Top 9 Tips For Moving in the Summer Heat

Posted Moving Tips&Tricks / June 2, 2022
Eva Johnson

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If you are thinking about relocating, you might be wondering what season is best for moving? Most people consider moving in the summer because it comes with lots of benefits. However, it can be tricky doing all that physical work at high temperatures. That’s why we gathered the best tips for moving in the summer heat, which will be lifesavers for anyone who wants to move during these warmer months.

What Are the Benefits of Moving in the Summer?

When you think about summer, it is usually associated with paradise beaches, enjoying swimming, or lying in the sun. There’s also a good chance someone will associate the season with relocation, gathering boxes, packing furniture, and doing all the tiring physical labor that comes with relocating to a new state. However, many people choose to move during the summer months for many different reasons.

In the US, around 70% of moves are scheduled during summertime, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Moving in the summertime is super exhausting, but it does come with lots of benefits. Keep reading to find out why it is good to move in the summer and how to prepare accordingly.

The Real Estate Market Blooms During This Season

Relocating to a new home means you will probably have to sell your old one and purchase or rent a new one. Looking for a new apartment can cause a ton of relocating stress, and it is a task that requires lots of energy. Lucky for people planning to move, the real estate market is as good as it gets during these months.

You will be able to sell your house and find a new one, much easier and faster than usual. Coming from real estate experts – selling your estate during summertime is undoubtedly a great way to profit.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Kids Being Out of School

If you are a parent that is relocating with kids, summertime is definitely your best season for relocating. During summertime, kids are out of school, so you won’t have to worry about them skipping classes. It will also be easier for you to transfer them to new schools once the summertime is over. Plus, if you have bigger kids, they can help you around the house with the relocation tasks.


#1 Plan the Budget and Relocation Expenses

Since lots of people choose to move during summertime, you might be wondering: Is it more expensive to move in the summer? Relocations during warm days come with lots of benefits, but they are also more expensive. However, this problem shouldn’t change your mind about summertime relocations because you can still handle it if you act smart.

There are plenty of ways to save money for your relocating budget, and the key is to carefully plan out everything. First, set a budget that you want to work with, and write down a relocation expenses checklist, so you can track your money easier.

Tips for Cutting Down Moving Expenses

If you decide to move during the busiest time for relocating companies, you should at least take time to inform yourself of some common tips for saving on relocating costs. Here are some of the most helpful tips for budgeting during relocation:

  • Decluttering your home is a great way to save both money and time. Decide what to get rid of and what you don’t have to transport. If you have fewer items to transport, you will pay less for transportation, and the same goes for packing.
  • Selling stuff you don’t use is a simple way to earn some money during relocation. If you’re already relocating during warm sunny days, consider organizing a garage sale.
  • Ask your friends and family whether they have some supplies you can borrow. Getting relocation boxes for free will save you some cash for sure.

#2 Start Packing as Early as Possible in the Morning

If you are looking for a way to beat the awful summertime heat, it’s best to start with the work as early as possible. Even during heatwaves, the early morning hours have much more pleasant temperatures. If you organize your move well, you will be able to finish everything before it starts getting really hot.

If you are hiring long-distance movers, be sure to let them know how early you want to start with the working process. So be an early bird, and start finishing tasks from your relocating to-do list as early as possible.

#3 Be Sure to Stay Hydrated the Whole Time

Heatwaves are not only tiring but can be quite dangerous as well. It’s not recommended to work during high temperatures, but if you already have to, be sure to stay hydrated. Prepare lots of bottled water for you and your family members, and be sure to drink plenty of it. Dehydration can have severe consequences, so if you see that someone is not feeling well, offer them water immediately.

Take Care of the Movers by Bringing New Refreshments

If you are hiring professional help to assist you during relocation, be sure to prepare for the movers by providing them with some refreshments as well. Try to be a good host and help the workers out by providing nice conditions for them to operate in. If you don’t have air conditioning, you can get some portable fans.

