Benefits of Moving – 5+ Reasons Why a Change of Scenery Is Good

Posted Moving Essentials / July 28, 2021
Kaitlyn Bradley

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When moving cross-country, most people feel anxious and panicked since there are hundreds of tasks to do while the clock is ticking. All this stress makes them forget the benefits of moving, which is why we decided to talk about why the change of location can be good for your mental health and wellbeing overall, unlocking an immense potential for personal growth.

Pros and Cons of Moving to a New City or State

People have different reasons to move. While some choose to relocate for a broader job market or college, others move for love, better prospects of buying their own house, or simply because they need a fresh start. Still, the problems and potentials that every transition brings are pretty similar for all.

One of the most common challenges all people face when relocating to another state alone is the preceding feeling of pressure and worry about organizing the whole process. Any good relocation to another state checklist is actually pretty long. From sorting out the items, which can be a very emotional process, to packing, searching for a home, dealing with paperwork, saying goodbyes, and so much more. Having all these obligations on their relocation to-do list, combined with the regular daily agenda, may cause anxiety, pressure, and emotional exhaustion, which are the greatest cons of every relocation.

Coping with these negative feelings and thoughts can be overwhelming. However, if you take a closer look at all the benefits of moving out and focus on all the positive changes that relocation brings, you may find out that relocation is not that frightening after all. Personal growth, excellent job prospects, financial stability, meeting new people, and many other pros are waiting once you move.

Nevertheless, like every other life event, nothing is black and white, and everything has positive and negative sides. For that reason, we decided to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to the cons and pros of relocation. Here is everything you need to know about why it is good to move to a new place and what the main cons you’ll be dealing with after the decision to move out are.


The Greatest Benefit of Relocation Is That It Provides a Fresh Start!

From time to time, we all need a fresh start to reset our lives and start a new chapter full of opportunities for growth and advancement in every aspect. Whether you’re at the beginning of your adulthood and relocating to college, you’ve just gotten a job in a new city, or you’re relocating to an oceanfront city because this is what you’ve always wanted, relocation to another town or state will definitely mark a fresh start. Observing the situation from this point of view will help you see relocation as an adventure. A positive attitude will aid you in overcoming all the obstacles and challenges along the way.

Relocation to Another City Can Provide Better Job Opportunities

One of the major reasons why people relocate is due to better job opportunities in another area. If you’re one of those job hunters, ensure to learn how to get a job in another state before relocating there to ensure a stress-free relocation. Career advancements are important milestones in everyone’s lives, so ensuring to get that chance is definitely worth every effort.

However, before you make a decision on the next place you’ll call home, just ensure to explore the job market, the largest companies in the area, and which positions are available and highest-paid. Another thing to take into consideration is the cost of living and housing options because all these details will inevitably and directly affect your quality of life. If you estimate that you can support yourself, then you’ve found your next destination, and you can start searching for cross-country movers!

Getting a Larger House Will Definitely Benefit Your Wellbeing

If you live in an area where housing prices are not so affordable, and the size of your house doesn’t fit your needs anymore, then one of the most effective solutions will be relocating to a place where buying a house is standard practice. Exploring the real estate market and taking a look at how property prices range across the US is a mandatory step if you want to get the best possible housing option for you. The typical median home value in the US amounts to $290,000, so if the prices are too low or high, ensure to explore what the reason is and whether it matches your budget.

Of course, one of the best house hunting tips we could share with you is to begin your search way in advance, find a reliable real estate agent, and schedule house tours and inspections to help you make the best decision. Also, if you already own a property, prepare your home for sale, too. Although finding the most suitable house and selling the old one simultaneously will be very complex to pull off, with proper organization, we are sure you’ll be able to make it!

Finding a perfect home is never easy. However, if the majority of amenities match your needs, don’t put off closing the deal. Purchasing a larger house is definitely something that can improve your well-being. Increased comfort, a feeling of stability, and financial independence are definitely some things that’ll help you feel better about the decision.

Being Miles Away From Family and Friends Can Deepen the Relationship With Them

Believe it or not, relocating away from friends and family can help you deepen your relationship with them. With all the technology at our disposal, the internet, smartphones, social media networks, and apps, communication with loved ones has never been easier. And nurturing those long-distance friendships will be of the utmost importance once you stay all alone in another city and nostalgia kicks in.

