitchen,
  • Order in and avoid cooking while you have numerous other responsibilities ahead,
  • Make it comfortable by listening to music in the process,
  • As soon as a box is empty, set it aside for recycling.

These small relocation hacks will help you jumpstart your new chapter happily and effortlessly.

Come up with a schedule and strive to stick to it

Learning How to Move Efficiently Is a Piece of Cake

Did you ask yourself: How can I make moving easier? Once you study these pieces of advice and decide to put them into practice, you’ll see how satisfactorily your relocation process can run. Strive not to prolong your planning and jump straight into the action as soon as you come up with a schedule.

If you need relocation, a storage unit, or even a car shipping service from an expert crew, you should begin to explore your options a month and a half before the move. Read the reviews, get the free quotes, and book an on-site estimate. That way, you will avoid relocation scams and any potential difficulties. With the assistance of reputable packers and long distance movers, you will enter your new home fresh, happy, and ready for an adventure. That is, as soon as you deep-clean the entire homestead and unpack. You’ve got this!

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