10 Tips for Moving With Kids Without a Hitch

Posted Moving Tips&Tricks / November 29, 2021
Kaitlyn Bradley

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Are you moving with kids soon and can’t imagine how on Earth you will do it? Looking after little ones who are full of energy, running unstoppably through the house, or crying all the time because you’re not paying enough attention to them while trying to organize the cross-country moving process sounds like a mission impossible. Luckily, everything is feasible with the help of our life-saving tips. Here is what you need to do to make this process a little less nerve-racking!

What to Consider When Moving With Children? Tips All Parents Should Know

Does your to-do list seem to be getting longer with every sunrise, along with the list of questions your curious child asks? Do you have hundreds of thoughts per minute running through your mind, all the while trying to make crucial decisions that will impact your whole lifestyle and future? If your answer is yes, we bet you’re preparing to move with minors, and all this does not sound like a fun mix.

There are hundreds of details to consider before the relocation, and when you’re relocating with the whole family, there are even more. What are the best cities for education? How will this transition affect their well-being? What can you do to make the transition process easier and protect your child?

Undoubtedly, relocating with a kid is hard. That’s why we’ve decided to prepare tips for moving with kids that will help you move efficiently and decrease the stress level both for you and your child.

Tip #1: Hire Professional Cross-Country Movers to Help You With a Whole Process

No matter what your reason to move is, having a reliable long-distance moving company by your side when moving with kids out of state is the best relocation tip to follow if you want to have a stress-free move. Not only will they provide you with all long-distance moving services, but they will also take care of the tiniest details.

Packing the old household while figuring out the paperwork, saying goodbye to relatives and friends, house hunting, getting ready for a new job, and combining all these tasks with parenting sounds like too much for a regular person to handle. That’s why the support of professional movers is the perfect solution for family relocations. So ensure to book all auto-shipping services in advance, as well as all other assistance, and let professional long-distance movers guide you through the whole process.


Tip #2: How to Move With Kids? Talk to Them About the Upcoming Changes Weeks Prior to Relocation

How do you move states with kids? Except for some regular preparations, another detail to take care of is how your kid will handle the whole experience. Believe it or not, a child can be pretty anxious about a move, and in some cases, it could negatively impact their mental health.

Sleeping disorders, increased aggression, and disinterest in activities they used to enjoy are only the first signs that something is not like it’s supposed to be. That’s why talking to them before the relocation and trying to prepare them for the transition by anticipating all the changes is one of the must-do steps.

How Does Moving House Affect a Child?

As a recent study shows, frequent relocations can negatively affect children’s mental health. Those who switch houses very often usually have problems in school performance, socializing and communication, and behavior overall. If parents notice some drastic changes in their children’s behavior, they should definitely consult a pediatric therapist and try to find the most appropriate solution to support their kid during the adjustment process.

Tip #3: Let Your Little Ones Be a Part of the Relocation Process

Allowing younger children to be a part of the packing process is essential for their adjustment to the upcoming relocation. This way, they’ll be aware of what relocation roughly implies. Also, it will be a perfect prelude to let them know how nice your future home will be by directing their focus to positive things: that they’ll get a bigger/better room, meet new friends, or have an opportunity to enjoy a backyard for the first time.

Packing Can Be a Fun Family Activity – Let Your Kids Help You!

Although many parents try to protect their little ones from tasks related to relocation, this could be contra-productive and one of the greatest relocation mistakes. In some instances, your little ones might feel excluded and not be able to process what is happening and understand why the move is that important.

That’s why giving them a chance to contribute and participate in the packing process can be beneficial to their perception of what relocation means. Moreover, organizing packing to move can be a fun family activity for the whole household! Making a competition out of who can pack more socks, t-shirts, or toys in one box or who will pack their books and school supplies faster can be some of the activities that will entertain your little ones and take some weight off your back, too.

Tip #4: Pack the Children’s Room Last and Unbox It First to Make the Whole Experience Less Stressful

Little ones usually see their room as a safe place from the outside world. That’s why it is highly recommended to pack their room last. That way, you’ll give them enough time to understand how the process works with the rest of the house before they have to temporarily say goodbye to their own stuff.

Don’t skip organizing the decluttering of their old rooms, too, and encourage them to decide what toys they want to keep and what they want to give to others in need. Decluttering is also a great opportunity for a lesson on generosity and selflessness. So once you explore where to donate toys, take them to their charity of choice to drop the stuff off.

