Wondering About Things to Do After Moving? Here’s the Ultimate Checklist

Posted Moving Essentials / October 19, 2020
Blake Shaw

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When relocating long distance, there are so many pre-moving tasks and many things to do after moving. That being said, the beginner’s enthusiasm can easily turn into exhaustion and fatigue, especially after reaching your new home. As soon as you realize that entering the threshold of your dream house requires a detailed checklist with all the necessary things to do, you’ll know it’s too early to open that bottle of wine and celebrate with friends. But, with good organization, it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Whether you’re moving for love or performing a military move, your relocation requires excellent organization from the first step until the last box unloaded from the cross country movers truck. If you’ve created your moving to-do list ahead of time, the move will go smoothly, and moving stress won’t be so exhausting. With the right relocation tips and hacks, some demanding tasks like how to pack books for moving, deciding what to keep with you when moving, or where to get free moving boxes will be a piece of cake. If you are wondering What do I need to do after I move?, or What to do after moving into a new house?, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. We’ve provided you all the answers from what to unpack first to updating essential information. Our checklist has you covered.


Inspect Your New Home

Once you step into your home, you’ll face just space and tons of boxes all around you. So, before you roll up your sleeves and get to work, let yourself enjoy a while in your surroundings. So, leave your boxes and start making plans where your furniture will be located. If the previous tenants left something, decide whether you want to keep any sofas, tables, dishes, or you plan to replace them with your stuff. Sometimes, existing items might be excellent first-aid replacements in case you didn’t bring something with you. But don’t worry, most commonly forgotten things to pack are the same for all people, and you might just discover them among the spares.

Take Photos of Your New Place

If you’re going to live in a rented apartment, you’ve probably given your landlord a security deposit. After you move out, with this deposit, he will deduct the potential damage costs. For that reason, before you decide which things you need for your apartment, make fresh photos of each room and spot problematic areas that have existed even before you moved in. This way, you’ll have a better picture if you (or your kids and pets) are responsible for any damage made afterwards.

Create a Checklist: Make a List of Things to Do After Moving

Yes, you’ve already created your to-do lists related to moving expenses, all the tips for moving out of state that you learned along the way, and packing materials for relocation. This time, your to-do list should contain all the tasks you have to do after moving in. Since there are many different steps to perform, like unpacking your clothes and dishes, or moving furniture around, this checklist will help you keep track of what you’ve already done and what’s still left to do.

Set Your Utilities Up

One of the most important steps to do when relocating to a new house is to check your utilities since some may have been shut off. If you’re not sure how to do that on your own, contact water or the power company to do that for you. Once they arrive and arrange utilities, consider making arrangements to get other services, such as phone and the Internet.

Find the Electrical Panel and Shutoff Water Valves

You should know where the electrical panel and the shutoff water valves are located in case of an emergency. Consider other practicalities, like how to shut off the gas and oil, water heater, and the furnace. If anything starts to leak or the fuse blows, you’ll be able to shut everything off and prevent damage.

Install a Security System

What is the only thing you want after a long and stressful move-in day? To tuck into a bed and get a good sleep, undoubtedly. When relocating to an unfamiliar house, you’ll feel a little weird. For that reason, home security will provide you peace of mind. So, if your new home already has the equipment installed, the security company will efficiently and quickly handle this job.

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Change Your Address With the Post Office Online or Do the Registration in Person

If wondering how to change your address, this process is quite straightforward: visit the US Post Office website and update your address online. If something goes wrong or your Internet is not set up yet, go in person at your local branch. And if you would like to start receiving payments, letters, and other important paperwork, consider contacting government agencies such as the IRS or the Social Security Office.

If You’ve Changed Cities, Update Your Info on the Voter’s Registration

Every time you relocate and change your address, your voter’s registration personal data should be updated. This can be done in person at your town office, and online changes are usually available too.

Register Your Car and Get a New License

If you’re moving across the country, you might need to register a car and get an entirely new license. This depends on the state you’re going to move in. The best solution is to research what documents you’ll need and what steps to undertake after the relocation.

