How to Move a Shed Without Much Fuss

Posted How-to / October 26, 2021
Daisy Wilson

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It has been a long time since the shed was just a shed, a place where you will keep garden tools. Nowadays, the sheds have become a sanctuary for more and more people where you can get away from daily worries and relax. And it is no wonder why so many people want to know how to move a shed when they are relocating across the country.

After investing so much time and money to build your sanctuary, it is understandable you find it difficult to let it go. And why would you, when you can bring it with you. Remember, if there is a way to relocate a piano, why would a small outhouse be a problem. Heck, people even move their garages or houses. With a couple of relocation tips and tricks, you will know all about shed moving.

Assess Your Structure and Plan Everything Before Moving

The best relocation hack to avoid any unnecessary relocation stress is carefully planning every step of the way. That can be applied to relocating an outhouse. The first thing you must do is inspect the storage structure to see if it is solid enough for transportation. No matter if it is made from metal, wood, or some other material, it must not have any wobbly or damaged parts. For the proper inspection, you can always hire a professional contractor to do this job to be extra safe, especially if you are embarking on a cross-country moving adventure.

Decide Which Method You Will Use

Can you dismantle and move a shed? How do you move a shed already built? These are all the questions you probably ask yourself, and the answers depend on several factors. However, the most important factor is what kind of method of transportation you will implement.

The other factors you must consider are the size of the building, the material of which it is made, and most importantly, where the new location is. Keep in mind that the method is not the same if you are relocating outhouse around your yard or to another state. Here are some methods you can implement to relocate your structure:

  • Lifting and carrying– This method is great if you wish to relocate small sheds over short distances.
  • Transporting by hand– If you wonder how to move a large shed in your yard, this method is probably the best.
  • Transporting by machine– For a bigger distance, this is the only option you can implement. This method implements a combination of the methods above with some heavy machinery.

Coordinate Your Structure Relocation With The Long-Distance Moving Company

Once you are finished with house hunting, you can start with other preparations. First, you must hire cross-country movers for their top-notch long-distance moving services. Then you can set a date for the relocation. Once the date for your long-distance moving is set, start researching “shed movers near me”.

If you wish to have an organized and efficient move, plan and coordinate everything with your long-distance movers to avoid any chaos on your relocation day. Another thing to consider is – ensure that the shed movers should arrive at your new home after you do. That way you have time to prepare a new location. You will have to level up the terrain in your new location, clear the pathway and dig up a foundation.

Empty the Hut Before Moving It and Do the Following Preparations

This step is necessary and crucial when it comes to building relocation and even if you are last-minute moving, you will have to do it. The time needed for packing up the outhouse will depend on the purpose it has. Is it filled with tools and garden equipment, or is it your home office or fun room? But don’t worry even an office move can be done with a couple of professional tips quickly.

On the other hand, if you took packing service as part of cross your country moving services, movers will also deal with this. However, there are things your movers can not do. Yes, they can pack pots and pans you have stored there, but removing the shelves or detaching the outbuilding from electricity or gas is all on you.

You will have to remove doors and windows as well. Also, now is a good opportunity to downsize for a move a bit. Get rid of all the junk you may have and only bring the items you truly need in the new home. Not only will you save on moving costs this way, but if you organize a yard sale, you can even earn some money.

Secure the Shack Before Moving

Once you have cleared everything from the building, you can secure it. Screw the boards from corner to corner on each wall, and put two beams diagonally in an X pattern on the floor. Remove any parts that can move, like windows and doors, and screw some boards there too, from one side to another.  Also, now is the time to clear and secure the passage of the structure. Remove everything that can be in your way and clear a space around the structure.


Get the Right Equipment

Another thing that must end upon your relocation list is to buy necessary equipment for relocating a structure. So aside from packing materials, you’ll have to pack your home, you must find some metal roads, four to six jacks, two large beams, rollers, and a ramp, depending on which method you use for your lumber-room. Don’t forget to buy some ropes to fasten your structure once it is on the truck or trailer. Also, if you don’t have any, now is the moment to get some shovels and a pickaxe.

Know How to Lift the Shed Like a Pro

Whether you are relocating to another state or you have hired movers for a local move, lifting the lumber-room will be an inevitable part of the relocation.  And using some sort of a lifting method is going to be a part of it, no matter how big or small your structure is.

First, you must dig up the structure and make holes beneath it. They should be deep enough to put a jack inside. If your building is small, four holes are good enough (on every corner) but if it is larger, put two additional holes beneath the side walls in the middle.

For the next step, you will need an extra hand. You will have to simultaneously lift each side with a jack. Now you can put wheels beneath or rods depending on the method you use. If you plan to put it on the wheels, you’ll have to lift it a bit higher, so have some blocks or beams ready. They should go under the structure instead of jacks. This way, it will be more stable. On the other hand, if you plan to move with rods, lift enough so the pipe can enter beneath.

You Can Learn How to Move a Shed by Hand

Now that you know how to lift, it is time to learn how to move a shed with pipes or by hand. You will have to buy sturdy rods for this method so they don’t break underneath the structure. They should also be wide enough, so the structure doesn’t fall off. For smaller buildings, using three pipes is usually enough. You will also require two wooden boards. Boards must be longer than the structure, and they will be rolling on rods.

For this method, make sure to get extra help. Two people will have to push the structure – one to deal with the rods and one to worry about the balance. So when you start pushing and rolling the structure, the last pipe will fall out and must be placed first. And you repeat this process over and over until the structure is moved.

You can use a forklift for pushing, but you will still require extra help with that. Also, if you wonder how to move a small shed, the answer is – easily. You can place it on the wheels or rollers that are also used for transporting refrigerators or other heavy appliances. You will require a couple of rollers on each side of the structure, and you can easily push it to another place in the yard.

Can a Wooden Shed Be Moved?

It may take some extra preparation, but it isn’t impossible. People have moved wooden sheds before. If you want everything to go without a hitch you will have to thoroughly prepare, and you will have to secure your floor and roof. And if it is big and heavy, rent a forklift for this project because pushing it on the rods will be difficult. Check this video and see how other people moved their wooden structure:

YouTube video

Figure Out How to Move a Shed on Skids

If your building is on the skids, you are lucky because transportation of this structure is the easiest. All you require is four rollers to put beneath the structure, and you are good to go. And if you don’t want to drag it yourself, just attach skids to a truck and pull it this way.

To do so, all you need is to attach the skids to a chain or other heavy-duty strap and to your truck. Secondly, make sure to have straps of chains attached to each side of the structure and then attached to the main chain that is connected to the truck and ready to pull. Skids make a structure much stable and easier to transport.

Can I Move a Hut Cross Country? And How Much Does It Cost to Move a Shed?

Relocating a structure is surprisingly affordable for a local relocation, and the price depends on two factors: location and the size of the building. The price can go anyway between $220 – $500 within 50 miles. And this seems reasonable if you are relocating to suburban parts of your current city. But if you are relocating to a new state and your relocation budget doesn’t allow you to pay this price, consider other options.

For example, you can hire movers to ship your car, and you can rent a truck and transport the hut alone to a new location. Or, if your car has enough pulling power, you can attach a trailer to it and pull the outhouse to another location. But no matter how you decide to do this relocation, you will require help from professionals. Especially if you plan to drive the whole structure alone to a new location. You will not have time to deal with other things like packing china cabinets or your dishes, so why not outsource some of the work to movers.

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