Equip Their Rooms First After the Stuff Is Delivered, Especially if You’re Relocating With a Baby

The first thing to do once the stuff has been delivered to the new address is to get the kid’s rooms unpacked after the move. Since they’ll be exhausted from the trip, the only thing they’ll want is to jump into their beds and sleep.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget to Babyproof the Future Home

Relocating to a new home with children implies you’ll have to adjust the new space to be entirely safe for them. Yes, you guessed it – the improvement of your future home is another task on the to-do list, especially if you’re relocating with toddlers, who can be too curious for their own good. Babyproofing a house is an essential thing to do before relocating.

Stair fences, safety locks, plug socket covers, and corner protectors are only a few of the protective items you can incorporate into your next home. If you want to find out more on how to do it properly, take a look at the video below.

YouTube video

Tip #6: Hire A Babysitter to Keep Your Kid Content and Safe During the Big Day

You won’t have enough time or energy to dedicate to your little ones once the movers come, start to pack items, and load the truck. Nor will you want them running around the house and disturbing the movers while risking everyone’s safety. So how can you relocate with your child if they’re constantly in the way?

The best solution will be to hire a babysitter to take care of your little ones, so you’ll be sure they are completely safe, full, and entertained. Ensure to schedule the babysitter’s services in advance.

Tip #7: If You’re Going to Drive the Whole Way, Don’t Forget the Baby Seat

Many people choose to drive instead of flying because they’re scared it will be extremely stressful and confusing for their little ones. However, keep in mind that a drive will take much longer than a flight, and this could also be a very unpleasant experience for your kid. Nevertheless, there are many pros and cons of both means of transport, so we leave it up to you.

If you decided to drive all the whole way with a baby in the backseat, there are some details to set up before you hit the road:

  • Take your car to the mechanic to be sure everything is functioning properly.
  • Wash the vehicle thoroughly before the relocation date. Don’t forget that babies are very sensitive and could get allergic reactions to dust.
  • Put a baby seat in, not only for comfort but because of safety concerns, too.
  • Ensure that the essential box is easily accessible, and it contains all necessary things such as baby food, milk, water, diapers, spare clothes, wet wipes, and other hygiene items.
  • Surround your baby with toys, rattles, and other items that will occupy their attention.

Tip #8: Take All the Medical and School Records

Moving out of state with children of any age means you’ll have to take care of their documents and records. When it comes to medical records, more or less, everything comes down to the address change, and this is a thing you can do after relocation (although doing it before might be a better idea). However, no matter how easy this is, don’t forget about it, especially if you’re relocating with a newborn.

Taking care of school records is a little bit more demanding. First of all, you should find the right schooling option in the city you’re relocating to and ask about the transfer process. Usually, it consists of submitting a transfer request with the old school, gathering all transcripts and records, and submitting them to the new one.

Of course, you’ll get precise instructions from the institution itself. Just ensure to finish everything in time. Believe it or not, dealing with paperwork is one of the most common things people forget to do when they move, so don’t forget to put it on the to-do list.

Tip #9: Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Little Ones Adjust to a Different Environment Better

Even if you’re relocating to one of the best cities to raise a family, saying goodbye to family and friends will be tough. Believe it or not, your kid, who is used to the company of grandparents, cousins, or friends can handle it even worse. So, what can parents do to make the adjustment process easier for their children?

Throw a Move-In Party for New Neighbors

Meeting neighbors can be a great chance to make friends in a new city. Throwing a move-in party and inviting people who have children will be a  great chance for your kid to socialize. So don’t miss this chance – take advantage of that big yard now that you finally have it!

Encourage Your Kid to Sign Up for Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an opportunity for your kid to meet their peers and connect with them. Consider their talents and passions carefully and direct them to a field where they will thrive, be it sports, student government, arts, hobbies, or educational clubs.

Tip #10: Take Advantage of Our Tips, and Long-Distance Moving Will Be Child’s Play!

Do you feel like even if you had superpowers, it wouldn’t be enough to keep up with your kid? You’re not alone – many parents can relate to this feeling. However, although the whole experience may seem chaotic at first glance, there is still a chance to keep everything under control.

The secret to moving with kids out of state is in structuring the whole process and organizing it through phases. And that’s exactly what our tips will support you with. So just ensure to follow them, and the whole experience will be child’s play both for your kid and yourself.

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