November 12, 2021

How to Organize Packing to Move – 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Once you’ve decided to relocate, the very next step is to learn how to organize packing to move so that you can do it in the most efficient and easiest way. Having a strategy, schedules, and timelines will help you meet the goal and prevent losing precious time. Here are ultimate tips on how to pack for a move fast and without a fuss.

House size and number of belongings you have will define needed time to organize everything

Tip #1: When Should I Start Packing to Move? Define the Date of Relocation

The first packaging tip for relocation is to define the date. This way, you’ll be able to organize everything in advance and avoid any last-minute packaging and stress. Furthermore, this is especially important to do if you’re prone to procrastination.

Having a strict date will give you this positive stress about the long-distance moving process, and it will help you make decisions faster. That’s why you should contact a long-distance moving company at least two months in advance and pick all long-distance moving services you’ll need. This includes storage services, professional boxing up, and moving insurance as well. Don’t forget to take advantage of the whole package!


Tip #2: How to Organize a Packing List – This is Where it All Starts

The best way to organize your boxing up list is to divide it by rooms and make sections that will encompass categories. The secret of efficient packaging is not to mix up the possessions from different rooms. This could only create confusion. So, remember that one of the first tasks on your to-do list should be related to the creation of a packaging list.

Also, it would be helpful if you could use some app to track the progress of boxing up and share it with other family members. Having a list in written form is an excellent way to keep everything organized and under control, but do not forget that online forms are still a better way to keep all members informed of the progress. The best thing of all? Well, online forms can’t be lost in the chaos that is your current home.

Did you know that the most commonly forgotten things to pack are documents!

Having a packaging list is a must-do preparatory step when organizing the relocation. Don't try to do it without one!

Tip #3: How Do I Start Packing to Move? Decide What to Pack. Go Room By Room and Declutter Entire Home

Downsizing for a move is an essential preparatory step when organizing a cross-country moving process. The longer you’ve lived in one place, the more stuff you have. And as time passes by, there will be more and more stuff you do not need anymore. That’s why if you are wondering how long it takes to pack a house, there is no single answer. Many factors impact how long this process will last. However, there are some effective techniques to accelerate it!

Decluttering will help you keep your future household neat and protect it from unnecessary clutter and provide you with a chance to minimize your costs. Because the more stuff you have listed in the inventory list, the higher the expenses will be, and the boxing up process will take longer. Here is how to prioritize what stuff to keep and what to get rid of when relocating.

Don't Pack Items You Won't Use in A New Home

Many things simply won’t have any use/value in your next home, especially if you move to a smaller space or from a house to an apartment. If this is the case, one thing is certain – you won’t need to use their gardening tools or a lawnmower, so consequently, there is no reason to take it with you.

Also, if your new living space is very limited with storage, you should consider whether taking sports equipment like skis, golf clubs, or anything similar is worth it. Instead of transferring equipment into the home itself, it would be much more practical to rent a storage place and keep all pieces of equipment there.

Learn What Items Movers Won't Move and Exclude Them From the Packing List

Other belongings to exclude from the packing list are those items movers won’t move. All flammables, bottles under pressure, and other hazardous possessions will not be accepted on the truck nor in the storage facility. So, ensure to get rid of them in the proper way before relocation day comes.

When Valuable Pieces of Art Are On Your List Relocation Company Should Provide Custom Crate

In case you want to take some valuable piece of art or instrument, you should know that the safest way to move it is to hire professional relocation specialists capable of providing custom crating. That’s why you should have a list of all items that require to be moved this way, ask for cost estimation so you can include it in the budget.

Organize Garage Sale to Get Rid of All Unnecessary Stuff

Once you’re sure what items won’t be necessary to have in the new living space, it is the right moment to get rid of them. Organizing a garage sale is definitely one of the most effective ways to do it. Furthermore, it can improve your relocation budget!

Things that are usually best-sellers in garage sales are old picture frames, bicycles, electronics, kitchen appliances, and all kinds of exercising equipment. To be sure the sale will be successful, you can post it on Facebook and ask your friends to share the post, which will help you have more potential buyers.

Donations Are Another Great Way to Get Rid of Surplus Things

If you don’t have enough time to organize the garage sale, then donation is the best solution to get rid of unwanted items and help someone in need. Luckily, numerous charities across America accept all kinds of donations, like Move for Hunger and many other similar non-profit organizations.

