June 30, 2021

Avoid Common Moving Mistakes With Our Tips

Although making a mistake is always a good learning opportunity, moving mistakes might be dangerous territory to step into considering the nerves, energy, and money involved. To err is human, but to learn how to avoid potential moving problems is divine. Particularly when there’s a long-distance moving adventure awaiting.

Knowing how to get around potential mishaps when relocating to your future home will make the relocation process much easier.

We’ve provided you with the most common errors people make when relocating that will help you get a better idea of the things you should avoid before setting out on this journey. Keep on reading to find out what to take into account to prepare adequately.

Not Being Efficient With Your Time

If you are wondering what 5 common problems in moving items are, bad time management is undoubtedly on the top of the list. Don’t let the relocation process be just one of many procrastination sessions. Instead of going over the scenarios of all the small, medium, and huge tasks awaiting, get up and start creating your moving to-do list. We’re sure there’s a lot to plan to keep your transition smooth and your head calm. You don’t want the relocation stress to eat you up before the adventure even starts.

Making a good estimate is vital for the organizational process.

Not Researching Your Relocation Company Enough

Relocating to another state is much easier with a reliable long-distance moving company. They will help you move efficiently without wasting any of your time. However, researching the professionals you’re interested in, as well as the long-distance moving services they offer, is something you should take seriously before hiring them. You’ve probably been wondering How much should I pay movers per hour or Is their quote for the auto shipping service reasonable. To be sure you’re dealing with an honest company, here’s what you need to remember to look at carefully:

  • Better Business Bureau – BBB has a rich database of all cross-country movers’ records, and checking if there are any complaints against the one you want to hire could be helpful.
  • Department of Transportation – Don’t forget to check the USDOT number and license of a company in only a few clicks.
  • AMSA – If you want to ensure you’re not dealing with rogue movers, you can always go for AMSA’s consumer protection program with certified professional movers.
Don't forget to look into the cross-country moving company you want to hire.

What Should You Not Do When Moving: Packing Without a Proper Plan

We can say that a move without a packing plan is hardly a planned move at all. At most, it is a bad one, so that’s definitely something you want to avoid when it comes to cross-country moving. Here, you’ll need all the packing tips you can find so as not to make one of the biggest errors out there – underestimating the time you have. Having a thorough plan to stick to is a good starting point, but there’s a lot more to think about if you don’t want to hurt your chances of sticking to the schedule.

Conquer the To-Be-Packed Pile With an Inventory List

Whatever your reasons to move are, there’ll always be a pile waiting to be safely packed and sent to the new home. No matter how big the pile is, your task is to find a way to take control of it. Creating an inventory list is one of those relocation tips people usually fail to apply, which is why we think it’s important to remind you of that one. When on the mission to make things at least a bit simpler, you don’t have the luxury of forgetting important tips. Not to mention that with this one, you will not only know your household goods from A to Z, but you will also save some time once you start unpacking them.


Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Even if you’re relocating from an apartment to a house, decluttering is a necessary step of the relocation process and should be considered seriously. Boxing up everything you own and spending a huge amount of money on relocating it all to a new home is not a good solution. There are many better ways to get rid of the stuff you don’t even use anymore and cut down the unnecessary costs. Figuring out where to donate toys your kids outgrew and where to donate furniture to people who need it more is only one way. Selling some of your clothes at a garage sale and earning money is also a smart way to get the funds to buy some of the items listed on the new apartment checklist.

Check for Cheap Supplies

Thinking about your relocation budget is a good opportunity to reconsider the standard way of purchasing brand new packing materials. Overlooking the fact that most of these can be found for free or at minimal cost definitely qualifies as a mistake in our book. Spending money on cardboard boxes you can easily find around your neighborhood – in most local stores and bookstores – is not the best decision. Also, stop using expensive padding and filling materials instead of regular packing paper.

