How to Pack Toys for Moving – Best Tips for Keeping Kids’ Friends Safe

Posted How-to / April 6, 2022
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Most parents have difficulties packing their children’s playrooms because there are usually a lot of fragile playthings that can easily get damaged. With our tips, you will know how to pack toys for moving correctly. For starters, you have to carefully sort out everything if you want to get the whole toy collection safely to your new home. Let’s see how you can do that.

If you want to avoid relocation stress, start planning and organizing weeks in advance. You will know how to organize your packing for the move before you contact your long-distance moving company. With our moving hacks, you won’t have to deal with relocation mistakes.

How to Pack Toys For Moving

Before you start organizing the boxing-up process, you will require supplies and tools. Gather the supplies sometime before you start preparing. You should also create a relocation to-do list and list everything you have to buy for a successful endeavor. Another wise thing to do before arranging for long-distance moving services is to sort out all the stuffed animals, dolls, coloring books, puzzles, and building blocks. You can organize them by size or the type of toy. Anything that’s delicate and fragile can be wrapped and secured with bubble wrap, and you should label all cardboard crates. Also, don’t forget to leave your kid’s favorite toy for the road.

What Packing Supplies And Materials Should You Prepare

First, assess what type of items your kids have in their playroom. The toys vary in size, shape, and characteristics, so you will need to prepare materials suitable for protecting these types of items. Also, think about the tools you might need for disassembling some bigger pieces, such as rocking horses, dollhouses, jumpers, and walkers. Here are some materials you might need:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Ziploc bags,
  • Newspaper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Markers and labels,
  • Screwdriver,
  • Adjustable wrench.

You can get small and medium-sized boxes for puzzles and small books. Still, you need larger boxes for items that are not that heavy. Usually, you can get all of your stuffed animals and lightweight playthings in one large box. If you don’t want to spend any money on new crates, ask your local retail store for their crates or search online on the Craigslist website.


Sort Out the Toys Before Boxing Up

If you are relocating with kids, you’d want them to take part in the relocation process. Packing for kids is easy if you allow them to make their own decisions about their belongings. Designate a move-out cleaning day and ask your children to take part. When sorting out their belongings, ask them what to keep but also what to get rid of. In this way, you will give them the freedom to make their own selection. You can also discard the pieces your child has outgrown or things that are no longer functioning properly. Some action figures or dolls might not have all the parts, so you can also take them to the bin.

Here is a video on how to declutter your kid’s playroom easily.

YouTube video

The Best Way of Packing Toys Into Boxes

Once you have organized and collected all the playthings your child wants to be transported to the new home, you need to start packing. You want to keep similar categories of toys together. Store puzzle sets, board games, and building blocks together. Stuffed animals should all go together in one large cardboard crate. Some playthings that have small parts and pieces should be put in Ziploc bags because they will not get damaged, and the pieces won’t get mixed up in a large box.

Small wooden pieces and books are easily transported and you can simply put them in medium-sized boxes. Bigger playthings that you have disassembled, like rocking horses and walkers, have to be put in separate big boxes. The smaller pieces you have taken off the items should also be put in a Ziploc bag and kept close to the item, so it doesn’t get lost. During the boxing up process, decide on what items you want to place in your relocation essentials bag so your child doesn’t get bored or fussy during the trip.

Don’t Forget to Wrap the Items

You can use any type of paper, such as newspapers, or bubble wrap to cover the playthings. Take small toy cars and trucks and cover them all in the newspaper. Secure everything with tape. You can use bubble wrap to line the inside of the crate you are going to place the little cars and trucks in. When you put everything in the crates, fill any voids with paper, too.

If you are wondering how to wrap a stuffed animal, that is also easy. The animals can be wrapped in either bubble wrap or paper and placed like that in a box. Check if the crates are dry and clean before putting anything in them. When you finish the whole process, take markers and label the crates accordingly.

Request Packing Services From Your Moving Company

Your cross-country movers can also provide you with a professional packing service, so you don’t have to worry about the boxing-up process. If you think that you will not manage to pack up your entire home and your kid’s playroom in time for the move, you can always request a professional packer’s help. In this way, you will save time and concentrate on other things related to the relocation.

Your long-distance movers can give you additional relocation tips. What is more, you can also request a storage service if you don’t think you will manage to move everything in time. Don’t hesitate to use the storage units available for free for up to 30 days.

What Not to Do When Storing Dolls, Building Blocks, and Puzzles?

You should try to avoid some common mistakes people tend to make when storing their kid’s plaything. Don’t rush and put the whole toy collection in one big box. Don’t place anything in boxes that aren’t dry and clean and that cannot be properly closed or taped over. Make sure you don’t misplace or lose the parts or pieces while boxing up. Also, don’t use duct tape directly over some wooden blocks or porcelain dolls because the tape residue can be tricky to remove.

Unwanted Items Can Be Donated

If you have an action figure or a doll that your kid no longer uses but are in perfect condition, you should consider donating them. You don’t have to throw everything in the trash bin when you can search online for charities and foundations that collect used playthings. This is a great way to declutter as well as to help others out.

With These Tricks, You Are Ready For Your Relocation

With these tips, you’ll be ready to box up your kid’s playroom in no time. Before investing in cross-country moving services, plan ahead how you want to organize the whole relocation process. Moving stuffed animals, building blocks, and rocking horses won’t be a problem if you have the right materials and a plan. And if you run into any problems, you can always call your relocation company for advice.

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