Furniture banks will be more than likely to send volunteers to pick up your furniture donation. Also, there are numerous organizations where you can donate clothes for the homeless. Electronics, linen, even books, pots and pans, and food are goods that charities will likely accept, so make sure to check where you can donate them.

Tip #4: Budget the Costs and Learn How Much You Will Spend on the Move

Now when you’ve finished decluttering and decided what belongings will find their place on the packaging list, it is the right moment to budget all the costs. This is the best way to estimate the costs as accurately as possible.

Also, when creating a relocation budget, don’t forget to include all other expenses like travel, pet transfer, auto-shipping, and all other elements necessary to organize the move. Another useful tip? Once you have the total, increase it by 10%, just in case!

The good news is, if you’re using a few different relocation services combined, more likely than not, usage of the storage unit will be free for one month. And you might get an additional discount for car shipping!

Keep control of costs if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, and choose reliable relocation specialists. This is the winning formula for stressless experience

Tip #5: Acquire All Packaging Supplies Needed To Box Up the Belongings

Relocating your possessions in a safe manner will be the top priority. That’s why you should acquire a range of different packaging materials to ensure everything is packed properly. Here is what to put on your list of materials:

  • Hard cardboard boxes of different sizes,
  • Plastic packages,
  • Clothes cardboard,
  • Packaging paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Foam peanuts,
  • Blankets, and furniture pads,
  • Tape.

If you’re trying to save on costs, try to find free supplies and get free relocating boxes. Believe it or not, this could help you save up to $430, which is an amount that shouldn’t be neglected. Also, instead of buying packaging paper, you can use old magazines or newspapers (however, be careful cause some newspapers can leave ink stains). So, there is always an alternative, and when you start with preparations in advance, you’ll have enough time to think of all options.

Choose the right supplies to box up your belongings properly, protect them for a storage facility, and get them delivered whole in new home address

Tip #6: How Do You Pack to Move Efficiently? Don’t Forget to Label All Boxes Properly

Another way to pack efficiently and unpack after moving to a new residence is to label all boxes properly. This is also important to do because the professional crew should know what each package contains. Labels will help them define where to put each box in the truck. If the box is full of breakables, like packed glasses, it should be put on the top, while heavier cardboards will be placed at the bottom.

Also, once the unpacking comes – which will be one of the first things to do after relocating, you’ll easily decide what to unpack first, so we believe now it becomes clear why this is so important to do properly.

Write what is stored in the packages to unpack faster

Tip #7: How Do You Pack and Move in an Organized Way? Designate One Room To Be Boxing Up Zone

Going through a house cluttered with boxes is not easy to do, especially because this could take a couple of weeks. Another problem of cardboards spread all over the place is that they will present obstacles for professional cross-country movers and slow down the whole process. Let’s be honest, who wants to jump over the containers while carrying heavy belongings?

Put All Boxes Into Single Room to Prevent Chaos When Moving

For this reason, designating one room and putting all packed boxes in it will be the most efficient way to organize the space and prepare for movers. Make sure to pick the room on the ground floor closest to the entrance so that the relocation specialists could pack a moving truck faster.

Using one room to put all packed cardboard is one of the best tips ever when it comes to relocation organization

Tip #8: How to Organize Packing to Move? Use Suitcases to Box Up Moving Essentials

Another detail to remember is to prepare moving essentials suitcases which will contain all the supplies needed for the first day in the new home. Here are some possessions you should definitely put in this package of essentials:

  • Linen,
  • Pillows and pillowcases,
  • Pijamas,
  • Essential toiletries,
  • Laptops, and other electronic devices like cameras or tablets,
  • Mobile phone and laptop chargers,
  • Important documents,
  • Clothes and shoes which will be enough for the next two weeks – a period which is needed for other packages to be delivered to your new address.

Useful Trick: Since linen and pillows can be pretty fluffy, you can use vacuuming bags and make the load significantly smaller. This means there won’t be a need to book additional bags on your flight, which will help you reduce the costs!

Prepare enough clothes and shoes for at least two weeks.

Follow These Tips, and Turn to a Real Moving Expert!

Now you know all the tips and tricks on how to box up the household and move in an efficient way, the whole experience will be much easier! The secret is to have a plan, schedule, and do everything in advance, and there won’t be a need to be anxious and panic about the upcoming relocation. Combined with the guidance of professional long-distance movers, and you’ll be telling your friends about a stress-free relocating experience!

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