How to Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones After Relocating to a New Home?

Until you widen the social circle in the community you’ve relocated to, staying in touch and communicating more often with your family and friends will definitely make you feel less lonely and closer to them. Another great way to get their support while you’re adjusting to a different environment will be to organize their visits more often, so when you throw a moving away party, remember to reveal this idea to them! We are sure they’ll like it!

If you want to learn from a personal experience how to stay in contact with your friends and family after relocation, take a look at the video below, and find useful relocation tips for adjusting to different surroundings.

YouTube video

Spreading Your Network and Meeting New Friends Is Another Pro of Relocation

Adjusting to a community and surroundings will result in getting in touch with many people and making new friends. Belonging to a social circle will not only help you feel like a part of the community but will also provide more opportunities to spend your free time in a better way.

Locals have all the information on the area’s opportunities, whether you want to dedicate your time to hobbies, explore the surroundings, or change work. For that reason, trying to meet your neighbors and coworkers will be the very first step to creating new friendships and becoming a part of the community. Throw a barbecue weekend party, invite them to your house and create a relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to get to know them better. Soon, you’ll be able to say you made some friends!

The Benefits of Moving Are Almost Endless! Here Comes More!

Undoubtedly, relocations are complex not only to organize but to experience at the emotional level. They bring changes not only to your surroundings and home but to your lifestyle too. However, the benefits of relocating are simply great! Feeling independent, capable of attaining the lifestyle and house of your dreams, being financially stable, and becoming entirely self-reliant are the highlights of this process. This way, your personal growth is guaranteed, and that’s why we absolutely encourage you to embark on this adventure.

Is Moving Good for Mental Health?

For Americans, relocation is the third most stressful life event. Having some difficulties in the beginning, while the adjustment process is still in progress, might seem discouraging and impact your mental health. If you feel anxious, confused, lonely, or overwhelmed for a longer period despite the fact that your quality of life has improved, and there is no obvious reason to feel like this, it’s most likely you’re dealing with relocation depression.

However, combating this feeling is absolutely possible by surrounding yourself with people, dedicating free time to hobbies, and exploring the environment. In some cases, you can even choose to see a therapist or sign up for group therapy and share your thoughts with other members who will support you in realizing you’re not alone.

Also, don’t forget to contact your old friends and share your struggles with them – this can also be very helpful. Although this process is complicated, in time you’ll become stronger, and your mental health will improve. So our final answer to the initial question is definitely – yes, relocations can be very good for your mental health and strength.

What About the Cons of Relocation?

Aside from changing your lifestyle, getting out of your comfort zone, and fighting the possible relocation depression, another con every relocation brings is associated with the high costs of organizing it. If you strive to keep your costs under control, then creating a relocation budget is a must. Having a relocation expenses checklist that will cover every detail will definitely make you feel more confident about your finances.

Also, keep in mind that these high costs can be mitigated if you explore how to reduce your expenses. One of the effective techniques is to downsize your household and take only items you’ll be actually using in your next house. Cutting your inventory list by donating furniture and exploring what items movers won’t move will not only decrease your expenses but will also allow you to move efficiently and quickly, so just ensure to learn all the ways to reduce the expenses effectively.

“No Matter How Much You Move, You Still Take Yourself With You”

As Elizabeth Stirling, an eminent clinical psychologist, suggests, knowing the reason why you are performing a cross-country relocation and having an aim in front of you is of the utmost importance if you want to avoid dealing with depression. So be sure you’re ready for this move both mentally and emotionally.

Once you decide it’s the right moment for your next big move, find a reliable long-distance moving company to provide you with all the necessary cross-country moving services and organize your relocation seamlessly. Booking all needed packing services in advance and preparing your house for packing can reduce anxiety, so ensure to do everything according to a timeline.

Also, if you decide to move a car to another state, then schedule auto shipping services too, and simply wait for the long-distance movers to arrive and pick up the vehicle. Now that you know how the whole process works, we are sure you’ll be able to deal with it much more easily and wait for the relocation day completely ready!

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