Organize Closets and Clean All the Rooms

It’s easier said than done. Dealing with piles of boxes crammed with all clothing types might evoke some questions inside you, like “Should I move back home to parents” or whether moving away from friends was actually a good idea. But, you shouldn’t worry about that. Every beginning is hard, and as the saying goes, “Begin with the end in mind,” meaning it’s hard only before the first step is made. Obtain organizers, racks, and bedroom storage shelves. You’ll feel more motivated with each item put into its intended place.

After unpacking, you’ll face lots of trash, debris, and dust to take care of. There’s no other way to get rid of them than cleaning all the rooms. Yes, we know it’s not the most impressive way to start your new life chapter, but this will make your adjustment much faster. And you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable in your shiny and impressive apartment.

Childproof Your New Residence

If you have toddlers, you should undertake additional security steps, also known as childproofing or babyproofing. Since kids are curious and tend to touch everything surrounding them, try to secure all furniture pieces, sharp corners, sockets, mount window guards, etc. Also, the stairs, the kitchen, and the living room are spots where things could go wrong for your kids. So, if you’re a parent, think about your toddlers’ safety.

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Help Your Pets Adjust

When moving with pets, know that they can easily pick up on the anxiety that is typical during the relocation. That being said, they can also have stress while relocating to a strange place. Try to pay more attention to their needs and spend as much time with them as possible. If you present the relocation like a game to them, they will get used to your new apartment faster without drastic behavior changes.

Locate the Health Care Providers

What’s the most precious thing you and your family members possess? Without discussion, it is your health. That’s why you should make sure to find the right health care providers, including specialists if needed. Also, don’t forget to look for a reliable vet to take care of your pets. If you have any recommendations, even better. If that’s not the case, start an online search and pay attention to positive reviews and testimonials. Once you find what you are looking for, visit your prospective primary care doctor in person and decide whether he’s your final choice.

Find a Good School or Kindergarten for Your Kids

Parents usually think about their children’s educational institutions before the actual move. Still, if you may have had to organize the cheapest way to move out of state, which was also a last-minute move, it’s understandable why this task became one more thing to do after the relocation. This means that the enrolling process should be done ASAP, but not carelessly. You can go to the National Center for Education Statistics website and find the necessary information and details about potential schools. The same goes for good kindergarten or preschool institutions. You can go online and look for the list near you. Also, try with your coworkers’ and neighbors’ recommendations, and we’re sure you’ll find something that meets your and your kids’ needs.

Greet Your New Neighbors

When relocating across the country, one of the biggest fears is making friends in a new city. Luckily, you have a chance to meet your potential good friends even before you’re done unboxing. Your first neighbors are an excellent opportunity for you to befriend locals who can help you adjust to a living area and become familiar with all important neighborhood events.

The Best Way to Meet Your Next Door Neighbors Is to Offer Them Coffee at Your Home

If you want to find out where are the nearest (and most affordable) grocery shops, pleasant eateries and cafeterias, best-equipped gym, and much more, consider inviting your first neighbors to your place. You’ll be surprised how much a pleasant afternoon chat with a cup of tea or coffee can change your view of the new environment and people.

Moving-Related Tasks

During your unpacking process, you’ll need to take a home inventory, so check out whether all your possessions reach your new location in one piece and without losses. This is also a moment when you will summarize and analyze your impressions related to your long distance movers, their moving, packing, auto shipping (in case you decided to move the car to another state), and storage services. A reliable and professional cross country moving company is the decisive factor in a successful move. Make sure to check them before hiring, because moving scams happen more often than you can imagine.

Recycle Your Packing Materials

After unpacking, you’ll have plenty of packaging essentials that you may no longer need, and most of them will be in bad shape. Others you can keep in case of prospective relocation, or give to friends in need. Ensure that those you can’t use anymore, recycle, and do something good for your environment.

File an Insurance Claim If Needed

We hope you were cautious enough to purchase moving insurance before you signed the removal company’s agreement. In that case, you can submit a claim if some of your items are damaged or missing.

Write a Moving Review

Finally, once the whole chaos and mess are behind you, you should take your time and rate your state to state movers. This way, you can help others make their choice easier and better, give your impressions about your movers’ pros and cons, and motivate others by sharing your own experiences about packing tips for relocation.

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