Don’t Forget to Label the Boxes

Only not making any errors during the packing guarantees a smooth unpacking experience. If you’d like to know where your pajamas or favorite t-shirt are, you’ll have to label those boxes. Whether you’ve come up with your own labeling strategy or you’re using the common ones (colors and markers) to designate the rooms, it’s up to you, as long as you remember to do it.

To find out more about decluttering before a move, check out the video below.

Handling Breakables Poorly

When you finally get to packing fragile items, there might be a pretty good chance you’re already too exhausted to pack glasses or maybe even box all of your plates properly. Trust us when we say you need stamina for this one, and trying to tackle this task while tired will only create more chaos. To prevent this, prepare a lot of bubbles and generously wrap all of your breakables. Before placing them in a box, add a layer of protective material to the bottom and fill the space in between with crumpled paper.

You might lose some of your favorite dishes if not tackling them the right way.

Forgetting to Prepare Your Pets for the Move

With all the responsibilities awaiting when relocating to another state alone, there’s a higher chance for your little furry friends to slip your mind. However, relocating with pets requires a bit of forethought since obtaining their medical records isn’t something that can be taken care of at the last minute. Don’t skip a visit to the vet if you want to get all the necessary documentation and advice on health requirements during and after the move. Research the most convenient traveling choices for pets, too, because this move is not only about you.

You're not the only one about to move, so think of your furry friends, too!

Important Updates That Slipped Your Mind

Now, listen up. This one might be the vital part of the relocation process, and yet again, it’s the usual thing you forget to do. Not such a good combination, isn’t it? The moment you decide to move is the moment you have to think of every service you use – DMV, the IRS, banks and credit bureaus, insurance agencies, shopping sites and subscriptions, memberships, etc. – and notify them all of the change of address. Besides the services mentioned, it’s important to talk to your medical care providers about the change if you want all of your bills and reminders to keep regularly coming to your future address. To have your mail delivered to your future home, filling out the necessary forms and informing USPS is a must.

It's important to contact all the important people before you leave your hometown.

Waiting Too Long to Transfer Utilities

Can you imagine the dread of boxing electronics up and all other belongings just to find out there’s no electricity once you finally move into the new apartment? This is the most probable scenario if you don’t remember to contact utility providers and update them on the address. Canceling the services at the old place and scheduling the exact dates to set them up in the new one is how you will avoid turning your move into a nightmare.

You Didn’t Pay Your Due Balances

Don’t skip paying your overdue bills if you want to terminate or transfer utility services to someplace else. Having a fresh start means having all your balances paid off before leaving town. If you’re not sure if there are some overdue bills, simply call your utility provider and find out. We encourage you to take care of it as soon as possible if you don’t want your credit score affected. Small things can easily turn into a big issue.

Don't forget to contact utility providers and pay your overdue bills.

You Forget to Check Insurance

Failing to understand how important it is to dig into moving insurance options when relocating can only add one more problem to the mix. Since a stress-free relocation is what you are striving for, heading off without proper coverage is like choosing a surefire way to lose peace of mind. Even though the possibility of something bad happening is almost non-existent, leaving your treasured belongings to pure chance would be far from playing it safe.

Now that you’ve put all efforts into having them packed with the utmost care, figuring out your insurance options and choosing the policy that works best for you is what comes next. With key issues resolved, you’ll have enough time left to think about things to do after relocating, such as how to make friends in a new city.

There are many insurance options, so choose the right one.

Now You Know What the Common Moving Mistakes Are, But Don’t’ Let Them Scare You Off

Italian movie director Federico Fellini once said that one of the greatest handicaps is to fear a mistake. Of course, taking action rather than no action is always a better solution because only then can the opportunity to learn come. The greatest mistake would be not to use your mistakes as a part of the learning experience.

That would mean giving up the joy of adventures, the fun, and curiosity about the world around you. Sometimes, it will mean doing things right, and other times, however, it will imply going wrong all the way so that you can do it better next time. So, are you ready to find out if there is something to learn along the way?

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