#4 Protect the Heat-Sensitive Stuff

When packing electronics for relocation, keep in mind that these things are heat sensitive and can get seriously damaged due to high temperatures. It’s best to protect them by placing them into their original packaging. Also, you should avoid putting boxes with these sensitive goods in the back of the transportation truck and instead take them with you. Be sure these containers are not exposed directly to the sun for too long.

Label the Boxes With Sensitive Items

If you want to protect the sensitive stuff that you’re putting in packages, make sure you label them properly. This way, anyone handling the boxes will know where to put them. Labeling will minimize the chances of packages getting lost or mixed up.

#5 Choose the Appropriate Clothes for the Relocation Day

What you’re going to wear for the relocation day might not seem like the biggest issue you should have in times like this. However, you don’t want to wear something that will make you feel uncomfortable and inappropriate for working in high temperatures.

Since you will probably be sweating a lot, stick to wearing loose-fitting clothing pieces which are made of materials such as cotton or linen. Avoid wearing dark clothes and synthetic fabrics. Black clothes will make you feel even hotter, and synthetic fabrics are the worst when it comes to absorbing sweat. Wearing a cap or a hat is also a great idea since it will protect you from suffering a sunstroke.

#6 Don’t Forget About Applying SPF

Many people neglect the importance of applying SPF during summer days. Exposing your skin directly to the sun and UV lights can be quite dangerous. SPF is there to minimize the damage and protect you from getting those horrible sunburns. You can choose whichever sunscreen you prefer using. Just be sure to reapply it every 2 hours.

If you want to get more information about SPF and why you should use it, you can find plenty of educational videos on YouTube. Here’s a video that could be super helpful to you.

YouTube video

#7 Prepare Your Pets for Relocation During Summertime

If you are relocating with pets, you must not forget how dangerous it is for them to be exposed to the sun for too long. Not a lot of pets enjoy summertime and high temperatures. Relocating during these times can be much more stressful for them than it is for you. So if you are considering relocating with pets during hot days, be sure to follow some of these rules:

  • Purchase the proper summertime travel crate to provide your pet with enough space and fresh air.
  • Consult with your vet to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the trip.
  • Get your pet to the groomer, and ask them to give your pet the right hair trim for the hot days.
  • Prepare enough food and water for your pet.
  • Don’t leave your pets in the sun for too long, and be sure they have enough shade.

#8 Learn How to Spot and React to Overheating Symptoms

Overheating is a severe medical condition and is very dangerous. If a person spends too long outside during high temperatures, they can get heat-related illnesses, which often require hospital treatment. This is why you must learn to recognize these symptoms so that you can react immediately. Common overheating symptoms are:

  • Elevated body temperature,
  • Nausea,
  • Dizziness,
  • Weakness,
  • Fainting,
  • Muscle cramps,
  • Headaches,
  • Seizures,
  • General confusion.

If one of your friends, family members, or professional relocation assistants gets some of these symptoms, be sure to react immediately. Experts advise that you should give them plenty of water, allow them to lie down, and dab them with cold towels.

#9 Hire Professional Movers to Speed up the Process

Choosing a professional long-distance moving company to help you out during your relocation can seriously speed up the entire process and make it much easier for you. Booking some cross-country moving services, such as packing and storage services, could help you move more efficiently. Just make sure that the company you are hiring is reputable by checking if they are registered at the Better Business Bureau, and you are good to go.

If You Are Hiring Cross Country Movers During Summer, Be Sure to Book Them on Time

Booking long-distance moving services in advance is crucial when it comes to summertime. You have already read about how this is the busiest season for relocating companies, and they are very hard to book during those months.

So if you plan on a move during this season, be sure to book the services on time. Think about booking them a few months in advance, and ask them for a quote. Once you get that over with, it will be much easier for you to handle the rest of your tasks.

Summertime Relocations Are Super Fun but Remember to Stay Responsible

Relocations during warm days can be quite an adventure and a super fun experience. With all the tips and advice we gave you today, there is no doubt you will be safe during the entire process. If you follow the directions and stay responsible, your relocation will go as smoothly as possible. So prepare enough water, put on the right clothes, apply SPF, and get ready for the best relocation experience.

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